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I foolishly assumed that when Arenanet released the Guild Wars 2 Asset Kit on Thursday it would have little in the way of new screenshots or concept art. Not sure why my mind jumped to that conclusion.

I have over the past 21 months used up about 180mb of image space on my wordpress account. Most of that is devoted to Guild Wars 2 so perhaps I was overconfident because of that.

However when I looked through the selection in the Asset Kit, not only were there new pieces, some of the pieces I was familiar with looked fantastically detailed even in the non-HD version.

I guess that is what happens when you allow WordPress to crunch every image you upload.

Here are a few of my favourites, but you can find more over at Guild Wars 2 Slovenia. Nice redesign Tron.

Ascalon Wall Ruins

What is it about castles anyway?

And here are some screen shots.

Thief Ice Combat

Norn Necromancer


  1. I only downloaded the High-Res Kit which has only 5 images and was rather disappointed. I’m now going to download the normal kit.

    • The high res one only has 5? I did not know that. glad I downloaded the normal one.

  2. Love those stranded ship castles. Its sometimes hard to tell if the art is a screenshot, concept art or part of a trailer.

    • There is a good screenshot of lion’s arch ships in the kit. It’s a brilliantly designed city.

  3. The HD kit actually only contains a couple high res photoshop files, while the “nornal” one has all the assets. I got confused too, thinking they’d contain the same, just in different resolutions. I assume a lot of people just went for the HD one and wondered if they forgot to include…everything 😀

    • Yeah I never thought to download both, it was surprising to find that out. But if the file is that big with only a few photoshop files then i can see why.

    • exactly

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