Quaggan Smash!

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A quaggan in it's hulked out form.

Arenanet continues to release racial profiles on some of the cultures we’ll be encountering in Guild Wars 2. These profiles focus on NPC races that we won’t be able to play, but definitely help set the tone for the game and give us all something to do until the game comes out.

This week is the quaggan, whom we’ve heard about in interviews and even saw a group at a GDC conference design a dynamic event for the race. In those interviews people became enormously attached to this race without ever really knowing much about it. “Quaggan sad!” has become something of a meme.

The quaggan are the unlikely champions of cuteness in Guild Wars 2.

If I had to describe the quaggan quickly it would be like this. Imagine them as Bruce Banner most of the time, occasionally turning into The Incredible Hulk, and then feeling really really bad about it. Oh and they’re seemingly based on whales and live underwater. Boom, that’s quaggan.

As usual there are a few details for lore lovers to delve into, faith, culture, clothing, rivals, but for me the most interesting parts are always behind the scenes.

For instance they talk about the shifting size of the quaggan due to difficulty animating them, noting that at one point they were more dolphin like. I was also amused by how they came to the conclusion that quaggan were so polite.

Anyway, check out the post for more information.

And why is phosphorescent in italics?



  1. Yeah, that stopped me cold the first time I read that blog post. Seems such a strange thing to do.

    • Maybe its a secret phosphorescent algae!

  2. There were a few strange editings, quotes out of place etc. I just dismissed it as someone in a rush.
    I assume there’s going to be a lot of this glowing algee around if we are going underwater. Its usually pretty hard to see past the first few meters, even say if the humans had not destroyed most of the oceans like on other worlds we know.

    • Ah good point there has to be a lot of it I suppose, although I’m sure there will be other means, magical torches and fires, glowing rocks and creatures.

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