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It’s hard to write about Star Wars: The Old Republic. They have this way of slowly disseminating small bits of information over long periods of time, or doing it in such a way that leaves nothing for me to talk about.

Yet at the same time they’ve released so much information since the last time I posted about the game I don’t really know where to start.

E3 seems like a good place. Check out the new cinematic trailer.

Nothing to get your blood flowing like a smoothly done cgi cinematic for a game. It appeared to be a nicely set up showcase for each of the republic classes. A smuggler, a trooper, a knight and a consular. As MMOGC said on twitter, great to see some gunslinging action in there.

In general my enthusiasm for Star Wars: The Old Republic is slipping a bit. You might think that was due to Guild Wars 2 or the interminable wait for SWTOR to come out. Not so.

It actually comes from having played Rift. Having being thoroughly annoyed by being split up from everyone I knew in the game playing on different servers, from seeing the innovations but being bogged down by the same old nonsense of quests. By the sheer lack of originality in the art (apart from the rifts) and especially the lack of originality in the races and lore. Side note, Rift is a fairly fun game, but if anything made me cancel my subscription it’s the above.

So I’m left wondering what will come of SWTOR. I’m fairly certain the story will keep me around to some extent, but I’m not thrilled that everyone I know will be on different servers and further split up by factions. Nor am I looking forward to generic kill ten space rats quests.

I don’t even know if SWTOR will have that necessarily, other Bioware games don’t. I am apprehensive about it however.

I do of course get to be a hybrid cowboy/criminal/smuggler or a spy/recon/sniper type. So that’s something.



  1. I share your apprehension about SWTOR in general. At one point I was completely enthusiastic about the possibilities of a “Sci-Fi” MMO, and especially one with that IP but, that was when it still seemed likely that Bioware would be attempting to move away from the “holy trinity” of classes at least somewhat. Instead, they have not only NOT moved away from it, they have embraced it to a degree heretofore unseen and unrivaled.

    Dissappointment doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about that particular decision, and it completely removed my enthusiasm for the title.

    However, the appearance of the game continues to be outstanding, and the setting is still a cherished favorite of mine from much younger days when the first film was released. I also remain a fan of Bioware story telling, and despite the grief they’ve gotten from highlighting that aspect of the game so much, I remain confident that it will be a standout feature of the game, and one which sets a new standard for the genre.

    Basically, I will probably have to at least try out SWTOR when it is eventually released, and experience at least a couple of the class story lines, but I almost certainly will not be satisfied with it as an MMO due to the adherence to old systems and mechanics that I view as inherently flawed. Once I’ve enjoyed as much of the storylines as I can I will drop it… and certainly won’t be subscribing to it for any significant length of time.

    -No quests
    -Full exploration
    -No handcuffing players with the antiquated trinity of classes system
    -No open world PVP and similar “broken” mechanics that permitt ganking, griefing, and generally promote an atmosphere of antagonism between players.
    -Tactical and strategic PVP on a large and interesting map with opponents who are enthusiastic and on their guard

    Ya… SWTOR is a beautiful looking game, and will almost certainly have some nice storylines… but, when I want a “MMO” experience it looks like only GW2 is even coming close to giving me the features I’m looking for.

    • Oh, and without question the CGI cinematics from Blur have been absolutely incredible… the only question there is; “When are they going to be financed to create a full length feature film in the Star Wars IP, or some other sci-fi setting?”

      Truly gripping cinematics that capture the imagination instantaneously!

      • Yeah. I would take a full length cinematic Star Wars movie by BioWare and Blur over another one by George Lucas any day 😛

      • In fairness i’ve heard lately that swtor classes are more versatile, making the consular able to tank, or heal or stealth for instance, but i understand your concern.

        And don’t get me wrong i’m still highly interested in swtor, just slightly less so due to some factors, like the above blog post outlines. For me the sw lore is unbeatable and the game looks visually great, if not stunning like gw2.

        but i will probably sub to it for even less time than i did with rift if it only ends up being as fun as that game. but, it might, who knows.

        I don’t know, blur are great and everything, not sure how a movie would be with them. 3 minute shorts does not equal full length feature.

  2. You’re like me! When I’m excited about something, I tend to stay excited. MMOs are like the only hobby I’ve seen where the fans seem to change their minds on a dime. I just don’t understand how some people can go from enthusiastic to disillusioned overnight. Seriously, what’s changed over the last few months? The game’s not even out yet, and people are already “burned out”.

    And I hear ya about the different servers thing. At the same time, I learned something with Rift. I’m still going to play with friends, but most likely with a Republic alt. For my BH main, I’m going to strike out on my own this time, find my own niche in my own community. I love my online friends and all, but like with Rift, I can’t say with any certainty whether or not they’d stick around with a game. When they start dropping their subs, I don’t want to have to be stuck in a dead guild or have to start over.

    • Yeah i’m definitely not going from 100% excited to 10% it’s more like 90% to 80% right now. The game hasn’t even got a release date, people need to keep things in perspective.

      I hope i can find some decent people to play with but i’m finding my gaming habits being muddled by the people i want to hang out with on a nightly basis not wanting to play the same games. So i end up talking to them, but playing a different game and not noticing that i’m not making any friends. ahhh modern life.

  3. On a completely superfluous side note:

    You don’t ever want to become a “Master” in the Star Wars IP apparently…

    (Obi Won Kinobi dies on the mission to rescue Princess Lea, but Luke survives and escapes…
    Qui Gon Jin dies in fight with Darth Maul but his apprentice Obi Won Kinobi survives…
    BOTH of the “Masters” in this most recent cgi cinematic die, and BOTH of the apprentices survive the encounter…
    I’m just sayin…)


      yoda died of old age after hundreds of years as a master. booyah.

      • The exception which proves the rule…

        Yoda also proves another general rule of story telling; “Beware old men with canes.”

  4. The trailer is awesome looking, etc. etc. I do however think such cgi trailers are amazingly misleading. I’ve seen a bunch of comments on on-line articles w/ this trailer about how “SWTOR will be the most polished MMO ever, I’m calling that right now” etc. And it just makes me face palm.

    Now onto MMO itself. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge SW fanboy. Sure I watched them and enjoyed them when I was younger, but that was it. The problem I see with TOR is that I don’t think they’ve done a good enough job of trying to get non-SW fans interested. What is in the game that’ll appeal to us. What is there to hook us into the game?

    • I don’t personally think of them as misleading. Anyone over the age of 14 should be able to tell the difference between gameplay and cgi trailers.

      As for not appealing to non-sw fans. can’t help you. i’m a star wars fan, so its hard to relate.

  5. This game has to differentiate itself from WoW more in my opinion. The “It’s Star Wars!” factor is only going to last so long. I’m especially worried about the end game situation.

    • while i think that the story element will make for a big difference, i’ll agree about other aspects of the game being a bit too similar.

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