Concept Art: Late May 2011

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Levi Hopkins and Jason Stokes have been posting a lot of stuff over the past couple months, and I’m more and more impressed with their work. They’re both members of CGHub (CG standing for computer graphics) which is a kind of social networking site for people in the industry I guess.

The first thing that jumped out at me were images from both artists depicting a part of Divinity’s Reach that had become a giant sinkhole. You see this during the manifesto video already rendered into in-game graphics, but I always love seeing how they’re first drawn. It’s interesting that I can’t remember if I’ve seen Stokes version before because it so closely resembles the in game manifestation.

Stokes Version

I really like the scale of Hopkins version

Of course it really is difficult to figure out what is new and what has been seen before, especially with the GDC concept art videos of last year, but it’s worth noting even if I have seen the below image before, it’s great. Please give me mounts.

Hopkins again

Always plenty of beautiful things to look at. The work below is entitled Trinity Coast, perhaps a zone or at the very least a location in Guild Wars 2. Somewhere quite close to the grove I would expect.

Sylvari designed architecture, some seaside visuals. Stokes at work.

And as always you should head over to the links provided and check out the pieces I haven’t shown off.



  1. I know how you feel about getting a birds eye view but I think we know its still gonna be amazing to walk threw.80

    • Oh yeah absolutely. the time they devote to sheer beauty is admirable.

  2. Its one of the more important things I think for explorers to see the beauty in your land and to be surprised while your wondering around. In GW, I found that I had to stop and look up to see the real beauty a lot of the time. I don’t know what they can do about that, something about the important of what I was standing in or near I guess.

    A note about the trade shows, I bet we get in approximate order, enginner play (sandieago), final prof annoucement (gamescon), new book (pax, all profs in demo too)), beta announcement (paris). They might add some pvp for the french I am guessing. I assume once we get all the professions out we’ll start to see more on the pvp.
    I am sure there’ll be a pvp mode where you have to race to the middle and launch a nuke at the other team… see i am working on trying to make this tech age some sort of fun, still having issues. but i think i might get there in time for the game.

    • Who knows about the trade shows, i’m sure they have this all worked out in a similar manner, but i’m expecting pvp to show up at pax/gamescom, last big conventions before they release.

      • Release what? Its not till next year? You mean you expect the beta at paz?

        • they’ve said the beta is this year and they’ve said there will only be a short window between beta and release. therefore if the last major conventions of this year are gamescom/pax and the next ones of next year aren’t until march, seems like those shows are their last chance to show off pvp

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