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It is getting really difficult to make these seem interesting. We know so much about Guild Wars 2 now, the next step would be playing in a beta of some kind. In any case, all we do have for now are the interviews, and I’ll try to quote the interesting things from several interviews.

Arenanet’s FAQ on the Engineer

The engineer’s healing turret and healing kit are both equipped in the character’s healing skill slot.

I like that they extended the turrets to fulfill other needs than just the utility skills. Hopefully there is also some kind of healing grenade that can also be slotted into the healing slot.

A lot of people seem to be having trouble with the whole idea of technology in a fantasy game.

Since 250 years have passed since the original Guild Wars, technology has advanced a great deal, and we wanted the engineer to personify this progress. And frankly, we didn’t want to feel constrained by typical conventions as to what is or is not acceptable in a fantasy story.

I agree with this 99%. Beeps? Really? Beeping? Like my digital watch or alarm clock? Really?

I like this.

Cross-profession combos are one of the areas where the engineer really shines. Engineers turrets are great for combos, since they pump out a steady flow of projectiles from a stationary position.

Earlier they compare turrets to necro minions and guardian summons, so I’m wondering about the ability of minions and summons to do cross profession combos as well. Can’t think of many mentions of it.

Some people seem to think the banter between mobs, like the skritt in various skill videos, is added for the skill videos.

Yes, a lot of the mobs have scenes and chatter lines. Those skritt lines come straight from the game.

That is freaking awesome.


A great question about monster skills.

In Guild Wars 2 each type of monster can have a unique palette of skills. For example, you might encounter a group of dredge, some of whom are riflemen that engage you from a distance. The melee fighters in the meantime will attempt to close and use sonic AoE attacks by banging their swords against their shields. Each “family” of monsters has a different amount of variety depending on how often we expect a player to see them and how large a group they are expected to encounter. The more often players see a creature or the more of those creatures we expect players to fight at any given time, then the more diversity we need.

We discussed this in the comments recently and while this question doesn’t confirm or deny anyone, it is a little bit more insightful. If I had to judge it sounds like there are more monster specific skills in the example than otherwise. Still, there could be plenty of player skills in there and just not described and adding player skills would add plenty of diversity. In any case I don’t think this is entirely settled yet.

Here is a bit, if not a lot, about underwater weapons.

Aquatic weapons are a separate weapon set that you switch to when you go underwater. They are a unique set of weapons designed and animated to look good while being used underwater. Other than that they work very much like our “normal” weapons.

This makes it sound as though underwater combat won’t be enourmously different than regular combat. New animations and designs are great either way though.


Some people are curious about redeploying turrets once they’re set up.

Packing up a turret is almost instantaneous. All the Engineer has to do is walk up to it and interact with it. Once packed up, the turret can be redeployed with only a brief recharge on the skill. Placing the turret does take a couple of seconds and so is ideally done before the next fight begins.

Sounds fairly balanced. Setting up a turret in the first place is far more important than taking it down as it won’t be doing damage while you’re redeploying it. Therefore you make packing it up easy and deploying it cost you a couple seconds at the very least. I like it.

Hard to find a lot of solid information on the elixer gun.

The elixir gun sprays out alchemical compounds, which directly affect the target.

Again, you can’t target other players with skills, so the elixer gun is ground targeted.

I love hearing about ideas that Arenanet has abandoned.

One of the ideas that we abandoned quite early was giving the Engineer an alternate resource to work with on the battlefield. We called this resource various things from scrap to supply and had it working both as a temporary combat resource as well as a more long term resource. In the end, we felt that the Engineer was complicated enough without requiring players to manage resources in the middle of a fight.

I can see it now, the guy who steals my recycling bags every week as a human engineer searching for scrap. Ah well.


We’ve heard a lot about the weapon kits, backpacks, and turrets, but here is a great rundown of your skills with the rifle.

1. Hip Shot – This is the basic attack skill for the rifle – it’s a long ranged attack that deals moderate damage and can be used on the move. The engineer needs to control the distance he’s fighting at with this weapon —being able to fire your basic attack while moving is an important part of this.

2. Net Shot – This skill shoots out a net that immobilizes the target. This is great at keeping an enemy controlled, ensuring that the engineer can get close enough for a max damage blunderbuss shot. This skill is also handy for stopping fleeing enemies.

3. Blunderbuss – A large cone-shaped attack that has a shorter range than other engineer rifle attacks. This skill will also apply bleeding and applies more bleeds the closer you are to the target. This is the big damage skill on the rifle, but it needs to be used carefully since it is most effective at close range.

4. Overcharge – This skill only inflicts minimal damage, but it knocks both the engineer and the target backwards. This skill is great for escaping from a tough situation and is especially good right after delivering an up-close blunderbuss shot. Use Net Shot right before this to ensure that once your opponent lands they’re stuck in place for a bit.

5. Jump Shot – This skill is ground targeted, launching the engineer to the target location. Jump shot deals a good chunk of AOE damage both on takeoff and when the engineer lands. This skill is great because it’s very versatile. It can be used to escape a bad situation, chase down a fleeing enemy, or used in place for some decent AOE damage.

There are a great number of interesting combinations you can use with these 5 skills alone. It’s great to hear about why Arenanet moved away from hundreds of skills to just dozens, but I think seeing the skills laid out like above is much more informative.

Other types of weapons we haven’t heard about.

In addition to the kits we’ve spoken about, the engineer has access to many gadgets. These include special goggles, elixirs, boots with hidden compartments, wrenches, smelling salts, and even portable mortars.

All seem to fit with the lore but I hadn’t heard about a lot of these. Portable mortars sound excellent. Some of these gadgets sound very Bond. James Bond. I suppose Slick Shoes is the skill that has boots with hidden compartments?

Someone in the comments of an earlier post seemed to think you could pick medkits up. I haven’t seen or heard any indication that’s possible, and here Eric doesn’t mention anything of the sort.

When allies run over these med packs they are automatically healed.

I’m not sure you’ll be able to pick them up but if someone has seen anything to that effect let me know.

MMOGamers.es and Part 2 (translated by google)

I’m not sure if this is translated properly but it sounds like the flamethrower has projectiles?

You can also launch many missiles to cover the location of an ally. You can also shoot the flamethrower on the ground to leave a trail of fire with which to hide, while firing his rifle through the fire to burn the bullets.

I wish more of the cross profession combos were less related to things like the elements. Being able to shoot through a wall of fire is great, but at times it seems like the wall of fire is all Arenanet has. Why don’t my ranger pets munch on necro minions to regain health? Why can’t my rangers arrows fly through a warriors banner carrying the effect towards the target… or maybe it can, I don’t know. Just saying, more diversity in the combos please.

This sounds interesting.

Engineers do not actually use magic, use alchemy to bottled elixirs that simulate or encapsulate the magic that other players possess. For example, there is an elixir with which the person who drinks it becomes so small that it can not be achieved or beaten by anyone.

Uhm, great little lore bit there, but the elixer bit is more interesting. A shrinking potion. Mini-me.

Okay, that seems to be that. I must go eat now. Good day.



  1. I find that food improves both happiness and enthusiasm. 😉 Missed the MMOGamers.es stuff, thanks for quoting them!

    • Food. the ultimate comfort.

  2. I have heard of combos with minions but not anything for the guardian summons. The minions, like the ranger pets can ‘pick up’ disease/poison as they pass through something like the necro’s disease/poison filled marks and transfer those conditions onto enemies when they attack.

    • I have also heard about minions being able to pick up elemental effects such as flaming attacks when going through the ubiquitous fire wall. I would not be surprised if the same occurred when minions pass though the static field.

      • Yeah good point. I don’t doubt any time there is a circle or wall or cloud of something that some projectile will be able to pick up the damage.

    • Ahhh yes i remember that minion example now, thanks for the reminder. Honestly that is a cool cross profession combo, but I guess I’m just hoping for something more. Something crosses through something and picks up the extra damage from it.

      Where are the combos that think a little further outside the box?

      • If I am not mistaken, any of the marks, wards, wells, symbols, etc… provide this functionality, bullets that pass through a guardian symbol will transfer a small aoe of that effect to the intended target of that bullet. So bullets and arrows and such that pass through a healing symbol or that spurt y water geyser thingy the ele makes will drop a small packet of heals to allies around your target.

        • Well that is odd, none of the other replies were present when I made my reply, but clearly they existed before I did so, wierd.

          • It’s cool. it’s still a more informative reply

  3. I’d really like one of these blog sites to ask ANet about the cross-class combos. As mentioned above every time we hear about them it’s “You can shoot projectile X through a wall of element Y and the projectile will pick up the elemental damage”.

    That’s the template for every cross-class combo example I’ve ever heard. I’d love for someone to ask them for another, unique example of cross-class combos that are possible. If that is the only cross-class combo possible then that’s cool and all, but the way they’ve been hyping them seems a bit misleading.

    • Yeah i guess i feel the same way. Cross profession combos are certainly a great idea, I’m just hoping they don’t stop at the examples we’ve seen.

  4. Guardian symbols also imbue attacks; apparently they pick up the boon effects (e.g. Swiftness from Symbol of Swiftness) as they pass through, and splash them to allies at point of impact.

    Not sure how that works for Symbol of Wrath – may gain bonus damage, or nothing at all…

    • Yeah, i’m sure. In any case something beyond “here’s something you fire projectiles through or stand in” would be nice. I guess. just sayin.

  5. The problem is, what else is there to do other than that? I’m trying hard to think of something viable.

    • yeah i admit i’ve been trying to think of something as well and been coming up mostly empty, however, they’re a brain trust over there. surely they’ve got something.

      • Just checked the official site’s page for combat and they gave the example of sending a pet or minion through a poison cloud to get them to spread the poison among the enemies. That’s pretty cool. I’m sure they’ve though of more, they seem to have thought of everything we’ve though of ahead of time.

        • yeah someone else mentioned it in the comments, but, for me its the same thing as firing bullets or arrows through it.

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