Guild Wars 2 Announces Contest Winners

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Time has surely flown since the announcement of their video contest a few short weeks ago, as the winners were announced today. There were many excellent submissions, some of which I previewed in an earlier post. Unfortunately I either didn’t continue to view new videos after the initial onslaught of submissions, and therefore missed most of the winners, or they didn’t want to share their videos in the Guild Wars 2 Guru thread on the subject.

Frankly I can’t blame myself or them either way. There were so many pages to that thread with people ogling and complimenting the videos and of course not everyone is a Guru member or would necessarily want to share.

In any case most of the winning videos are excellent, here are the grand prize winners.

Well deserved wins. The production and editing was finely tuned in these two videos, and in fact in most of the winning videos had excellent effects, editing, and otherwise. My one problem with that is, and yes I am going to be grouchy and have a problem, is that Arenanet so vehemently stated that you didn’t need fine production values or video editing. A camera and “just your heart baby, just your heart” was what they suggested. That’s right Dave! I’m calling you out! Where are the winners without the crazy fades, and editing. You even chose a winning video that had a sparkling unicorn. For shame.

I’m kidding.

Congratulations to the winners, it must have taken a lot of hard work.


  1. Viking video is well made, but you could easily substitute “Guild Wars 2” with name of any other MMO or just “Lame Generic MMO” and it would still apply.

    • perhaps. i thought it was well done but found it hard to distinguish between the grand prize winners and many other videos who could have also won.

  2. One of the second place ones was very low budget, actually.

    • They required far more time than arenanets video implied was necessary to win. thought it gave the wrong impression, made a joke.

      • Ah. Well I think that level of video quality was represented in some of the winners, and lotsof the honorable mentions. If the icelandic viking had done his thing more low-budget, it would have seemed even better, to me.

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