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After each Guild Wars 2 profession reveal I try pick through their skill videos to scope out anything I can. In the past I’ve pretty solidly nerded out and gone ultra specific but as a lot of the things I’ve tended to notice in the past are downright old hat, I’ll try to go a bit lighter with the engineer.

Jump Shot

The first thing I notice, but can’t speak to is the enemy. It doesn’t look like any previous mob I’ve seen in Guild Wars 2 and can’t quite place who or what it is. The voice work is very similar to some of the ogres we’ve seen, but it appears to be roughly the same size as the charr.

The Jump Shot is the first skill, obviously. Note that it kills the enemy, but is likely overpowered for demonstration purposes. The superman pose is humourous but I find the landing with combat roll to be a nice touch though there may be editing involved.

Interesting that the AI for the 2nd enemy turns it around immediately after the first shot so it can run away. Or again perhaps its just editing so they can show off the net gun in the next moment.

I’m sighing right now thinking about all the people who are most likely complaining that the net clips with the enemies armour. It’s an excellent skill animation and not something you’ll find in any other game. Well animated and imaginative of Arenanet to include in Guild Wars 2, but some negative nancy is assuredly whining about clipping issues.

The charr then walks away as thousands of Guild Wars 2 fans rejoice in seeing walking at work. Hooray for walking.

Somewhat hard to tell if he’s wielding a pistol and then changes to a rifle at one point as they both seem of similar design. Maybe my eyes play tricks.

I don’t think there is a whole lot else to take note of here. The armour is very leathery and ranger-esque, but we know 3 professions all use the same medium armour. The setting is clearly snowy with typical debris and fires on a path that seems to go through a gorge. Can’t wait to try out Jump Shot for its use in traveling over otherwise impassable obstacles.

Here are some examples of Team Fortress 2 rocket jumps.

Glue Shot

The Black Citadel in the background as a norn waits to take on his foes. Have to admit I’m really starting to appreciate the Guild Wars 2 take on Minotaurs. Very similar to the Guild Wars take of course but all the same I think they’re much more interesting than the average half-man versions. They actually scuff their feet as they prepare to attack, and put up a buff of some sort, watch for when it pounds its chest. They also seem to use some sort of charge perhaps? There does seem to be more than one skill being used.

We’re also seeing quite a selection in character customization if you look at skill videos as a whole. This norn looks nothing like any other norn I’ve witnessed.

The gun looks so steam punk. I mean obviously, but if I had to imagine a steam punk gun, it would look like this one. Very stylized.

Ahhh yes. The day a million jokes about the glue shot were born. I mark it the 19th of May, 2011, the day all mature and reasoned adults gave up hope of avoiding the same type of behaviour that drove a million lonely teenage boys to crudely draw a penis on the Guild Wars map UI.

Okay lets just deal with it quickly. The glue gun is a nicely animated depiction of a sticky substance being ejected onto the battlefield. In other games you’d get a bland, barely animated, blob being poured onto the ground. Here it actually evokes a sticky glue like feeling.

I like that not only do the minotaurs run over it and stop, but there is an additional flash of skill animation to indicate that yes, they are indeed caught in the glue.

I also like how the glue sort of dries up instead of just disappearing. Seems more natural even though, of course, it isn’t.

The keg of gunpowder does appear from nowhere, a complaint I’ve already heard, but for me it is smoothly done. Just like backpacks that we carry that surely couldn’t hold the hundreds of pounds of inventory we carry in every game, I don’t see a problem with this. Some voluntary suspension of disbelief is required when you play video games. Crazy I know.

I’m interested in the difference between the keg and a mine which we see later, but that’s another matter.

The keg also leaves scorch marks, I wonder how long they last.


Oh my god more walking! There really is walking in Guild Wars 2!

Two charr attempt to take on two Flame Legion charr. One runs away straight into something the engineer puts down. Unless you’re very good with your pause button you’ll just see a blue skill effect and then before you know it that charr has returned to the fight. Otherwise you would see that the engineer has put down some kind of healing mine, as indicated by the ankh etched on it.

I have to say I think absorb doesn’t really fit, for me, as an engineer skill. The engineer brings up his shield, there is a spiffy vortex kind of animation, and he takes the fireball and sends it right back at the Flame Legion charr. Seems too magical doesn’t it? I realize there appears to be a device attached to the players shield before he absorbs the fireball, but enh. I don’t know.

Interestingly one of the enemy charr appears to use the phoenix skill from the elementalist skill videos. You can see him send off a somewhat bird shaped fire projectile that leaves fiery feathers behind, and a sound effect similar to the phoenix’s. Maybe its just a similar skill but I was under the impression that mobs would not be using player skills.

An example of an engineer support skill

Rifle Turret

Okay the first thing you need to know about this video is that the player character has the lamest star tattoo I’ve ever seen on her face. Seriously. It’s sort of the kind of thing a 3 year old might get face painted at the county fair, but anyone willing to get that tattooed on their face is insane.

In other news, face tattoos! Wooooo!

The engineer in question places a mine, and while I’m fine with the clanging sound and skill effect, what is up with the digital sounding beep? I disagree vastly with my fellow Guild Wars 2 pundits when they say the engineer doesn’t fit or is too technological for the game, but come on. Beeps? Flashing lights? No, sir. That had better be a bird caged inside the mine to alert friendly passers by, and magical flashing lights! Otherwise I will write a sternly worded letter written with the help of the Chicago Manual of Style.

As for the guns they are very interestingly designed. The rifle is unlike what I might consider a gun to look like, as fitting for a fantasy game. The gears popping out of it are cool. The turret is similar and very reminiscent of a combination between a very old camera on legs and a very old phonograph.

The smoke, cinders, sparks and explosions didn’t really impress me, I suppose I was more intrigued by the smokey trails the bullets leave.

Grenade Satchel

Probably the stars of every skill video they are in, the skritt once again have amusing banter. Particularly before they are hit with what must be a stink bomb of some sort. Poison perhaps? A noxious gas in any case.

We see a diverse number of grenades bineg lobbed at them all with interesting skill effects. My favourite is the second, the ice grenade. It slows the skritt and leaves a trail of wisping chill floating behind them as they move forward. Also the camera seems to frost over, which I think we’ve seen before? Did anyone determine if that was an in game thing or something they were doing for fun?

I have to wonder if the concussion grenade will have the same effect on a player, flashing with white light, the ringing in the ears. It would be an excellent effect to have on someone in PvP, very visceral.

I don’t believe the oil slick left behind is a grenade, but it seems quite classic to me. Very Bugs Bunny. Particularly the prat falls that come with it, there is even a cloud of dust that comes with their impact with the ground.

Anyway that is my truncated skill video breakdown. Yeah that’s right, it’s a lot shorter than what I used to do. Don’t complain.



  1. “Maybe its just a similar skill but I was under the impression that mobs would not be using player skills.”

    I was under the impression it wouldn’t be the same copies of skills as the players use. Like the PvP/PvE split, there’s a 3rd one for monsters. Might be wrong.

    The turret gun reminded me of a meat grinder.

    And yes we saw the camera frost effect before, it was seen at the start of the Norn area where the big wurm breathes on the camera.

    Good summary Hunter 🙂

    • monster versions of player skills definitely make sense, especially when the mob is a sentient player race.

      pretty sure there will be monster only skills but in my head i was thinking they’d use those exclusively. in truth they’ll probably use more monster version skills than monster only.

      meat grinder is a good comparison, good fit physically and metaphorically.

      • My impression is that they’re just not using player skills for monsters without good reason. In GW1, the overwhelming majority of the NPCs you fight rely on the same skills as the players regardless of whether it makes intuitive sense (enemy humans or other sapients that share their profession with PCs) or not (drakes, dragons and hydras casting fire spells rather than simply breathing fire? Bison using dervish enchantments?). It’s the second that ANet are putting a stop to – enemies will only use player skills if there’s good reason for them to, not as a closest approximation to what they SHOULD be doing as was often the case in GW1.

        On the discussion of lighting effects – one thing I’d hope for there is CONSISTENCY. If the flashbang grenade does that to your screen, then really ANY source of blind should have a similar effect, whether it’s from an air elementalist’s blinding flash, a handful of dirt or feathers from an adventurer, or a mesmer clouding your vision.

        • i actually really liked that WiK used varying skill bars for the peacekeepers.

  2. I now get the feeling of wanting to be a Norn or Charr Engineer. 🙂

    Damn, do grenades and guns seem awesome?!

    • its a very interesting class, and it makes me think about why fantasy games, from WoW onward, are being so inspired by steampunk and technology.

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  4. “The glue gun is a nicely animated depiction of a sticky substance being ejected onto the battlefield.”
    – At least it’s green and not white 😉

    “I was under the impression that mobs would not be using player skills.”
    – I believe the sentiment was that mobs are not limited to player skills. I don’t think they’ve said the mob designers are not allowed to use player skills when appropriate. That’s just good game design.

    “Beeps? Flashing lights? No, sir.”
    – Remember my Saboteur? You guys could hear my time bomb (that camera charging noise) when I planted it couldn’t you?

    “I have to wonder if the concussion grenade will have the same effect on a player”
    – I hope so. They do this now in FPS games and I’ve always liked the effect (even if I don’t like getting hit by them!)

    “I don’t believe the oil slick left behind is a grenade, but it seems quite classic to me.”
    – Of course it’s a grenade. The vid features all the grenades: Poison Gas, Ice, Flash Bang, Oil, and Damage = 5 skills.

    Always like your video breakdowns 🙂

    • I’ll thank you to note that the oil grenade has different sound effects, goes off at the charrs feet, and doesn’t have any sort of effect i would normally associate with a grenade.

  5. I don’t see how clipping can ever be totally eliminated. I see it in every MMO to some extent. As the games allow more and more customization of characters it just gets impossible to tweak every animation, armor or weapon so it doesn’t clip with something. Until we see real world physics effects of hair, clothing and such, it is just one of those things. It usually doesn’t bother me.

    The skritt once again steal the show. Someone at ArenaNet is having a lot of fun doing these videos with them, I bet.

    I think the grenades are going to be fun to use. Depending on how often they can be thrown, I could really make myself annoying in towns/outposts, at least if you didn’t need to have an enemy NPC to target, which I suppose you do… darn! 🙂

    The gears in the rifle are excellent, I really like the look. The turret could use an extra animation of the ammunition (?) dropping down as the crank turns, but I’m just nitpicking there, I guess.

    I would have bet money (not mine, of course) that this new class would be revealed last. If mesmer is indeed the final one, I hope they are really going to make it something! I have a feeling they’ll do exactly that, with an impressive revamp similar to the assassin/thief.

    • Yes exactly, why worry about clipping? It’s not something you can ever get completely rid of in any game, let alone an MMO.

      yeah i thought this was going to be last too, and then I suppose around the time the thief came out i started thinking that the games launch is a long ways off, so if they continued to release professions it didn’t matter when they released this one.

  6. I wont mind control for the mesmer so I can make the engineers run over their own mines, and run in front of their own guns (and finally off the local cliff). That would make me have fun.
    One of the most fun things to do in pvp, MC and run people off cliffs.

    • this would be pretty cool. fear and other skills that make people run off cliffs. can’t wait to see how this works against monsters in pve as well.

      • It’s hard to get your loot…

  7. You know we kill the big evil dragon with a nuke in the end dont you? Or maybe we all just get up and fly to a new planet where there are no dragons, and a nice constant supply of power for my new multi-picture viewer.
    Poor warriors, they’ll just have to become a bunch of snipers them swords are no use now. Arrows? lol!

    • Just so you know, that to this day and for the foreseeable future all U.S. Marines are always trained as riflemen first before they train for their actual post (even if said post does nothing with rifles ever again). So my brother, a marine corps pilot, is a fully trained rifleman even though he’ll probably never use one in his work. He also, as do all marine corps officers, has a sword. So in this day of drone bombers, nuclear bombs, etc. the less modern weapons are still trained for use.

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