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Over the weekend a few interview popped up at PCGamer and IncGamers. IncGamers is one of the largest Guild Wars communities going, so I think they had a bit more insightful questions, while PCGamer was more like a first impressions piece.

Either way there wasn’t a whole lot that was brand new. More like further descriptions of stuff we already know about.

Here is the IncGamer article.

A tiny bit of info on character creation.

one of the benefits we’ve gained from NCSoft is that we looked at the AION character creation and we thought it was pretty spectacular so we are using their technology as the basis for ours. So we can do a lot of the same things they do. You’ll be able to tweak a lot more than GW1. At the same time we want our character creation to be easy to use and you don’t have to be an artist yourself to come up with a cool looking character. So you can expect a hybrid between a system something like where you can tweak every detail and something more simple like GW1 where you had presets.

The Aion character creator gets rave reviews or gets pummeled for allowing too much leeway depending on who is reviewing it. Either way it sounds like Arenanet is on top of splitting the difference.

And if you didn’t like the glowing silhouettes/auras that indicate enemies, you will probably not like how they decided to indicate the difference between allied and enemy skill effects.

If you are on my team and I cast a Firewall, you will see a white ring around it that shows that ‘yes this is a friendly’. If it’s an enemy one you will see a red box around it. Then we also do things with skills like Healing Rain . Enemies see Healing rain as white so white generally means it doesn’t affect me either way and the allies see healing rain as a blue ring around it indicating there’s positive benefits to going into it.

Personally I’m a fan of the auras, but I can see how some people won’t like them. I find they’re more informative and helpful than gaudy and loud. Thankfully I’m sure there is an option to turn these on and off.

There is a lot of Jeremey Soule music.

I’m pretty sure it’s almost as big as the amount of music we had in the entire first run of Guild Wars. We need to have different themes for all the areas, the combat, special moments in the story.


We have a day and night cycle where it can change in that period of time. Sound effects also, so when you’re walking through the world when it becomes dusk, if you’re in a forest you might hear wolves howling, and as it becomes night, the crickets will turn up a little more. So the music changes to reflect some of that mood. We also have music for particular events that happen in world.

Music for specific events sounds like an incredible amount of work. Though if I think about it I’m sure those events are the big ones, like taking on Zhaitan.

Oh and if you needed a specific date for that class release this year, check this out.

Thanks to John and Eric for taking the time to answer the questions and watch out for more big Guild Wars 2 news on Thursday 19th May.

Pretty cryptic right?!


I now really want to see more asura.

We’re hunched around the monitor of an artist as he drives the camera across a stunning azure port. Merchants, tables, chairs and bunting line the wooden walkways. The water beneath the jetties ripples and gleams. Above it all is a giant brass globe, across which sheets of electrical energy crackle. It is gorgeous.

Hmmm is Rata Sum a port city now? I suppose from memory of the map in the books, it is. Also from the books, there were asuran ships.

Here is an example of an event.

I was exploring a low-level forest when I came across a small village of trolls. The troll village was a problem, because they’d started to arm themselves with machinegun towers. An event started: disable the machineguns.

Okay he doesn’t make that sound terribly compelling but you could make an interesting event out of that. Give the machine guns wide bursts and timed fire, giving the player just enough time to scramble to each turret and disable it would be pretty fun. At least I hope it is something like that.

Another event.

Arrive at a castle and you’ll need to chase away occupying forces. Rout them, and you’ve got a minute to prepare for a counterattack – a timed event that sees you defending wave after wave of increasingly powerful invaders. Complete that, and it’s off to attack the bads at the source, sneaking into their camps and demolishing siege engines and catapults,

That sounds great to me. I know it is simple on the one hand, take the castle and then defend it. On the other hand it’s actually kind of realistic, a defeated force rallying and counter attacking.

Anyway, new profession Thursday. See you then.

The thief fires off a few shots.



  1. Sounds like they are taking the best of Aion’s character creation and mixing it with the best from GW1, which is excellent! Just what I was hoping for, especially if they can keep that Guild Wars ‘look’ to them, but allow more freedom and options.

    • Personally I’m a little disappointed they didn’t take inspiration from Eve, but I’ll take Aion in a pinch!

    • yes, i’m pleased as well. semi surprised even. makes sense on a business level but i suppose i didn’t think arenanet would take something from elsewhere.

  2. I like having presets, and I like being able to change it up a little bit. If they give me a lot of control I’ll stuff it up. With Aion I found that changing a couple of values just didnt make much difference, too much control and not enough guidance resulted in bizzare results. Having said that the more artistic people managed to come up with some awesome stuff with Aion – but that wont be me. Ill be happy with something that looks the part, and doesn’t look like everyone else!
    I guess I am happy with a somewhat basic GW character creation – lord knows that was hard enough! Oh the name takes so long.
    Anyway, looking forward to the new mesmer, just so what his name from massive can calm down and stop talking about it. I am sure that ll be the only reason they do show it before whatever the last one was going to be.
    No relation to Eve is fine by me. shiver… heres an open peice of space go kill each other, game, pft, mmo, pft!

    • i can recall a few games where having too much control ended up with strange looking results, but like they said in the interview, i’m sure it’ll be hard to make something terrible.

  3. machinegun towers. I’m not too hot about the steampunk complexion GW2 is receiving but this really is a tad bit too far for my taste.
    Oh well, I guess we’ll see …

    • enh, yeah. wait and see.

    • Agreed, given the feedback they got from earlier displays of gun stuff you would have thought theyd scale it back.
      tanks, guns, bombs, etc takes away from the personal combat. Its like bringing in battlefield 1942 to mmos; that game distroyed my fps-ing I am hoping that it wont come too mmos anyway time soon.
      If theres anything i hate in wow its also the gnomes/dwarfs tech thing too, it wrecks your fantasy world with impresonal boring tech crap.

  4. Hehe… I cannot wait for the dynamic content! It’s going to be awesome.

    • yeah, its looking like the best part of the game.

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