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It would be great if Guild Wars 2 did something different with its guild system. The guild systems in other MMOs are great, but have little evolved past the guilds of old. Little progress has been made with modern guilds beyond guild quests and guild experience.

It’s nice to think about what guilds could be.

The thing about Guild Wars is that there is so much lore surrounding guilds, there are a lot of options. The humans had the actual historical guild wars, the charr have roman legions and warbands, the asura have krewes, and the norn have hunting parties.

My idea would be to implement them all. Why can’t a game have more than one system of guild?

Each type would have hierarchy structured around the lore of the race it is based upon. Suppose a charr warband with a centurion leader, quaestor, brevet, or primus as officers for those hankering for a more roman feel in their guild. Or for a more corporate feel, how about an asuran krewe, manned by chief executive officers, chairmen of the board and other executive titles. A more traditional guild could be modeled after the humans with a strict guild leader, officer, member, hierarchy.

After all it makes sense that different races would organize themselves differently.

Unfortunately a system like this would get quite complicated, and I think the most important thing in modern guilds should be your ability to customize them. The ability to set your own ranks, your own guild hall, official colours, and whatever else. With those kind of customizations, you don’t need several distinct types of guilds, you just make them yourself.

Which brings me to my other suggestion for organized social activity in future MMOs. The ability to belong to more than one group.

Why should we need to switch characters entirely to hang out with more than one group of friends socially? It is human nature to have multiple groups of friends, yet in game we are confined to the restriction of our guild.

If our social circles aren’t reason enough to allow more than one way to organize ourselves, than what about play style?

I’d like the ability to belong to a guild that focuses on PvE, however I also enjoy jumping off of cliffs. I’d like the ability to start a club, not a guild per se, but a group of friends who like engaging in activities that don’t conform to the PvE focus of my guild. A cliff jumping society if you will. Wouldn’t it be great to have infrastructure in place to help with that sort of endeavour?

Those sorts of extra-curricular activities aren’t limited to strange pass-times. What about a corporate structure for those interested in auction house and crafting activities? What about PvP teams that you can join outside of your PvE focused guild?

The structure for these groups doesn’t have to be simplistic either. A PvP team would have a user interface that focused on PvP statistics while a corporation could work more like an actual business.

For instance, each person’s profits from the auction house could be skimmed by about 10% (or any amount the CEO sets) to contribute to a sort of Guild XP. Corporate profits would contribute to unlocking various benefits. The ability to be listed by corporation at the AH, the ability to add notes to your items in the AH, the ability to set up small kiosks from which to physically stand around and sell things. Crafting equipment that has small boosts to critical chance.

These sorts of changes to the standard ‘one character per standard guild’ in MMOs would mimic real life social opportunities. We can belong to more than one club or one social circle in real life.

Unfortunately, a robust and complicated guild system is probably not in the cards for Guild Wars 2. The amount of manpower to deliver content of this size is probably unjustifiable. The amount of use people would get out of these alternate social apparatus is hard to judge. Particularly when you can simply make a new character and have it join a niche guild focused on pvp, crafting, or otherwise.

In Guild Wars 2 I’m sure we’ll see all the typical things Guild Wars and MMO fans might expect. A typical guild system these days will have guild quests and guild experience put towards various upgrades. Plus all the normal benefits of belonging to a guild of course.

It seems a shame to me though. Every game out there has this set up. Guild Wars has guild in the name, maybe there should be more emphasis on it.



  1. Facebook and Steam groups connect people very well. It’d be a lot of work but would be worth it imo.

    • enh. i’d be happier with better in game ways to socialize. outside social networks seem like such a waste of time if they die in popularity in a year.

  2. I would like to see a ‘ballot’ system, sorry if it sounds to old but I think its important for a group to ask the opinion of the whole to decide things, anything as long as its anonymous.

    • some form of anonymous voting seems okay with me, but, doubt we’d ever see it. i mean how do you implement that?

  3. Yeah so social webs linking people into a game, great we are looking to farmville for the lead oh dear.
    I want the char warband to be put together randomly with other players who are starting at the same time…
    I want PVP guilds to have ranks against their own guild members – to play off against each other.
    I thinks GW has still standouts in this area with the gvg – that’s gone now yes? I still want world rankings for the guild in various stats (pvp/pve etc).
    I assume guilds well be encouraged to pvp in the world pvp however – a scary thought for non-pvp guilds who just want to have some pvp on the side now that I think about it.
    I want unlimited size, and a common method of communication with all members (stares at GW).
    Are we going to have standings within the various factions for the guild? Favour with the queen anyone? maybe giving those access to special dungeons. (like the GW town owning).
    Guild armour – that can only be bad given my current guilds fashion sense. I want to line up with all the other guilds as we launch our final assult on the big baddy.
    guild stuff to make might be nice.
    I would like a feedback system so I can vote up or down nice or not so nice people I run into, ballot/voting system within the guild would be good – calendar etc.
    guild story line, ok thatll do.

    • a long line of requests from melski. some of these same not only plausible but probable, but others seem outlandish. guild armour?

  4. Oh, yeah. I’d DEFINITELY like to see the ability to be a member of multiple groups at a time. Sure, you might be able to make different characters and have them be members of different groups, but that’s clunky compared to simply going “yeah, I want my account as a whole to be tied to this group, this group, this group and this OTHER group.”

    One problem I can foresee is how this relates to guild chat – unless you really want guild chat to go to ALL the guilds you’re a member of you’ll probably want a way to limit which guilds your guild chat will go to, which will require an interface to do so. If it could be done, though… well, that would be one way of getting a jump on the competition.

    • yeah i agree. there shouldn’t be any reason to not be in more than one type of group, even if you limit it to 1 guild, 1 club, 1 pvp team, and 1 merchant association. or however you’d title those.

      And yes I ‘d have to limit the number of each type you’d join, there is something to be said for enforcing a sense of loyalty. but thats me, maybe you see it differently.

      the chat problem is simple enough to fix. your guild chat would be a chat room named after your guild. join 2 guilds and you have 2 chats. /1 to talk to first guild, /2 to talk to second.

      • Well, clearly there’d have to be some sort of sanity limit. 😛

        That said, though, I do think the ability to be in multiple groups might help aid loyalty at least as much as hinder it. Having only one guild sets a significant price on loyalty – that you’re locking yourself out of what might be better opportunities elsewhere. Additional groups would mean that, yes, you could have that small guild of people you know from outside the game that may not be the most active players in the world, AND join that large guild that’ll mean you’ll have other players that you can do content with. ‘Tis a dilemma I’ve faced myself – my alliance is fairly small to begin with and my guild list is filled with “last logged on: X months (or even years) ago”. In fact, the former alliance leader recently jumped ship for the better group-forming opportunities elsewhere.

  5. While it may not be an entirely new concept I would like to see open world combat between guilds. Essentially guilds could agree to go to war with each other and any opposing member would be fair game. This would allow for potentially large scale multisided battles occurring in the middle of dynamic events which would make for some crazy shenanigans. Thiss would be benefical for people who enjoy levleing on PvP Servers as well as for RP where conflict between different groups of players generally creates the core of the rp saga.

    • enh. I’ve actually participated in this in other games, and for me it was always lopsided fights fun for one side, and not so much for the other.

      Many times what happened was a big search to find the other guild only to find they would hide in an instance or log out.

      Or there were only a few people on at a time anyway and you killed them and that was it.

      In any case i’ve never experienced something that was worth the trouble.

  6. I love the idea of being able to belong to multiple groups, and forming like, clubs, or warbands along with the main guild. Hopefully someone reads this and implements it. 🙂

    • why thank you slothbear. i’m sure i’m not the first to think of it, so hopefully they’ve already thought or heard of this idea.

  7. i find when its so easy to form a guild and there are (eventually) one hundred plus guilds on the server, the idea of the guild doesn’t seem that special anymore unless there is high customization.

    • so you’re saying make it harder to form guilds and increase customization? that sounds okay to me. there shouldn’t be one person guilds really.

      • thats what i’d be going for; its kinda silly to have 1 person guilds

  8. they start guild sizes at a minimum of 5 or 6 individuals that way its at least big enough to form a small party for guild events, any less is more of a static party than a guild.

    Also on the guild armour side of things they could just copy Champions way of doing it and allow the guild to choose a few colours that the guild uses for armours and banners that way members have a clearly definied team look, also maybe upon joining you get a dupe of your current armour added as your default guild gear(obviously restricted to the first armour you had on when u joined with options to change it down the line via guild rewards)that you can colour in the guilds tones.

    • ooops insert a should between they and start 🙂

    • Yeah those are some interesting ideas. Dupes seem like an added hassle though.

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