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QFT is basically just me quoting interviews with Arenanet developers about Guild Wars 2.

This time it’s part 2 of a video interview Martin Kerstein did with Wartower.de (it’s in German, try the translation) and another interview with him from online welten. The OW interview is in German so here is the thead on GW2Guru with a couple translations.

As you may know if you follow Guild Wars 2, there will be extensive underwater areas. The big question for a long time has been how will combat be handled in these situations.

There will be special underwater slots, meaning there will be special weaponry for underwater combat which will also bring different skills. You will not be fighting with your usual skills, but with ones particularly designed for that purpose. It will be a different gaming experience.

Definitely not the approach I was expecting. Retooling your combat for an entire other experience is a big undertaking. I’m actually pretty surprised. I suppose I had thought there might be new skills underwater, but I didn’t see them going through the trouble of turning underwater into an entirely different combat experience with different weapons as well. I thought it would be generally similar, and maybe it still will be, but I’m definitely more curious about it now.

People keep complaining about the AI in Guild Wars 2, or at least what they’ve seen of it from the demo. I never noticed any particularly stupid Artificial Intelligence so I’m at a loss as to just what they’re complaining about. Wartower asks Martin about it and he doesn’t have a direct answer, but he did note something pretty cool.

Things I can tell you are that there are patrols that will attack you on sight; I’ve also seen monsters breaking away from the battle to get reinforcements while testing.

These seem like good improvements to AI if you ask me. It sounds like line of sight aggro, although that is just my own speculation. Not to mention the reinforcements, I can’t even remember the last time I played a game where anything actually went to fetch reinforcements.

I’m a big fan of interesting solutions to intricate boss fights. Damaging the boss until its down should have been thrown out of games like 20 years ago.

Our combat is very much movement-oriented, because if you don’t move out of the way of a boss’s special attack this could end badly. We are planning a lot of different things about how our boss monster and normal monsters act and react.

Personally I think we’ve seen evidence of this, but some contend otherwise.

And now for Online Welten. This one isn’t fully translated as far as I know and the google translated version is hellish to read. There are only a few minor points.

Back to underwater combat.

you will need special weapons, there is a very nice harpoon, there will probably not much trouble with running out of breath all the time

A harpoon is a logical choice for a weapon underwater. It is jarring to hear that it will be a viable weapon in an MMO if I’m being honest. A harpoon. I wonder if there is a translation issue. A harpoon.

Martin’s favourite dynamic event.

In the Charr area, dredges stole some mining material which you have to get back. On success, you deliver it to an officer. Afterwards, as he stood there, two other NPC Charr talked to the officer who sent them to deliver the material to a mine. He decided to just follow those two. They walked clear across the whole map to a mine. Getting there, the dredge didn’t like that one bit and tried to rob it back, coming up through the earth in their tunnelers

The idea of a spawn being animated of dredge tunneling to the surface in some form of subterranean vehicle is great.

Finally, triumphantly, the Guild Wars 2 community collectively let out a great sigh of relief when Regina Buenaobra informed the masses of an important victory.

Hey. So you know about the whole iterative development process thing that we do here at ArenaNet? We have talked about walking in the past and said it wouldn’t make it into the game. However, things can change in the world of game development. I just talked to Eric to double check. He confirmed to me that your characters will be able to walk in Guild Wars 2.

Obviously the importance of this achievement can not be under-estimated. Walking is a legitimately important ability in Guild Wars 2 and I’m glad the tens of people who will use it are out there right now with their hearts filled with joy.

Me tired. Me go bed now.



  1. Lol for the walking.
    I’m not a big fan of walking MMO anyhow, but if i can run and swim and walk, I will do them!

    i don’t feel anything wrong about a harpoon though. Isn’t it the weapon that the merman use? It sounds perfectly underwater.
    However I have a hard time imagine underwater combat in a good or fun way.

    • I just can’t name a game where i’ve used a harpoon, so its jarring.

  2. I’ve always been a huge fan of walking in MMOs for two reasons. When I played WoW on an RP server it was nice to be albe to walk around and area with someone else discussing recent plyer run events and lore.

    The second reason I use walking regularly in MMOs is more of a design failure as most escort NPCs move at walking speed as opposed to simply following the player.

    • I’m not the type of person that sees a need for it, i’m okay with having it. a little annoyed that time will be spent on it. but i’m a realistic person, i’m sure lots of things are worked on that i won’t use.

  3. Victory! When walking was added to Free Realms it was (and still is) a big hit with the players. Aion has walking and in addition to impromptu fashion shows from someone that just got a new armor set, is used by RPers and just for fun while waiting for groups to form up or fortress sieges. Extra options are always good, glad ArenaNet put that in.

    Ditto on the water combat, that is a surprise. Should be very interesting to see what they will do with that.

    Aion has mobs that will call other nearby mobs for help if they start losing. It is a good minor step in the right direction, but I hope GW2 does more with reinforcements and line of sight. It has always seemed weird in most games that you are fighting one group and there are other mobs standing right near you ignoring the battle, unless they are a patrol and happen to wander close enough to aggro.

    • i suppose guild wars fans have tended to err closer to the free realms crowd than the wow crowd. more casual and perhaps more fans of walking than i.

  4. There’s plenty of walking in the Lions Arch video. In fact, I was planning to criticize the human walking animation after watching that video. Shoulders back, chest points out (male and female), looks amazing unnatural.

    Then again, I won’t ever use the feature so why I care I couldn’t tell you.

    • yeah. noticed all the walking too, didn’t understand why until they confirmed it.

    • i agree. Somehow the walking in LA video looks… kind of unnatural.

      about using walking mostly i use it when i want to move in very short distance (for example toward Cliff without falling down). never use walking for fashion show-off or anything that sort though.

      • enh i just don’t use walking at all. nothing it can do running can’t.

  5. Frankly, I think I like the idea of having different abilities and weapons in the water vs. ground combat, if for no other reason than that it’s more realistic that way.

    • it definitely adds an amount of replayability. switching up what you’re doing should make things a bit less boring

  6. It took WAR two years to get walking. Nice to see GW2 isn’t making the same mistake.

    • enh. kind of setting the bar low aren’t we?

      • Yes 😦

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