To Live And Die In L.A.

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Lion’s Arch. Much has changed, but Lion’s Arch lives on. This is where the 5 races will begin to meet up, an independent city beholden to no particular race.

I watch the video below and can’t help but think about how amazingly detailed and beautiful it is. Sanctum or Meridian? Bland cities are bland.

Just try to tell me this doesn’t blow other cities in other games out of the water.

Just the idea of styling the city after pirates, and taking that idea to the extreme with ships and nautical themed architecture absolutely everywhere is impressive. I also liked seeing throwbacks to Lion’s Arch of old with the stone lion statues, and rising pillars of rock.

Arenanet has a bit of lore and information in their blog post.

Edit: They also posted a second time about the design and production of Lion’s Arch from a game developers point of view.



  1. Found my new home. LA is simply awesome, and will definitely serve as ‘home base’ for all of my characters regardless of race or class. I will just want to have those vistas as my backdrop whenever I’m taking care of inventory, or mailing, or just relaxing for a bit and chatting.

    • You could roleplay a pirate there with no problems, definitely looks like a sweet hang out spot.

  2. Agreed! Loved how they took a nautical themed city and ran with it. Anyone can hang a buoy or sextant on a wall or lean an anchor on a building. To build the city with actual boats is just 150% awesomer.

    • exactly, that is the big difference here between arenanet and other game companies.

  3. An added bonus! LA was built by interns! What a fantastic ship ArenaNet is running 😀

    (pun intended)

    • i’m not sure how thats an added bonus but okay! 😛

      • Well, if interns built this then just think how awesomeness the rest of the game is.

        • maybe, but from the sounds of it they contributed only small parts.

  4. Really is very impressive. I know they say it’ll run on older machines but every time I see a video like this I’m glad my PC is top notch.

    • They say never upgrade for game, but they put in 5-6 years i thinks i can probably put in a few hundred to make sure it looks proper. I realise of course thats not everyone else doing but hey. I want to give this game every chance of being another GW1 in my books.

    • not just older machines, but optimized for video cards they don’t even make any more.

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