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Arenanet has this contest where you have a minute to explain why you want to play Guild Wars 2. Turns out there are more than a few people interested in the grand prize of traveling to Seattle to play the game at Arenanet.

There are 86 videos in this thread at Guild Wars 2 Guru, and yes, I watched through them all just so I could post my favourites here.

I had a few guidelines for picking out what I wanted to post. There are a lot of videos edited together from trailers and video that Arenanet has released, then voiced over and edited in various ways. There is nothing wrong with clips but they didn’t really distinguish themselves with me. Some of these are quite well done so I suppose it’s a shame.

The other guideline I had was to not embed testimonials from fans. They’re very hard to judge against one another. There is a lot of passion and sincerity in those videos so it seemed wrong to pick one fans earnest representation of their fandom over another.

Anyway, here are my picks.

Oh my god it’s Tigerfeet’s entry!

Animated, imaginative, and tells a story, different from every other video I’ve seen.

This one is about Hamtaro.

On the one hand it’s adorable, and on the other its got some dope rhymes.

Elixabeth Claire.

Awwww so sweet! I’m just going to pinch your cheeks!



I’ll bite on anything that is animated and original.


The voices.

Kudos on the voices, some of the best impressions I’ve ever heard.

Ooooh Cosplay.

Really well put together.

I thought this was funny.

That’s not usually the reaction I get when I plunge forth from the bushes at the park.

Skynet’s entry.

My only suggestion would have been to push the coming robotic apocalypse angle.

Points for Zork.

This space intentionally left blank.

60 reasons to play Guild Wars 2.

I feel like I just watched Gone In 60 Seconds.

Say there chum, do you like Guild Wars 2?

So I says to murtle, I says…

Billy Mays here!

And those are my favourites. There were several videos I debated whether or not to put in the post. Finally I just ended up deciding to only include videos that required no debate. Sorry if your video isn’t included.



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  2. Nice work there, I was hoping youd have a look at the ones Guru have been showing each day, but you’ve gone and looked at em all! Great work, I appreciate it.

    BE THERE! Is nice, though perhaps not material I’d want to use, since its so ad like.
    Tigerfeets, and XollFurys probably next up. XollFury needs a bit more effort, don’t need him standing there pointing at me but has potential.
    I guess I like the 60 reasons one the best its simple, all 60 reasons are good and its not scary.
    I think you could have trimmed it down a bit more, the Hamatro one I couldn’t watch to the end. Anything with more than 5 seconds of anet video didnt interest me, but thats cause I probably watch all those movies twice a week dreaming of when the game comes out. I dont need to watch them more. Any of the ads that poked fun at the release date got bonus points from me.

    • I included the hamtaro one because i honestly think it has a shot at winning, its adorable.

      i thought the monster truck rally one was well thought out and voice acted. only thing i didn’t like was the reference to no release date. so tired of people bitching about a release date.

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