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I just got finished posting about two eastern european interviews, one from some other Czechs no less, and these guys come along. Well there is plenty to talk about in this interview, and even a few things I think I would have rather learned about in game than in an interview.

Fair warning. Most of the information they talk about is just details about specific dynamic events. We already know plenty about dynamic events, so more examples may spoil it for you. However you will probably feel left out what you don’t understand various cow related dynamic event jokes.

Okay for starters lets talk about stealth.

Hitting a stealthed character will not break the stealth but will cause the character to “flash” revealing them for a very brief amount of time. Therefore if you were able to keep hitting that character you would effectively be able to see them.

Arenanet has made some pretty non-standard decisions regarding stealth. One, it’s not unlimited, it has a time limit. Some games have this some games don’t, but in every single game with stealth I’ve ever played stealth is broken when you are hit. I think this could end up having some pretty cool implications both in pvp and pve.

Then we get into a question about what the favourite dynamic event is of the various interview subjects. All 5 have good answers, but the surefire favourite of just about anyone who reads the interview, will have to be Colins.

One word, “Cattlepult”. A brilliant, or insane, depending on how you look at it; charr Iron Legion engineer has invented a device to help get food to charr towns that are under siege by enemies and running out of food. The device, the cattlepult, flings charr’s favorite food—cattle—from massive distances over the walls of besieged cities to deliver food to the friendly forces trapped inside. In the event, a rancher brings a small herd of cattle up from a nearby cattle ranch and delivers them to the Iron Legion engineer. Using his prototype Cattlepult, the engineer begins lobbing cattle at a nearby hill to test the velocity and angle for the Cattlepult to prepare it for use on the front lines. The first cow that a lands on the hill enrages a group of harpies who live on that hill, and an event begins to protect the cattle and the engineer from the rampaging harpy horde. If players can manage to drive off the harpies and save the cattle, a mini-game begins where players in the area can bet on where each cattle launched by the Cattlepult will land. Each correct guess of a cows landing location awards the players a cow token, which they can turn in to a nearby merchant for a number of cool and unique rewards, like cow bells.

I can’t wait to come across things like this inside the game. Part of me wishes I had never heard of this interview! Damn you Colin Johanson@!$ Interesting that we’re seeing yet more tokens outside of dungeons as well. It seems like a big push lately to give people rewards outside of just cash and experience. Rift and Guild Wars 2 developers all went to the same GDC lectures.

The next question brings up another round of great answers, but here I think Jon Peters steals the spotlight. The best moment he can remember from developing Guild Wars 2.

In a recent PvP fight, I was attacking an enemy objective. When I realized the attack wasn’t going well I dropped my Warrior Elite Battle Standard knocking the enemies back and buying some time. During that down time I switched over to Greatsword and began kiting enemies using the Whirlwind Attack. After continuing to harass them for a little while, I saw my health was running low and began to plot my escape. On the way out, I used some change of direction, a dodge roll or two, and some blocking terrain to avoid the attackers’ projectile attacks. As I turned a corner while fleeing, I saw some allies and reactivated Whirlwind Attack while passing through my allies, buying myself enough time for a heal, at which point the two enemies chasing me had engaged my allies. I charged back in, used Stomp to throw the enemies off my teammates, and then finished one of them off with an Impaling Throw, Hundred Blades combo. At this point the second enemy turned to run. I pulled back out my Rifle, hit him with an Aimed Shot to cripple him, and then powered up a Kill Shot that fired off killing him just before he got out of range. It was at this point that I stopped and realized the game is still pre-alpha.

PvP is no longer my thing, but this did make it sound quite exciting. A visceral and energetic description that makes you want to be in the game.

And after all that effort put into a passionate retelling of his moment? People start whining about his use of ‘pre-alpha’. A great example of the wrong priorities of some so called game fans.

Anyway, the interview covers some other topics, and answers from developers other than Colin and Jon are pretty interesting as well, so go give it a read.



  1. Agreed, of all the awesome stuff in the article it was the pre-alpha comment that people harped on. Such a shame. I absolutely loved the descriptions and knew after Collin’s segment that we’d be seeing some, “More cowbell!” thrown about.

    • it would be awesome if they can somehow actually work the sound of a cowbell into the event.

      a very positive interview muddied by the spoiled fanbase complaining about the game not being out yet.

  2. The concept for stealth as being descriped in the interview reminds me actually of the game I used to play before I really got into Guild Wars, namely C&C:Renegade. This was a shooter in which you could take on the appearance of one of the iconic command and conquer characters yourself and fight over basis. Anyway, there was a stealth unit that functioned exactly like this, altough it even revealed itself when jumping (Which should make for a fun addition if this was implemented in Guild Wars 2 as well).

    I actually disagree with those that say the pre-alpha thing is a bad sign, because really, it proves that they don’t move things into the real testing stages before they’re certain that it will work out.

    And yes please… More Cowbell!

    • any interpretation of stealth that has both strengths and weaknesses, instead of just strength, is good in my book.

  3. Is it just me, or does the anecdotes make the combat sound like it’s gonna play a lot like a so-called “MOBA” (DotA, Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends and the like)? PvP that requires tactical use of a limited pool of abilities to succeed, with a lot of focused placed on positioning. And before anyone says it, that is what GW combat always meant to me.

    • that could very well be. definitely looking forward to finding out just what combat will be like.

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