Artfully Done: May 2011

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I’m no artist but I like pretty things and tend to post beautiful art from Arenanet and other game studio concept artists. Lately I’ve seen a few new things.

For instance with the blog post Arenanet made about krait, Kekai Kotaki posted up a few pieces that were featured in the post.

In the blog post not all of this piece is visible.

For me the carved stone steps add a whole other dimension to the scene. My favourite piece from the set.

I’m not overly familiar with Brian Lawver, but I believe Dutch Sunshine from GuildMag tweeted about his pieces the other day, and they’re pretty good. I think Dutch liked a branded bear illustration while I prefer the one below.

A guardian at work against the undead

Possible ghostly weapon set of fame

There are a bunch of pieces at cghub, so check out the undead chicken and weapon sets while you’re there.

Finally, the big buzz over at Guild Wars 2 Guru was about Dave Bolton’s blog updates. He put up 5 or so in the past few weeks. Concepts, architecture, props, orthos and icons.

So what is the big deal? Is it the amazing depiction of the mansion in Beetletun?

Seen in the first Guild Wars 2 trailer

Is it this amazing armour set?

I know people like the Son of Svanir set in the same post but I like this one more

Uh no actually, its the icons. Whether it be the images named ‘creature trophy icons’ which apparently had some trying to unravel the mystery or the skill icons that name various skills and hint at their use.

A variety of possible skill icons for elementalists

Some of these images have been hanging around a long time, but for the most part they’re all new to me. Wonderfully new and pretty.

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