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Within the past couple of days a few interviews have popped up with various details about Guild Wars 2. I tend to trawl through these types of interviews, quote the interesting parts and put them in QFT posts. Just so you know.

In this case we have interviews with variance.hu and GuildWars2.cz. The Czechs and the Hungarians!

Lets start with the Czechs.

One of the main things we’ve yet to learn about is guild mechanics. I’ve been hoping for much more intricate and detailed possibilities than we saw in the original Guild wars.

CZ: Will there be guild capes in Guild Wars 2 to distinguish players amongst different guilds, or are you planning something else like using guild emblem on equipment (e.g. on shield)?

Eric: We’re doing something different than what we did in Guild Wars, but we aren’t quite at the point where we can talk about it.

Of course not. At least they’re doing something different. I can not tell you how simplistic and irritatingly without option the guild system in Guild Wars is.

There is no mail in Guild Wars, but I think you’d be a bloody fool to build a game today without a mail system. We’ve known they’ve had one for a while, but this detail either got by me or is new.

you won’t have to go to a mailbox to send or receive mail.

Such an interesting development. I’m not sure I’m on board with it. Having travel obstacles like a centralized location for mail or auction houses brings people together. It seems to me like you should want people to gather at hubs, for npcs, merchants, and mail. It’s social isn’t it? That’s what MMOs are about. I’ll have to wait to learn more of course.

I tout this little fact all the time here on the blog, I still find it innovative and interesting.

I can confirm the features we’ve already talked about, such as being able to list “buy orders” in addition to “sell orders.”

There has been quite a bit of debate about how skills will work underwater.

we change up how our fire and electric skills (and all other skills for that matter) work so that they fit underwater both thematically and in terms of game mechanics.

All other skills. I guess that doesn’t sound much like a specific bar for underwater combat, but more like they actually go through each and every skill adjusting it for water combat. A lot of work. Then again maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Like I was saying above, traveling and being funneled into the same area as others seems like an integral part of MMOs. Waypoints and Asura gates are certainly convenient, but on some level I feel like they deter exploration. I know it goes both ways, someone might feel more inclined to explore something they passed by if they have a convenient way of getting back there. Still, the following quote disappoints me.

there will be no other methods of long distance travel such as mounts, ships,

Another deterrent. Mind you my main argument for including mounts in Guild Wars 2 is that they’re more akin to pets than a travel bonus. For me anyway.

We’ve known for a while that the day/night cycle will have some impact on when certain events take place, but this seems new.

In many places in the world, the basic spawns will also change depending on whether it is day or night. Some events also take weather into account—a few of them actually allow players to alter the weather depending on how the event chain progresses.

Plans for my diabolical weather machine can now proceed. Entirely different spawns based on night or day sounds great.

An utterly complete water mill.

And now for the Hungarians.

Last week I did a QFT on some German sites, where it was mentioned there would be 4 maps. This goes a little deeper into detail.

Each world will have a home map that connects to a center map. Teams can invade their opponents’ home maps by first going through the center map. So we expect the center map to be a crossroads of combat as each team does battle for the glory of their world.

Very simple yet very clever design encouraging people to fight and yet having a relatively safe area to retreat to and I’m guessing, much easier to defend than the central map. Likely with choke points to get in and out of the home maps. Would love to see the design. I’ve been meaning to write a post comparing Alliance Battles in Factions to World vs World vs World in Guild Wars 2 for about 8 months now but have never really gotten around to it. The comparisons seem obvious.

The RTS elements have been talked about before, here is another example.

If the enemy is held up in a fully upgraded fortress and you are not the type of player that enjoys large scale combat, you can simply cut off their supply routes, and deprive the defenders of resources they need in order to maintain their defense. If you are planning on just working together as a small guild, you can easily take towers that cut reinforcements, and supplies off.

It would be interesting to see some tower defense elements. I wonder if that’s in there.

Another detail about The Marketplace, Guild Wars 2’s auction house.

The Marketplace will be global, drawing data from all servers.

That is also a very interesting choice. I have to wonder why it’s global and not based on server, certainly more interesting economic situations would develop in a small scale environment.

Been a while since they’ve mentioned being able to switch servers.

The main reason we are breaking our players into different worlds (or servers) is that we like the community that having a smaller pool of players that you see more often provides. Therefore we will need to place some restrictions on how often a player can switch servers.

Being able to play with friends on other servers and not divided up by choices in faction. Insert Tigerfeet comment here.

With that I am done with QFT for today.



  1. Very nice, I’ve always wanted to see what other language communities are saying. QFT is quick f-ing translation? Also, why are mounts so attractive to you since there are already ranger pets and miniatures? I admit I haven’t played an MMO with mounts… Just the quick exploratory travel you might miss with map travel?

    • hehe, no they themselves must have done the interviews in english, and posted them on their site since they already had an english version. If something needs translating i’ll usually point it out.

      Mounts are fun, they look cool, they’re convenient in most games, it’s like a bonding thing because you go everywhere with them. A lot of the time they’re a prestige item as well.

  2. “Such an interesting development. I’m not sure I’m on board with it. Having travel obstacles like a centralized location for mail or auction houses brings people together. It seems to me like you should want people to gather at hubs, for npcs, merchants, and mail. It’s social isn’t it?”

    It also makes one area a mob scene while the entire remaining space of say, a city, is basically a ghost town. The bigger the city the more obvious this would be come, and GW2 has some big cities. Plus the mini-games and such will still be good meet-up points.

    As to lack of mounts, I approve of this too. It keeps the scale of the world constant which I think is a good thing. I’m sure there’ll still be plenty of fluff for us to parade about.

    What’s this different maps comment, is GW2 built into zones? I figured there’d be instances but not true zone style architecture. If one battleground is actually 4 separately loaded areas I’m not going to be loving that.

    • Basicly its a triangle where you fight for the center, the home-corners are always the same its only the center area that changes between 4 maps.

    • I agree with no mounts, except the no-time-to-play side of me. I used to love the epic travel I had to do in WOW it really added to the exploration feel of the game. Now its all flying everywhere and the world feels very very small and mostly pointless. good though that is for my real gaming time since gear is mostly all i care about in wow now days.

      • If you used to love traveling via mount, i don’t understand why you wouldn’t want mounts. Instant travel seems very similar to how flying mounts made you feel, why would you want people to not experience mounts if you enjoyed them so much?

    • Yes the zones are separated the same way they were in GW1 with portals to enter and exit the zones. It is one of the things I’m rather unhappy with since it means that we will never have cross zone events and portals between zones mean that maps will probably be ringed with invisible walls.
      There are several videos out from the demo where the portals show up and a few interview where Anet discusses their reasoning for isolating maps.

      • How disappointing, not next gen at all right there.

      • I’ll point out that just about every MMO I can think of with a persistent world has zones that are separated.

        It isn’t next gen but it is standard operating procedure because of lag issues.

        As for invisible walls, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

    • Sometimes it’s a mob scene, in the initial starting areas and at end game. For the rest of the game it is a natural meeting place, that makes those areas feel more alive.

      And if you’re worried about the city looking like a ghost town, why would you not want people to go to the city at all? At least with mailboxes people have a reason to go to town.

      If anything effects the scale of the world its instant travel, which i’m not against. Mounts would have little effect on this.

  3. “Therefore we will need to place some restrictions on how often a player can switch servers.”

    I guess I will have to visit the premium troll cave erm fansite and argue for no such restrictions. I think having initially only the EU/NA/Korea etc. separation and later on removing it was one thing that really made Guild Wars stand out compared to other MMOs, and which also makes 1 universe/shard games like EVE, Champions Online and Star Trek Online shine.

    In LOTRO, WoW etc. I would have teamed up with many cool guys, but they were on servers X,Y,Z. I also appreciate the international community in Guild Wars.

    I have no idea how restrictive the restrictions will be, but I am afraid this will destroy the international community/atmosphere and largely prevent that I will make friends with people from all over the world. I did not expect that when playing Guild Wars, but it was a very positive experience that Guild Wars 2 apparently won’t have.

    • they’ve hinted that the restrictions will be more time based but haven’t said anything solid. Something like a 2 hour restriction on pvp was an idea i heard tossed around, but I suspect whatever the restriction is it will be light.

      I suppose its possible they’ll make it so you can’t switch to a server that your server is battling in WvWvW, but i don’t see many other ways they can avoid migrating players to successful pvp servers.

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