Guild Wars 2 Introduces Krait

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The worshipped obelisks of the krait

They slice, they dice, they julienne fries! Err, I mean… in a blog post on Arenanet’s blog, which has quickly become an important marketing device for them, they talk about the NPC race, the krait.

The krait are familiar to anyone that bought Guild Wars: Eye of the North, but you never really learn much about them. They’re serpentine, tend to live around water, but there are few if any quests involving them. The only detail of any interest seems to be their metamorphosis skill, which when triggered transforms the krait into a number of different forms of krait.

We hear about that in the post, and a number of other cultural and religious details. We already knew a lot about the krait from interviews and IIRC a GDC video outlining an event designed by participants involving the quaggan race and the krait.

They are merciless slavers, designed to be evil with no reservations, undersea, serpentine and kind of scary.

I like how they play the krait off of old sea myths and the mysteries of the deep. They really are quite a classic villain, in the truest sense. No sympathetic qualities, except for one thing. If they’re designed to be evil from the start, I disagree with the choice of leaving a big backdoor open. The krait priests change their canonical religious texts to suit their needs unbeknownst to the krait people? So really the krait people could be all right and okay if they knew the truth about their religion? At least, that is the escape route put in place.

If you’re going to design a villain who is evil from the start, forget about back doors.

I’m also hilariously pleased that they go through great lengths to distance themselves from present day comparisons. Seems like after the Relics of Orr podcast compared the Kodan to certain supremacist viewpoints, they were more careful about what the krait might be compared to.

All in all the krait sound pretty intimidating and the fact that they live seemingly exclusively underwater in Guild Wars 2 makes me very curious as to just what is in store for out underwater experience. Arenanet has said repeatedly, large portions of the game are underwater. The krait are starting to fill out just what we’ll see.



  1. Now I’m a good swimmer and have always loved water, but is it alright if I get a little twichy with my combat keys?

    • no, no it is not alright. no twitching!

  2. Now that you can play the greatest enemy they’ve ever invented I’ve sort of wondered how they are going to come up with anything to replace it. Haven’t been impressed by anything yet, but these are pretty decent, not Charr like but certainly on par with anything in most games except wows scourge, and they’ve done their day.

    • Really? elder dragons don’t impress you? okay.

      • Nope, not yet. They haven’t had the impact on me personally that the Charr did in GW. They killed my family, took my homeland, and tried to kill the rest of my nation. Elder dragons are bad sure but not that bad. I really don’t sense much in them, theyd like me dead but they aren’t out there hunting me down. its not real personal.

        • well we probably need to wait until the game is out before we start comparing.

  3. They look so cool, I wanna play one! Far more interesting than self-overestimating walking cats, humans or bloated & puffed up humans.

    • well the cantha expansion may have Naga which i would assume look similar. You never know, we may get the naga race as a playable race. Or maybe they’ll even change them to be krait like they did with heket and hylek.

      • Heck, with the krait losing their feathers, I’ve been wondering if the naga are an offshoot that broke away in order to assume a less heinous lifestyle. Mind you, they reverted pretty quickly after the Jade Wind… although if that is their history, they never got their shapeshifting back.

        • yeah they’re quite possibly related in the distant past, but then maybe the forgotten are too. they’re all serpentine people after all.

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