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We'll never see that miniature Gaki we wanted so badly

With the last Guild Wars update came the 6th year anniversary gifts. For the past 5 years, players have received Miniature pets, mini-versions of the games monsters and NPCs that wander around you. Just as in any other game with mini-pets.

This year we got Everlasting Tonics as gifts. A tonic in Guild Wars changes your appearance for an hour. An Everlasting Tonic means you get unlimited use of that tonic.

I’ve got pretty mixed feelings on the subject. Mostly I’m disappointed.

It’s funny because just before the update I had been talking with friends about how I thought this year might be the last year for miniatures. They couldn’t possibly keep up the pace of releasing new minis? Right? Wrong I was told. Foolish mortal.

I admit it is a nice change away from the same old tired thing, but I’m not really impressed with the replacement. Tonics have never been anything for me but something that took up storage space, at least until they finally showed us how the Hall of Monuments would grant us perks in Guild Wars 2.

I guess the replacement isn’t really what disappoints me though, it’s more about the struggle to add minis to the Hall of Monuments, and the market for buying miniatures becoming just that much harder.

Yet another HoM reward that becomes available only through sheer purchase power.

I’m lucky, I’ve got lots of aged characters, been to festivals, begged, borrowed and traded for minis. I hate to think about what other people must have to do.

I’ve always thought of Guild Wars as pretty much the supreme casual game. No pressure to play whatsoever. Unfortunately for those of us actually still interested in playing Guild Wars, whether below the 30 point mark (at which point all physical rewards that will be passed to Guild Wars 2 cease) or above it, the game becomes an incessant grind. Grind for cash, grind for z coins, grind for experience, grind for titles.

And now we grind for minis too.


  1. Yeah, I can definitely see what you mean.. At this moment I’m working on getting 45/50 myself, and pretty much the only thing that rests is the expensive obsidian armor and a tormented weapon.
    Next to that, it’s a whole lot of titles that I’ll need to grind for. I already know that I will not be going for the full round just because of this. I love Guild Wars, but I don’t want to waste that much time on just an additional title.

    • Even if you love guild wars these long term grind fests fly in the face of the casual non grind arenanet has always preached. sure we don’t *have* to get these achievements, fine, and thanks for that. but what else is there to do?

      • “Yet another HoM reward that becomes available only through sheer purchase power.”
        Kinda depends on what you wanna do. If you’re aiming at 50HoM and GWAMM then I think grind is okay. It doesn’t give you any advantages, rewards or anything substancial. And it’s your choice after all.
        And getting to 30 points in the HoM is actually quite doable with just playing the game. Provided you enjoy most of the stuff offered. (For example I’m at 33, could be at [at least] 36 if I’d display everything I have but have never ever bought any elite armour at all.) The only things I spent money on was: (mis)fortune and some destroyer weapons.

        • what i’m saying is, the only choice you have for gameplay after 30 points is grind. and grind is a terrible choice for gameplay.

          and the minis were one of the only things you really didn’t have to grind for until they limited the number of minis to just 5 years of them.

          • Ah, okay. I though you were also saying you have to grind to 30 as well. My bad!
            I agree on grind being bad gameplay though.

            • I hope they realise when they look back at exactly how much grind they have created since closing the book on GW1’s expansions. I understand the need for it but its really taken away from what GW was to me originally and approaching to game today its very grindy looking for the vast majority of the content. Possible to avoid yes, but its there for people to point to and whinge about.

  2. I don’t mind the change to the everlasting tonics. It doesn’t give us a boost to titles or HoM points, but it is good for people that are happy where they are.

    To be honest, I was kind of dreading what the 6 year minis might be. A gaki would certainly be cool, but I’d be upset if they gave me a mini Kormir!

    • i would love a kormir! plenty of fodder for leecher jokes.

      • I’d love any of the other gods really, but sure kormir too I guess.

  3. Personally minis were also one of those things that filled up storage slots. Sure I really like them but I rarely pull them out unless I’m afking or standing around talking. Even then I really only bring out the ones I really like (like Zhu Hanku or Flame Djinn). Any others get tossed or given away after I dedicate them. The same thing will probably happen with the el tonics I get (keep the ones I like and sell or give away the ones I don’t).

    I’m sure we’ll still be getting minis introduced to the game as it continues development. There is always the yearly celestial animal minis. Plus I imagine that there is a good chance we’ll see new minis as rewards in the Winds of Change update (whenever that comes). Emperor Kisu, Miku, Talon Silverwing come to mind as possible new minis.

    So I guess I’m more ambivalent on this issue more than anything.

    • I acknowledge there will be more minis, but, the rarity can be pretty intense if WiK is anything to go by, and even the celestials are not a sure thing for most people.

  4. The Tonics were the cheap solution to find an alternative to make the art team create new minis? 🙂

    Well, we asked for something else than minis, depending on taste the tonics are great or meh. I don’t like them everlasting or not, they turn every city into a FREAKSHOW and hope the crap is gone in GW2.

    I’m at 50/50 – for divinity though I would have to make survivor on my main and two of drink/party/sweets, all things that are mindless cash grind, as if we had not already enough grinds on the way to 50. I’m not playing GW much these days, only when buddies who still need to do this or that hard mode invite me.

    The HOMM is a cool idea – the flaw of GW’s activities was that after a certain point they became only massive long term grinds that at least in my opinion violated the spirit of the original GW premise as I understood it and as it was marketed: No grind. Soon it became “Grind is optional”. 🙂

    • i agree with what you’ve said here and am in a similar situation with gwamm and the calculator.

      in particular, the grind. not sure why it was ever added in, but it just seems like it flies in the face of their philosophy.

  5. I think that minis have always been about the grind. The most dedicated most casual player who created a new character for every slot they had in the three campaigns instantly without buying anything extra would be waiting until April of 2012 to hit 50 even with seven years of minis. Then they would have to hope they got a green and gold in there somewhere. The new system sticks them at 40 on the 5th anniversary of Nightfall, or in the fullness of time, 1-3 points short of a full HoM. A good casual level of completion for casual players who want to avoid the grind.

    People who recycle slots, purchased late, or took time to fill their slots will be farther behind on their mini collection. Regardless of the number of years minis are distributed for, anyone who hasn’t done everything just right will be waiting a bit to get their fifty from birthday gifts alone.

    There are many ways to reduce the amount of time it takes, but there will still be people who would never get to fifty under any system. Second accounts, extra slots, preorders, and magazines in the real world. Along with in game event and new content participation or purchasing a few whites, and that one rare if you aren’t lucky.

    • my point is more that now that we don’t have 6th year minis or most likely no 7 year minis, it is definitely a grind.

      otherwise we would have had to just wait. this would have been the only non grind reward from the HoM.

      now it is just a grind.

      • I’ve given away a lot of mine, I was very lucky in that my wife plays and i had another account for my friends to try it out; and another friend who plays but doesn’t care either. So I’ve had 4 accounts to get minis from, I have a few left mail me what you need and I’ll see if I have any left – can also forward more as they come around.

        • i should be okay, i’ve been begging and borrowing from the alliance and friends. should be fine.

          thanks for the offer.

  6. Let it not be said that I often speak out against rewards for casual play, but I would never dream of acquiring 50 minis, and I have 13 characters. I’ve always thought of that as as hardcore a goal as GWAMM, which I suppose is your point, but as a casual player, I have no need of that HoM point anyway, so I’m not bothered. I couldn’t see myself pining for those last 20pts without expecting an exponential increase in my efforts. It’s much like collecting in real life, no?

    I guess what I’m saying is, I have no problem with optional grind because there’s already an easier path to 30 pts for me. And if one is going for 50, well, I can’t comment on their motivations because that’s like a foreign language to me.

    • even if you’re not after 50 points, the 8 points in the mini category would have been nice for anyone looking to score points. Removing the option of just sitting back and collecting minis is adding grind.

      Its nothing to do with optional grind.

      • I’m willing to concede the point because I suspect I’m just not coming at it from the right angle–

        /missing point

        I mean, I’m still just sitting back and collecting minis on my characters because only 2 out of 13 are 5 years old yet. I’m literally giving the rest away as they come in because I have no need/want of them.

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