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Weird image am I right?

I don’t have any video skills, a video camera, animation skills, or any hope of creating moving pictures really. Which is kind of why I’m a little disappointed.

Guild Wars 2 is having a contest to do just that. Create a one minute video that hypes 4 of Guild Wars 2’s key features, dynamic events, personal story, visceral combat, and incredible visuals.

If doing all that in one minute seems like an intimidating challenge, well, you’ve only got 2 weeks to do it. Good luck with that, I mean that is nothing if not short notice.

The grand prize? A trip for two winners to Arenanet’s studios in Seattle. Rawr. I suppose the 15 other winners, get some nice stuff, but it doesn’t compare to seeing a gaming studio and getting to play an unreleased game.

Now I have no hope of winning this contest, I couldn’t edit a newsletter let alone a video clip, but what would I do for the contest? Hypothetically?

Open on a rooftop. Man or woman in black, kneeling. In their hands are two nerf guns. He rises and begins to jog along the roof.

Guild Wars 2 will have Dynamic Events that will scale and respond to what the player is doing. They will ebb and flow, cascading across the world.

Continuing to move, he hops down to a lower rooftop with an audible grunt.

It will also have a Personal Story, making your journey through Tyria more meaningful and important.

Another hop down to a rooftop and our protagonist nearly trips but keeps moving.

Guild Wars 2 will have combat that knocks your socks off. No more standing still while you decimate your enemies, you are meant to move.

Again a hop down to a lower rooftop and this time heavy breathing can be heard, as our hero staggers forward.

And you know what? Guild Wars 2 looks stunning. The art, the environment, the races, all beautiful and all exquisitely well done.

Our narrator reaches the final ledge and looks down.

But you know what I’m really looking forward to? The jumping.

Jumping from the roof, the hero plunges to the ground.

OW. OW. OW. Oh that hurts. Don’t try this at home kids. OW. OW. Maybe I’ll just wait for Guild Wars 2 before trying that again. OW. Mommy.

Fade to black with audible whimpering.

Bonus. Fade in on slow motion running sequence as the protagonist aims their nerf guns at the camera and fires projectiles in it’s general direction. Followed by slapstick headfirst face plant into telephone pole.


  1. I have no hope here either, and givin the somewhat limited material I wouldnt want to be judging it either.

    Read faster Hunter, I want a post telling us which quests should be done in hard mode – I want Althea’s Ashes. One my main causes for charr hatred. twis was awesome fun and reasonably hard and fun for us explorer types.
    Mind you the first one they choose was also genius probably would have been my first choice too, close though.

    • I can say right now the next hard mode quests will be the titan quests i think. along with the MOX quests maybe, that one with the oddbodies in the realm of torment. there are plenty to choose from.

  2. I’d love to make an epic trailer for GW2 (the material’s there (skill videos, trailers) and I have experience with editing game clips and stuff), the only problem is, I’m not quite 18 yet. Like 5 months away. Sucks to be me I guess.

    • Yeah its surprising how much video we have so far. Tough luck on the age thing.

  3. i can’t imagine that kind of pistol to have that many bullets 😉

    • really? thats the thing bothering you?

    • I said the exact same thing when I saw that video. 😉

      • I think i interpreted that wrong. of course its normal to have that thought about muskets, but, thought it was a little weird to point that out about nerf guns.

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