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A long while back this video made the rounds on MMO blogs. It’s The Escapist’s ‘Extra Credit’ and it talks a bit about the pressures and desires of MMO studios and why so many games come out the same way.

It was posted around August, and it’s a pretty good video for anyone interested in what Guild Wars 2 is trying to do.

Ryan over at Relics of Orr tweeted it and suddenly everyone I knew was talking about it.

This topic gets bandied about by MMO blogs just about every other week, and I’m sure the video made the rounds back then, but for those who just follow this blog for Guild Wars 2 I’d recommend watching it.

I would have embeded it but wordpress doesn’t allow flash or javascript in their posts, and The Escapist doesn’t allow youtube copies or they will sue you! In any case here is a screenshot of their cluttered and ad ridden website!

Extra Credit if you don't vomit at their site design



  1. Very interesting video, thanks for the link! Makes some good points.

    The Escapist website… makes my eyes bleed. 😀

    But then they make up for it with Zero Punctuation. Always fun to see what he’ll be savaging.

    • escapist makes a lot of weird decisions. like that awful “hah!” at the beginning of their videos.

  2. Yeah, I emailed them after I saw that video, and they’re waiting to see if GW2 lives up to the hype.

    • oh cool. yeah thats reasonable.

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