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I’ve been playing Rift, and for the most part enjoying myself.

While the weary drudgery of questing can be quite monotonous, I am addicted to finding artifacts, tracking down rare mobs, the auction house, and somewhat prone to seeking out rifts.

It’s this last part that has become a problem. I’m starting to feel like Belgium over the past 60 or 70 years. Where are my invasions Germany!?

Stonefield and Scarlett Gorge have a few rifts here and there but no invasions. The populations in those zones just do not support invasions. I’ve seen one in my time leveling a character on Defiant Shatterbone, and heard of another’s existence after the fact.


As a result I’ve racked up multitudes of planarite, about 1300, but no cursed sourceshards or sourcestones. All the planarite in the world to spend and upgrade my gear, and no way to spend it without those two items.

For those of you who don’t know, planarite is awarded from all rifts in all zones, but each zone has its own unique currency (a sourceshard and sourcestone) which you use with the planar goods merchants of those zones.

Which kind of bothers me because I really like planar and rare planar goods. It can occasionally feel like I’m overpowered in the zone I’m in. Which is pretty cool.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that invasions happen, but they’re so few and far between that it becomes quite frustrating. Invasions shouldn’t come around every 6 or so hours, that’s far too rare. Yet even during peak playing times invasions aren’t appearing in the mid level zones.

Invasions are spurred on by player populations. Once populations reach a certain level of activity an invasion is started. Otherwise you’d have too few people to successfully defeat an invasion.

The player population seems to be the problem.

Immediately after the first free month was up, there was a noticeable drop in population. I’m not the type to report that the sky is falling, it is to be expected that numbers fall off initially.

Please don’t bring this up in chat if you’re playing Rift, you might get your head bitten off. The population is fine, everything is fine!

I think the invasion mechanic, at least for those zones, needs to be reworked. Invasions need to initiate with lower populations and be appropriately sized.

Expecting people to level past those zones to get to zones with invasions is short-sighted to say the least. Expecting people to stick around for hours to get their sourceshards or sourcestones is unreasonable.

If I end up leveling out of those zones without getting to spend my planarite, I’m going to be kind of annoyed. Never a good thing with fickle, fickle, MMO fans.

I just like this screenshot


  1. The feel of the rifts and invasions are very different from they were in beta. They seemed to last longer in the worldand I felt like I had to fight to close rifts so I could restore the quest givers in my area. Now, I can just wait toll they despawm. I hope the changes in 1.2 help bring back more invasions to get that feel of dynamic content back.

    • i never played beta, so i’m curious as to what that was like. they definitely don’t feel dynamic much, but i do enjoy the rifts to an extent.

  2. For awhile I was popping through the portals at like 20-30g a run just to find invasions. Thankfully 1.2 won’t make me do that anymore, and my guild has been a lot better about announcing low level invasions.

    • if i’m going by my run in rift earlier tonight, i don’t see an uptick in the number of invasions. we’ll see though, i do hope they get it right.

    • “For awhile I was popping through the portals at like 20-30g a run”

      I also did this. I got sick of it and created a new channel “Zone_Event” – now announcements of Rift invasions in various zones has made it where I have now 12 blues across levels and 2 purples also.

      Pro-active gameplay fun!

      • clever, how many people are in this channel?

  3. I could go for a system where you use planarite to buy sourcestones. Say 200 for a blue, 1000 for a purple?

    • yeah i was thinking the same thing. it only makes sense. i got a couple of sourceshards from some quest giver in scarlet gorge, so surely it isn’t a huge step to make them purchaseable with planarite.

  4. Yeah, I’m not seeing that many rift invasions on my alt either. Zone wide events are apparently triggered by the populations in the zones, so maybe the threshold in the lowbie areas is now too low most of the time to trigger that many anymore. I heard Trion is looking into this though.

    • i noticed just before i posted that the update supposedly deals with the number of invasions, but they’ve attempted to adjust this before and nothing really changed. we’ll see.

  5. Hunter, look the hotfix they made today.

    The rate of invasions get up, I just saw Silverwood all red with so many fire rifts,

    • Well they’ve said they’d improve this before, and nothing happened.

      And freemarch and silverwood don’t seem to have this problem as much. It’s more of a problem with mid level zones.

      • I can confirm the rate of invasions get up. Yesterday, when I logged, Silverwood had a huge invasios, something I saw only at the first days after launch.

        Later night, Scarlet Gorge had a fire invasion that the players need go to a special NPC get a buff for go fight 8 fire captains (that mobs hit hard…I saw it…). The event had 45 minutes for be completed.

        The invasions now are being activated by lower number of players present at zone. It is more similar to what we saw at beta.

  6. that kind of rogue helm reminds me of the look of a Sith 😉

    • i hate that helm actually. looks terrible.

  7. “I’m starting to feel like Belgium over the past 60 or 70 years. Where are my invasions Germany!?”
    That’s neither funny nor witty, mate.

    • oh noes was that offensive? Too soon? It was too soon wasn’t it.

      • Good job on being snarky! *clap clap*

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