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Around the time BlueKae started up his adventure server, I got pretty bored with Minecraft. It’s a fine game, plenty to keep you busy, and anyone who has ever played lego will enjoy it. Yet there is only so much block punching I can do.

I built something on Blue’s adventure server but didn’t make it much further than that.

Meanwhile back at Relics Of Orr’s secret lair, the guild put together their own Minecraft server. This was about the time Biomes had come in and there was plenty of interest. I even lazily bothered to stake out a small bit of territory, before shutting down all Minecraft interest for several months.

I was playing Guild Wars, Dragon Age 2, New Vegas, and whatever else I could waste my time with, I was pretty much done with Minecraft.

Enter Pig. Pig is a guild in Relics of Orr’s alliance in Guild Wars. Tigerfeet the betrayer had joined up with Pig and slowly poisoned their minds with thoughts of Minecraft until their leader Jim was intrigued enough to pick up the game. Once inside server multiplayer, the rest of the guild followed, and what came next was stunning.

Pig went ape. A half dozen members built huge buildings and worked on gigantic projects. The server is filled with insanely long minecart tracks to facilitate travel, and you can’t go in any direction without tripping over some sign of habitation. The level of detail put in was absolutely crazy.

Catching wind of this I started to log in to see what the big deal was and I started to see all of the updates.

    You can now tame dogs and have them follow you around or sit. Attack something and they attack it as well. Feed them pork chops and their health goes up. Do not lead them into fire.
    Spiders can now climb into your buildings. You need to have some kind of overhang to prevent this.
    You can now make sandstone, or find it naturally at the bottom of sand stacks. This would have been nice during the making of Constantine.
    You can now make cobblestone, sandstone, or wooden slabs. Formerly known as steps I believe.
    You can now get bones to make bonemeal. This can be used as fertilizer to grow trees the moment you like.
    You can now dye the crap out of wool. Red or yellow flowers, blue from lapis lazuli, black from ink sacs, green from cactus, and brown from cocoa beans. Not to mention combining all these colours to get shades. Dyed wool adds coloured blocks of your choice, adding new depth to what you can do.
    Weather. Water refreezes and snow reforms in cold biomes.
    Dispensers. You can now build a device that shoots out its contents.
    Note blocks. The first time I heard a note block it actually kind of was unsettling.
    Slimes. These have been around a while but were ultra rare. I have run into packs of them deep in my mines. I dug too deep.
    A host of other things

All of this was great, but I still didn’t find myself logging in too much. Once in a while to check out someones project seemed to be enough.

At which point Spirit invited me to work on a project and for some god forsaken reason I said yes. I think we all know that once you have a project in Minecraft, you don’t come back.

We call it The Ruins, and now I find myself arguing constantly about Mills. Spirits complete and utter ignorance of what a mill should look like drives me nuts, and the level of the lake is one block too high. It flooded previous work we had done.

Spirit prefers very complete buildings with minor ruined touches.

I should explain.

A server mate had decided to move house. Maybe he was too close to spawn, I don’t know. When he had packed and moved everything, he decided to blow up his entire house with TnT. What was left was a barren, hole in the ground dotted with tunnels and some previous signs of habitation. A ruin. We decided to develop that into a more Lord of the Rings style ruin of epic proportions.

Anyway, now I’m logging back into Minecraft. This game has hooks.

I prefer buildings that are barely standing

Csquirrelrun just likes to make us look bad



  1. Have you run the Temple of Doom yet? It’s built under Fend’s suspiciously large tree but there’s a warp for convenience’s sake. I think it’s /warp tod to get there.

    Not being able to see your pictures is a peculiar type of torture. I need to log in when I get home and see what it is that squirrell’s done!

    • I think its more impressive if you’ve seen what was there before.

      and i have a sign up in his trophy room. i only died like 3 times!

  2. Oh dear…I really need to get back into Minecraft. If nothing else, just to tame a cute little puppy for myself.

    • the server i play on hasn’t updated to the latest patch, so we have the old dogs that whine constantly. annoying as heck. but they’re useful for defending yourself or attacking zombies.

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