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Just a quick note that charr week closes out on a whimper with some of the weakest fiction… no no I’m being sarcastic. There is a fine story apparently written by Ree Soesbee over at the Arenanet blog.

There’s plenty of lore here to dive into but only a few interesting points. A good look at their military structure and social hierarchy. A few references to the Ghosts Of Ascalon novel and at least one interesting turn of events.

Also I sort of love this.

Your duty, Ash trash, is to escort this warband through Foulblain Expanse to Kinar Fort.

Okay so maybe it’s not the most clever reference in gaming history, but to fans of Guild Wars it is a reward. For those who don’t know or don’t get it, Kinar Fort could also be interpreted as Fort Ranik, a location in Prophecies.

To sum the story it’s about two charr, apparently at each others throats, who have to make it across treacherous territory by working together.

It’s a fine read and worth it if you’re into fantasy fiction or short stories.

Admittedly most of the lore is already known from the books or The Movement Of The World.

Hmmm maybe the tank role in Guild Wars 2 isn't dead after all?? Ugh. I hate puns and yet use them. I hate myself.


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