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Katy Hargrove helped create the look of the charr early in its existence

I’m wondering how to blog about Charr Week. Sometimes it seems like there is only enough information to justify a single post. Yet they spread out the little they have to update us with over most of the week.

I end up feeling like some kind of marketing tool, reblogging what little there is to talk about.

Don’t get me wrong, The Artistic Origins of the Charr is pretty interesting, but, hardly enough content for me to comment on.

I also await their charr starting area video eagerly.

Yet, we’ve seen a lot of Arenanets iterative process, read tons of blog posts, and seen plenty of the charr before. They’re in Prophecies and Eye of the North.

I think, for me, this is very similar to why I don’t often blog about Star Wars: The Old Republic updates. I know what Jedi are, I don’t need to pontificate about them.

On a professional level, if I were to ever become interested in working in the game industry, these posts are wonderful. Very illuminating and enlightening on just what artists, designers, programmers go through to get from point A to point B. Even if getting into that line of work is just a nice fantasy, it is fascinating.

On a gamer level, I’m not interested in what has come before. I’m interested in what is to come, what I’ll be doing, playing, and spending my time on.

Still, we could have absolutely nothing to talk about. That would be a lot worse. And I like the work of all 3 artists. So there’s that.



  1. It’s true, that’s why I’m trying to stick to my guns and not comment on anything til then end, which I’ve found is strangely hard. Also, I think it seems like they do not have a lot to talk about because they can not give away every detail like we think they are sometimes. There has to be some surprise or twist in the different stories and cultures that we shouldn’t have access to for the sake of making us just play through the game to find out.

    • Its not so much that i’m asking for all new information, more like, anxious for the game to come out and not satisfied with much else in the mean time.

  2. If they cant make an interesting week of a major feature and not “spoil” it then they not in a good position.
    I also agree that they are following a formula for each week which is just a tad too strict in what they tell us. It almost feels like Ive read this before but for humans… hang on I have! It makes it feel not so interesting.
    Is it because they are essentially the same as humans? The formula seems to make them seem the same. Sure they have different likes and such but what else? I thinks its just the story thats different. No?
    And the story comes tomorrow, with the movie and we all like watching that stuff.
    Still, for me charr are to kill, not play as – so I wont be playing these dudes anytime soon. I hope the make nice dying sounds; I missed that yesterday in the voice acting.

    • it is a tad familiar. Still it is something to read, rather than years of nothing to talk about.

      The only thing that makes me want to play charr is getting to see ascalon again.

      • keep in mind that you’ll be able to do that from any race’s perspective

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