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I love this video. I’m probably still not going to play charr, until maybe I get around to my 4th character, but it is quite a good look around the charr areas and in particular The Black Citadel.

Those first few moments, looking at the ruins of Ascalon, definitely make me want to go there. Immediately. I suppose I have an odd fascination with ruins, which kind of plays into what I’m doing in Minecraft right now, but that is a whole other post.

Vegetation has returned to ascalon after the searing, both above ground and in the water. There are hints of things to climb on, oh please, let me climb on them.

Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL black citadel!

And then we see the Death Star. You can see concept art of the structure below, but here you can see it in all its glory. I doubt that a planet destroying laser is inside of it, probably just some throne room or military headquarters more likely. Still, it will be quite the military headquarters. I just want to be inside of it looking out.

The smog is fierce in that shot too. A gross yellow fog. The more I see of the charr, the more I don’t doubt some kind of environmental message may be involved in charr storylines.

Speaking of yellow, has nobody told the charr about brushing their teeth?

The number of metallic structures, and the heavy emphasis on industry leaves me with one question. Where do they get all their metal ore? There must be mine after mine in operation. Otherwise they must do a lot of trade with the dredge or some other race for those resources. I wonder if Arenanet has thought that deeply about it.

There are many buildings, usually quite large if compared to the little charr running around. Most have some indication of doors or walkways but we don’t see much of the insides.

I really hope you can get a bunch of charr together and somehow synchronize their tail wagging. That would be epic.

Love that the main square has a floor entirely of metal.

Sometimes concept art doesn’t make it into the game, and sometimes it makes it into the game exactly as is.

About 30 seconds in you'll see this beauty

It’s quite ominous to go from the above, belching smoke and fire, to see the ruins of ascalon just a short distance in the background. For people who really identify with the ruins, it’s kind of a kick in the face.

Which is kind of how I feel about Black Citadel, they’re really jamming this whole industrial feel down our throats, in a good way. That building with the pipes coming out of it like a spider? My mind went back to Wild Wild West with Will Smith at first, the giant Steampunk spider. Yet I don’t think those pipes are entirely unlike a lot of the human pipes we see in Kryta. Just different materials, different purposes.

And then we get into the badass part of the video. Tanks. Lots of em. Before anybody gets too excited, here is what Regina Buenaobra said on Facebook about the tanks.

Guild Wars 2 Just a note about the video: there are vehicles that charr NPCs use, but they are not player mounts in any way. We are not committing to player mounts for launch. As we have shown in demos, Guild Wars 2 will have map and waypoint travel for a small fee. ~RB

You should really commit to mounts. Just saying. What garnered more excitement about Guild Wars 2 this week than anything else? The very idea people could ride around in tanks.

My thanks to Nordic Ninja and FollyMetric for taking some high quality screen shots over at the Guild Wars 2 Guru thread.

Such an interesting design, really imaginative.

Less imaginative and more something the people at Hot Wheels would think is cool. But still good.

Some pretty amazing advancements on the technological side for the charr, I hope these siege weapons fit well into the lore. There seems to be quite a few in production, for what purpose I have to wonder. Full production lines of tanks and cannons.

Anybody catch just what that charr was saying as the camera panned past him talking to a number of other charr? About the 44 second mark? Me either.

The whole video is pretty impressive so obviously if you don’t watch it you’re wasting your life, however, they updated the charr page itself as well. It’s a good read and worth looking into to familiarize yourself with charr if you aren’t already.



  1. Like yourself, I probably won’t be playing the Charr race anytime soon after getting the game (Asura, Norn, and Sylvari are my top choices) but I also enjoyed this video, and the lore on the updated Charr page. I’m really looking forward to Soesbee’s lore-rich article on Friday also. If it’s anything at as good as this was;
    then it will be awesome, and a most enjoyable read.

    • Well it turned out to be a pretty good read, but my favourite part of charr week was definitely the video.

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