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They're just big lovable pussy cats at heart.

Charr Week continues with sound clips of background NPCs in the various cities and outposts of Guild Wars 2. What’s really great about these sound clips, and the ones that have come before in the human and norn weeks, is that they really start to flesh out Guild Wars 2 lore beyond what we know from Guild Wars or the basic story passed down in The Movement of the World.

In fact I’d have to go so far as to say I enjoyed reading the blog post more than hearing the audio clips. The audio is fine, the writing acceptable. I’m not the type of person who would be, undoubtedly even now, complaining that the human actors portraying the charr ‘sound too human’.

I admit the challenge of turning one of Guild Wars biggest villains into a playable race is an intriguing one for me. That’s just what Arenanet has to do, and talks at length about it in the post.

I guess their main goal with the post is to allow people to relate to the charr. In Guild Wars they are nothing more than vicious, bloodthirsty, invaders. There is no sympathy to be had for their position. Every single quest relating to them is to kill, stop, or otherwise destroy the charr.

In the audio clips you get to hear them talk about food, make jokes, bitterly complain about their job. They still have this bloodthirsty mentality but it seems more overly aggressive than unforgivably cruel.

There are a bunch of points Arenanet is trying to drive home as well. The charr as one big military culture. The spartan-esque upbringing of young charr. The differences between the legions. Why such a war-like culture would even harbour the idea of a truce. The constant clanging of industry in the background.

All in all if you’re looking to play a gigantic, bloodthirsty, insanely agressive warrior cat person, charr is still you’re main bet.



  1. I read the blog post on my Android, but couldn’t get it to play sound. So psyched to get home and listen while Portal 2 installs.
    PS: I think you mean “YOUR main bet.”

    • I’m probably going to wait until the portal 2 price drops.

  2. There are a few gamers (probably very few) who are actually old enough to remember a situation analogous to the one with the Charr in our American culture … I’m talking about the attitudes towards Native Americans.

    If you’re old enough there was a time in your youth when ‘Injuns’ were always the bad guys in the perpetual Cowboys vs Indians battles that raged in the fields and backyards throughout the United States. John Wayne was at least a Demi-god, and western serials and movies were regularly consummed by an eager audience of both children and adults.

    Then you grew up… a couple of decades passed, and the attitudes expressed towards Native Americans in those ‘westerns’ were decidedly NOT politically correct any longer. The ‘view from the other side’ became much more thoroughly published, and Americans gradually become more educated on a more objective view of history and the clash of cultures that actually took place.

    The longer you live, and the more philosophically rounded you become, the more aware you are of the vast ocean of ‘grey’ with only tiny little lines of ‘black or white’ that exist at it’s edges. ‘Good’ or ‘evil’ are merely subjective, philosophical constructs which tend to crumble in the face of abject reality.

    The Charr of the original Guild Wars were the ‘bad guys’ because they were unknown and not understood. The more fully and objectively a subject becomes known, the less purely ‘good’ or ‘evil’ it becomes.

    With GW2 we’re being given ‘an inside look’ into the Charr… what makes ’em tick, what their motivations are, etc… Their actions haven’t really changed, and neither have their attitudes… Our perspective is what has changed.

    (In honor of 4/20/2011… “Wow man… totally dude! It’s like… are the Indians grey now, or did our eyes just become grey? …whoa…”)

    • Oh, and best quote from the audio files by FAR imo;
      “Those words form a sentence, but I don’t understand what they mean…”

      I literally loled.

    • Yeah in the real world i’m sure it takes decades if not centuries to change attitudes, so talking about changing a villain into a hero seems a lot less daunting but i still see it as being a difficult challenge for arenanet.

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