Dragon Age 2 Looks Good Too Much

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I don’t think I have to explain to anyone that a Bioware game is going to be on rails. That you may end up going to some of the same places more than once, and that settings will be reused. Finally I probably don’t need to tell you that despite all this, the game is probably going to look good.

Dragon Age 2 certainly pushes this to the limit. I don’t think any Bioware game that has come before has reused art and locations to this extent. I found it really bordering on my tolerance and I don’t doubt many people felt it exceeded theirs.

Everything seemed to be recycled, but perhaps the problem was that you remain in the same city throughout the game. Divided up by day and night, and occasional trips to the Wounded Coast aside, if Dragon Age 2 has a major fault it is that there is a lack of diverse settings.

At least those settings look good. Say all the negative things you’d like to say, but don’t say they’re ugly, don’t say they’re not well done and don’t try to tell me you didn’t at times appreciate the art.

I wish I could say I’m the type of person who takes screen shots during my play time. I’m not. Thus a lot of interesting things I’d like to show in screenshots after the fact, are unavailable. I can’t go back and show off some of the most interesting things without a bit of work.

With that in mind if you’ve played Dragon Age 2 these screens are likely not for you, but for people who haven’t played it.

The symbol of Kirkwall is slowly changed to reflect your influence throughout the city

Murals depicting slaves are common in the poor areas of Kirkwall

I've always thought the elves being the most downtrodden people in Thedas was a nice touch. Here is one of their alienages.

Some of the individual buildings could definitely have been more distinctive, but this hanging statue fits the setting perfectly

Grand scale, but a shame we see so little of it really.

One of my favourite sights in the game. Should have been more of this.

Iconic imagery to be sure, but why is this the cloest I can get? Open worlds Bioware, come on, you know you want to.

Somehow these slaves just don't seem happy

A landscape ripe for exploration if it didn't have magical barriers preventing you from even stepping on the smallest rock or tree branch.



  1. don’t step on the grass!

    • Its something I’m willing to put up with but it does grate on me.

  2. I loved the way the narrative was “illustrated” between acts. Loved the art style.

    • Indeed, and we’ll be seeing a lot of that art style with Guild Wars 2. The opening narrative in particular from the norn and human areas is in a lot of demo videos and quite beautiful.

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