Charr Week Approaches, Probably Snarling

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This was posted on their facebook page

Just a quick note that next week in Guild Wars 2 is charr week. We of course have seen norn week and human week already, and since the asura and sylvari appear to be the least ready races, the obvious next step was charr.

I can’t wait to see more of the charr homelands, hear charr voices of which little has been heard, or get into charr lore of which there is sure to be plenty.

I wonder how much these race features are determining how people pick the race they want to play. Many long time Guild Wars players must already have picked out their first race and profession, but people new to Guild Wars 2 could be making decisions based on these articles, voice work, and lore.

They announced this via Twitter and Facebook as far as I know. I’m a big hater of Facebook and have been subverted by Twitter, but I have come to understand their power. Just this week the GuildWars2 twitter account directed traffic here, and I received quite a bit of a bump. In other words it is hard to rail against social media when you’ve been co-opted by it.

In other news NowGamer is claiming to have some exclusives next week as well. I suppose Arenanet is timing charr week with a few interviews and perhaps some other information. NowGamer hype it a bit, but I’m not entirely convinced they’ll have anything of worth. I’m sure the interview will have interesting details, but for instance at the bottom they say they’ll be releasing the world premiere of the Guild Wars 2 reveal trailer. Which happened in August 2009 if I’m not mistaken. Maybe they’re referring to the race trailer the other races had. I’ll keep an eye on it nevertheless.



  1. I have noticed that people are easily swayed with races, particularly since there is no major repercussion to picking a race over another. If you take a poll from week to week, collecting the “What race will you play at launch?” opinions, I have found that each race has hit a peak right after their race week is over. Unfortunately, I fear the “flavor of the month syntrome” has continued from GW1 into GW2….in the form of races.

    • Its to be expected after a race week, and I don’t really see a big problem with that. Races don’t matter at all really, so its not like there will be a negative effect.

      • this is true, just something I noticed after tracking some polls around the gw2 community and looking at how the rate of race-preference changes around these times.

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