The Big Chicken

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So do we call this guy the shatner or the big chicken now?

I really have to commend Arenanet on this years April Fool’s Day. A lot of time and effort went into it, and it wasn’t just some tossed off joke that has been done before. It was original, funny, and was probably one of the best gaming industry pranks in the past couple years. I mean they really committed with interviews, webpages, and of course the Guild Wars quest that was added.

That’s why the blog post up at Arenanets blog caught my attention today. It was interesting to get a peak inside how it all came together.

It answered a few peoples questions, some were commenting that Arenanet should spend more time working on the game, and less on superfluous nonsense. My first reaction was ‘Killjoys’. Nothing good happens without someone complaining about it. Which sounds funny coming from me, but anyhow, the blog in no uncertain terms stipulates that the prank was worked on in the free time of various employees.

Which seems like common sense, but even before the blog post Community Manager Martin Kerstein had commented.

because we have fun doing something like this in our spare time?

With the blog post today, people started commenting that the complaints must have prompted it. Martin responded with this.

we have been in this industry long enough, we knew those comments would come up. We had this planned from the start.

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about this. Happy that Arenanets community team is on the ball, or sad that they knew all the quality work they put into something would end up causing some kind of stupid backlash. Humanity fail.

I just want to put my personal thanks out there to the people that worked on the project. It was a genuine surprise and a good laugh.



  1. For what it’s worth “The Big Chicken” is WAY cooler than “The Shatner.”
    (Also, I’d like to hold out for an April Fool’s day throw-back in a couple of years, wherein the Shatterer spawns as a huge-ass chicken.)

    • The big chicken is pretty cool, but as a canadian i have to stand up for the goofyness that is the shatner.

  2. This was a particularly cool April Fool’s joke. In a way, I’m glad when stuff like this riles up the dregs of humanity. Maybe we can give a few of them hypertension from all the stress.

    • At least it points out who the negative nancys are so you can watch out for them.

  3. Regardless if it is The Big Chicken (which I’ll now always think of it as) or The Shatner, that clip of it flying down is just plain awesomeness! is doing a 3 part interview with Daniel Dociu about GW artwork and that animation, I think, is a good example of how they are bringing some of that fantastic concept art to life in the game.

    • yeah i have to say, gw2 just looks different than most games in the MMO genre.

  4. I like the way they responded. The same way I respond to people who honk their horns or call out names to me while I am cycling along the road. I smile and wave and let them see that I am enjoying my ride. Let them sit in their wallowing pool of whinges.

    • not only did they do that, but they knew in advance. psychics!

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