5 Reasons Not To Play Guild Wars 2

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I try to be as fair and open minded as I can on this blog. Lately I’ve soured on Guild Wars 2 quite a bit. There are things that bother me. We’ve seen a lot of demo videos now, interviews, trailers, and there is nothing new any more. There is plenty not to like about what’s coming out of Arenanet and I hope there is time left in the development to fix some of the problems I’m seeing.

With that, here’s a few reasons to avoid Guild Wars 2.

Player Versus Player

    From what I’ve seen, the PvP is absolutely terrible. All that rolling around, and dodging. Where is my auto-targeting Arenanet? There are a lot of things I expect from a PvP game and not being able to hit someone isn’t one of them. And what is with all the crazy skill animations and fancy effects? This isn’t a fireworks display, I’m just trying to kill people with magic. All the flashy effects just let people know what skills I’m using and then they get to counter it! Dumb.


    I don’t want to get into any conspiracy theories here, but to me the jumping in Guild Wars 2 looks fake. If you look closely you can see hints that there is no Z-axis and we’re stuck with an animation that makes it look like you’re jumping when really you’re not. It’s more of an emoticon than anything else. I’ll bet you can’t even jump over rocks. The last thing I want is for terrain elevation to be my biggest enemy like it was in Guild Wars.


    I don’t know much about the crafting system, in fact I’ve only read 2 paragraphs about it that someone left in my comments, but it looks tacked on. I mean come on Arenanet. Why can’t MMO companies design crafting first, and then the action and combat that everyone plays your games for. Stop being so blind and look at highly successful and profitable games that have crafting as the focus. I can give you tons of blockbuster examples. Star Wars Galaxies, A Tale In The Desert, A Tale In The Desert 2, A Tale In The Desert 3, A Tale In The Desert 4, A Tale In The Desert 5 and Minecraft. Minecraft’s system in particular is so obviously better.

The Cost

    The subscription fee is outrageous. Where do Arenanet get off? I’m just trying to play a game with friends. Is it so much to ask that I don’t get gouged in my wallet, month in and month out? I suspect if other people have some of the same problems I have, they’ll just end up paying $50 for a 1 month trial period. Good luck with that business model Arenanet.

People Are Excited About It

    It’s a surefire sign that if people like what they see in a game, or get hyped up for it, the game sucks. One of the most telling signs of a games quality is the amount of time put into marketing a game. There is a direct correlation between publicity and the amount of fun. The more fun a game is, the less likely you are to hear about it. Games like Darkfall therefore are just about the most fun games you will ever play. Games like World Of Warcraft are absolute polished turds. I personally don’t know anyone who has ever had fun in WoW. Getting back to the excitement for GW2 though, people are way too excited. Not only will they drown in a river of their own tears of disappointment, they will likely never play video games again. How could anyone so consumed by despair return to their hobby of choice, knowing their one true hope for gaming ecstasy was in truth nothing more than a thin gossamer thread that unraveled as they touched it.

For me these are an overwhelming stack of reasons to avoid Guild Wars 2, but there is more I didn’t get into. I could compare Guild Wars 2 to other games like WoW and note that it’s obviously just a clone. Do we really want a WoW clone set in the Guild Wars universe? I’ve played WoW before, I don’t want to play it again. Rift is another game worth noting. I think it’s pretty obvious Guild Wars 2 is trying to rip off Rift. The rifts and the dynamic events have too much in common to be pure coincidence. Finally, I jut have this sneaking suspicion that Arenanet is shady. Their marketing is too slick, and I don’t trust them. They do not give off a trustworthy vibe. It’s like they’re out to make money off of what they’re doing, and I can’t be associated with that. Good luck with Guild Wars 2 Anet but you’re not fooling me.



  1. Hear hear!
    I agree all the way, best Guild Wars 2 post EVVAR!

    • I just don’t get why people would want to put down money for a quality game. Damn liberals.

  2. You had me up until Crafting, at which point I thought it’s out of character for you to judge something you don’t know about. I glimpsed the subscription paragraph and then realised.

    But seriously, the PvP and jumping points could turn out to be true. The flashy skills and targeting could get annoying. We’ll see.

    • It’s impossible to say much of anything about PvP at this point, we know some points, but haven’t seen an iota of it.

  3. Reason 6: They’ll rush through development like a runaway train, and will probably deliver a half finished product very soon.

    I’ve read in an interview that they would finish the end game content later on, which is ok, since people start at level 1 and it will take years of grinding to get there.

    However I’m concerned about all the bugs that will still exist in the beginner areas. Anet doesn’t test the game anymore. They just play on their Xmas iPads. I think we all know how long it takes them to solve serious bugs in GW1 (GW Classic) these days.

    Maybe WoW2 will be good though?


    • Also it will be cheap. Cheaply made, cheaply produced, cheap looking and cheap feeling. That iPad version is going to suck. I’d rather they put the original guild wars on iPad.

    • They’re not rushing through development..they even said themselved they’re trying to perfect everything and make sure everything looks right before shipping the first copies of the game. Jesus man do some reasearch please.

      • Please Do Not Stop, Sam. You must tell these fools how foolish they are. Oh man, this is gold.

        • Lol.

  4. Are you stupid? You didn’t even test the demo yet and you judge the game? I jumped through fences in the game. There is no subscription fee.. I LIKE the new Crafting and Dying system, and I like what they done to the game.

    WHAT I HATE, is MAx level = 80. I like 20, short and simple. Furthermore, the Persistant world and us players have no choice of being either in Persist or instance world. Unless its a mission.

    shame on you for judging a game you barely reserached on.

    • This post was thoroughly researched and approved by my editor, please take up any complaints with them. Send an email to relicsoforr@gmail.com to let them know how you really feel.

    • Listen up buddy, these are the facts. There is no way GW2 can make it in this WoW world. We all know GWs hated jumping and the only explanation for putting it in GW2 is to remove the z axis and make it an emote like /dance.

      Also, they WILL have a subscription fee if they want to compete. GW1 was a total failure. The only reason they are able to make a second game is because Nintendo funded them this time. Why do you think there is that cute mushroom looking dude without mushroom in the game this time? It all adds up.

      I can’t find it, but I read it was going mainly PvE this time and there will not be any PvP at release. So who is the stupid one now pffft!?!?!?

      • No, GW2’s main thing is going to be combat, so there probably will be PvP. Also, Arenanet said…”No subscription fees..never has been, never will be.” Quoted from Guildwars2 website.

  5. Agreed man. Another point is the thin and weak story that makes no sense in a thin predictable world…

    • re: April 1, 2011

    • I don’t think there even is a story. Pretty sure we have to come up with one ourselves.

    • The story is based on how YOU put it. That’s why it goes into waaaay more detail in creating a character in GW2 than any other MMORPG out there. Everything you do in the GW2 world effects what happens in your story. Here..watch this video, it’ll prove a few things to you AND Hunter.

      Point proven.

  6. I am outraged… Outraged that you would make such heinous remarks about a game divinely appointed by the Five plus One (we all know she is just a poser) Gods themselves.
    To address your concerns in turn
    PVP will clearly be the most incredible experience resulting in our eyes bleeding due to its magnificence. Also all participants will lose months of sleep while theory crafting just to try and define the latest Meta.
    As for jumping clearly it will not only be in game but it will allow you to fly when the spacebar and backspace keys are held down at the same time.
    Crafting will of course be awe inspiring since you personal instance will be made up of cubes that can be rearranged to make any shape you want including cylinders.
    To address your concerns about cost, the time played subscription plan they propose is genius and the next revolution in online gaming.
    Finally your suggestion that the frothing masses are excited has less to do with money and more to do with the fact that GW2 is in fact the source of all good things…

    In conclusion good day to you serrah

    • This is all just speculation. Theorycrafters like you are just pulling stuff out of nowhere. I think you’re just saying Guild Wars 2 is good because the 6 gods say its good.

      • agreed this entire blog is speculation. if you don’t like it then don’t waste your valuable time typing and go play wow if you think it’s better. personally i have preordered GW:2 and looking forward to it’s arrival. if all you want to do is bash a game then go play another. cataclysm will be dead soon enough. then you will prolly be playing a game that you’ve been bashing the whole time.

        • pre ordered, heh.

  7. WoW clone!

    • They may as well just call it World of Guild Warscraft


    • I love carpet, I love desk.

      • I LOVE BIKE!

        • are you going to put it in somebodys trunk?

  9. having too much fun with Rift to even think about GW2

    • Rif is the game of a life time.

      • Rift is what GW2 was going to be, so GW2 is loosers cause they got out there first. Thats why GW2 is delayed till Feb next year so they can tack on stuff to make it different.
        Rift people are artists, programers and content designers that work faster and better than Anet.

        • Actually, they are planning on releasing it in Mid-Winter of 2011. Not Feb next year :). Also, GW2 is no where near a WoW clone (I meant to post this up there, but ima just post it on this reply.) This game..is going to be NOTHING like WoW. If you think it is, then how is it?

  10. It sucks cause I sucked at it when I played 30 minutes of it last week.

    • obviously its guild wars 2’s fault.

      • No, it’s his fault for sucking at it.

  11. I just want to see some actual gameplay before I judge it for myself. I saw some videos from some con before but I say NCSoft should stop with the CG trailer crap and just SHOW US THE GAME already! CG is not what the game is going to look like!

    • CGI trailers like that are such rip offs. they’re just trying to fool people. bunch of big foolers is what they are.

      • You should really go to a con with Arenanet there and confront them on this. I bet EVERY SINGLE ONE of your “facts” gets proven wrong buddy.

        • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  12. Sorry, but gw2 will be the greatest mmorpg evar made. Serously i play alot of mmorpg [Wow,Age of conan, rift ect..]

    • April Fools?

  13. I was very very close to punching my computer screen in rage Hunter…..

    Until I realized…..

    • haha, yeah. at least your realized before it was too late.

  14. another thing about what is said above..GW2 was anounced before Rift was, so please, stop saying it was a Rift clone.

    • sam i appreciate the comments, one of the best things about blogging is feedback. but this was posted on april fool’s day. sorry to trick you like that.

      • Oh man, my bad.

  15. Wow, Hunter, you just trolled everyone with this post.

    I, however, was never fooled though. Nice try 😉

    • You just read my tweet today and knew in advance is all!

  16. Sorry bout all that, didn’t realize this was an April Fools joke..haha, i feel so stupid. xD.

    • No worries, several people fell for the same thing, on the very day of april fools, you had the unfortunate timing of coming by later on and not having the context of the day

  17. epic troll post? lol, i think so

    • what is april fools if not troll day?

      • indeed, it was for trolls pre-internet (“There were trolls BEFORE THE INTERNET? Noooo way”) lol

  18. One comment for your all the things you have said.
    “People will be vomiting on your creditability once the game is released.”

    • *for all

    • only if they don’t realize this was posted on april fool’s day.

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