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No one will figure out the title, so I thought the image should be only tangentially related too

One of my favourite pass times in Rift is artefact collection. If you collect artefacts you find your eyes scanning the horizon no matter what you’re doing, scanning for that telling sparkle or glowing light. It quickly becomes quite an addiction.

I think one of the better aspects is finding hidden artefacts, nestled in a hard to see corner, inside a log, underneath a rock or tree.

The items themselves shore up parts of the lore, or even provide a laugh. There is a set of crystallized or otherwise special Troll Toenails that I find myself somewhat disgusted by.

You are rewarded with Lucky Coins, a currency you can use to buy various cosmetic items, from clothes to pets. I believe you need at least 10 or 20, and I’ve only managed to turn in 5 sets so far.

If I was motivated purely by tangible goods I wouldn’t be impressed, but it is always gratifying to come across an artefact you don’t have. There is a feeling of accomplishment, relief, joy. However minor it may be.

The problem with collecting full sets is that there appears to be some dozens available in each zone. Quite extensive. Common artefacts appear to exist only to frustrate the living daylights out of anyone interested in pursuing artefacts, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up something from that damned fish set.

I have to wonder just how worth while it is, with time spent versus reward earned, but for now I continue my Indiana Jones style relic hunting.


  1. … *squint* Kids in the Hall?

    • Shit i didn’t know you were canadian randomessa…

      • Haha, yup, you caught me. (Living in the States now, though)

        • I found out Randomessa is Canadian way back when I lamented about the lack of ketchup chips and Smarties in the US on my blog and she commented 😀

          • well in any case KITH FTW!!

  2. i absolutely love the idea of artifacts; makes me feel good when i actually go exploring and find one; many mmos before didn’t really reward you for exploring

    • there are lots of rewards for exploring in rift too, not just artefacts. like achievements or puzzles or lootable cairns with good loot.

  3. With 100 Lucky Coins you can buy a 110% mount, a turtle (and I curious to see how this turtle is diferent for the normal turtle… maybe an armored turtle?… 3 heads… fire breathing?)

    • well hopefully i can make it that far at some point. pretty slow moving so far. i suppose i should just hit up the AH

      • Well, I am thinking at explore all zones until I complete enough collections and buy shinnies at the AH. I am just curious about how is that 100 lucky coin turtle.

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