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Whoever was in charge of sound in Rift did a commendable job. The sound effects, music, voices, and ambient noise are all well crafted and sound great.

So why do I hate the sound so much?

Oh I’m just a crank I guess.

For me, the sound in Rift is like listening to country music. I know a lot of people like it, it sounds very professional and expensively produced, and I’m sure the people who made it have talent. However I do not wish to listen to country music, it is annoying.

Taylor Swift has 4 grammys, how many do you have Spirit Hime!?

It’s as though they decided in Rift you should be assaulted by a wall of sound. A constant hum of dense and layered noise. I can’t escape from it. Even turning down all my audio options, sans the master volume, I’m still left with a barrage of unnecessary and irritating amount of noise.

I don’t want to listen to the thunderous gallop of my mount, nor his saddlebags jangling with loosely packed inventory.

I am a rogue, yet I have to listen to my own footsteps as I run.

I can not escape the sounds of a rift. If I am half a zone away, I can hear the nearest rift. If by some chance I manage to make it far enough away to not hear one, an invasion insures that until it is over, I will hear the stormy winds and thunder that note its presence.

There are a dozen more examples I could bring up, but I’m sure by now my readers are thinking, “Why doesn’t he just turn off the sound completely?”

Well there are sounds in Rift I like. I like the lightning strike and sound when I level up. The voices that pipe up during invasions are amusing, quite over the top in some cases. The sound of another wave of enemies while fighting off a rift is informative, and if you’re not watching your back, hearing enemies yell or cast something at you from behind can be pretty helpful.

Nevertheless I am on the verge of doing just that, turning off the sounds of Rift. They leave me little choice. All that hard work, by talented sound designers at Trion, down the drain. All because they couldn’t reign it in just a little bit.


  1. It’s like they took the 33 MMOs they worked on, and had them playing all at the same time! I turned off the sound, and played my mp3s. No country, I promise. 😉

    • Yeah then theres that. can’t possibly listen to the rift cacophony of sound and msuic, podcasts, tv, or otherwise at the same time.

  2. There are some sounds I like and others I don’t. In beta, my mechanical steed thingy sounded like a lumbering sack of potatoes. Now that you can only get it level 40 and it’s faster, hopefully it will also sound better. What I do like though — that strumming sound you get when you gain an achievement.

    Reminds me though, one thing I’m not a fan of about some MMOs (Rift is one of them) is combat music. I don’t need a roll of drums and scary thunderous strings and horns to get me riled up every time I get into a fight, I can manage just fine thanks. Thankfully, I think you can turn that off.

    Otherwise, I love the music and zone themes in the game, especially for Meridian. I pretty much love anything Inon Zur composes, especially his work on Dragon Age.

    • I’m betting they didn’t change a thing with the mechanical steed, otherwise my rhino thingy wouldn’t sound so god awful.

      their achievement sound is my favourite rift sound i guess. odd thing to have a favourite of.

      speaking of inon zur, did you notice, that in some places on the wounded coast, when there isn’t any action in dragon age 2, there is a distinct melody that (possibly just to me) is very similar to a mass effect melody? It doesn’t play all the time but when I heard it I was like ‘Shepard!’

      • Really? I gotta listen to it more closely. The edition I got came with the digital soundtrack, so that’s convenient. The travesty is not having the ME soundtrack >_< But I know which Shepard melody you are talking about.

      • Oh, and I was thinking the steed might sound better because it was faster. In beta, it sounded like “CLUNK-CLUNK-CLUNK-CLUNK”…but faster, I’m hoping it would sound more “Cloppity-clop-clop”…er, if you know what I mean. I know I overthink shit like this 😛

        • If there is a mount with better sound effects, i hope to get it. Maybe i’ll ask in chat some time if anyone knows.

          keep in mind about the ME melody, i have no idea what it’s associated with. haven’t played ME or ME2 lately. i think it plays during lulls in action in all 3 games, but i’m not sure.

  3. I need guess what zones you played until now…

    Each zone have a diferent music, a diferent theme, a diferent flavour.

    You need just make a trip to Moonshae and to Stilmoor…

    • It’s not about one particular zone or just the music.

  4. I find i’m always looking over my shoulder when i hear the sound of an agro-ed monster, when actually its just closeby and not chasing me. THATS a bit annoying

    • this is definitely one of the dozen other things I could have mentioned. Aggro’d mobs throwing their voices or even unaggro’d mobs like I could have mentioned random mob noises that sound like they’re right beside you but off in the distance.

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