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The Star Wars: The Old Republic team is great about releasing videos. They’re fun, have great music, choice dialogue, and really showcase the game. Today they released a video showing armour progression for the Jedi Knight.

You’d think after so many videos I’d lose interest. No.

At first I was not impressed, but expected as much. A boring low level set of armour and sword. The armour gets upgraded to something that doesn’t particularly suit me and the blade improves to an actual blue lightsaber. Which I did like, but everyone has their own personal wish for the colour of their Lightsaber, and blue is not mine.

Some nice action scenes are followed by upgrading to the guardian armour. This is a direct nod to Obi-wan’s gear in Revenge Of The Sith. It caused controversy and probably continues to cause controversy because, well, Jedi previously weren’t seen as the type to need, require, or use that kind of armour in any way.

I’m not sure if it bothers me that they hew so closely to that design. Does anyone like it? I’m not sure I dislike it.

The guardian armour then gets upgraded to some fairly spiffy looking armour. It looks odd but at the same time kind of cool. It’s nothing I’d ever expect to see a Jedi in, but it is well designed.

After the following action scene, they switch to sentinel armour, and that is where I start to get really interested. I love the following two designs. The first is very white mage looking. Something out of a more fantasy setting. Classy even. I thought the 2nd was just the opposite. Thievish. Rogue. Love it.

Plenty of other things to ogle of course, I love the design of the droids, the skills, the animations, did that guy fall over a railing? How often can I make stuff fall over cliffsides instead of dropping to the ground and fading away?

I say this too often, but SWTOR could have had a 2 class game with everyone going light side or dark side force user. They’ve really broadened the choices available for players, but I think this video shows its not at the expense of Jedi.



  1. I’m trying to look at the “Obi-Wan” armor as an homage to the Knights Templar, which were essentially monks in plate mail.

    Have to say, still not planning on rolling a Jedi Knight at any time during the course of playing that game. The only Republic side class that has any appeal to me at all is the Trooper actually, although I can at least consider the possibility of playing a Councilor for the story.

    • there are plenty of classes i want to play, trooper being the least among them. but hey, to each their own.

  2. My Jedi Knight was wearing the “Obi-Wan” armor in the demo I played…and that was around level 32 or so. On the Guardian it makes a lot more sense in the context of the game, so there’s that at least! I just adore that white outfit on the Sentinel in the video though, wearing that will actually make me feel quite “knightly” I think.

    I thought I’d have little interest in the Trooper, but I do actually, after seeing their class trailer. Damn, Jennifer Hale is such a talented voice actress. I always play female characters, so playing my trooper voiced by her? Awesome.

    • Yeah i thought both sentinel sets were really well done. I’m sure the other two sets will appeal to someone but not me.

      I have interest in pretty much every class, its just that the trooper is last, unfortunately.

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