Dragon Age 2: Electric Boogaloo

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I never start out liking Bioware games. I think they’re more complicated than that. In the beginning they feel like I’m adventuring with a bunch of strangers, or worse. Within the first few hours of playing any of their games I don’t feel compelled to come back if I log out.

I think the first Bioware game I played was Knights Of The Old Republic. What compelled me to come back then was the fact that there were OMGZ JEDI, and I wanted to be one. Am I a jedi? No, but I want to be one.

It wasn’t long after the initial play periods of KOTOR (and if you haven’t played KOTOR you are a loser who should go play KOTOR and kick in the face of anyone who tries to tell you about the story) that I noticed I was feeling compelled to go back to the game. Not because of Jedi, but because the story was great, and most of all I think, I had gotten to know my companions.

Mission, Carth, Bastila, Canderous, HK-47. They all had interesting personalities, stories, and were extremely well voice acted. My god Mission was cute.

I guess that’s what I’m trying to say about Dragon Age 2.

It departs heavily from Dragon Age: Origins which I liked a lot. Bioware must be thinking that making Dragon Age into a more Mass Effect style game is their cash money ticket, so they’ve focused on one specific character, Hawke. Whether or not that is the right move is a whole other post. In any case this is starting things out on a really bad footing for me. I would have preferred to start off with my character from Origins.

I didn’t particularly like the opening either. Just dumped in a fight with darkspawn with little to no explanation. The cutscenes aren’t even of you, just two other people talking about you. I think it distanced me from my own character.

Reliably though, I began to enjoy the company of my group. I like Merrill, because she is absolutely hilarious. No matter who she is interacting with, she is entertaining. Whether it be naive questions or even boldly poking fun at someone else.

Varric is fun to talk to, Isabella is super hot. I haven’t gotten to know the other companions all that well yet. I feel like I know who they are but they don’t entertain me yet.

They don’t entertain me, but the other 3 do, and so I am beginning to enjoy Dragon Age 2. There are a few things I don’t like, a couple of quibbles here and there. I can’t say everything is perfect, but hey, I’m just going to enjoy the ride. Take in the story. That is what Bioware games are about.



  1. The quests are mind-numbingly simple, but the fascinating companions make up for this defect. Merrill is a real riot and Fenris is a cutie pie, but hates my version of Hawke because she is a mage. Tear. I’m not as enthralled in it as I was while playing DA:O, but it’s not too awful.

    • some quests are beyond simple. find a random object, return to owner, receive reward, is so disappointing.

      still it’s bioware so i’m genuinely satisfied so far.

  2. They made some really gutsy changes for the direction they want to take DA2, that’s for sure. For me (and a lot of others I’ve seen so far), things were really, really meh for me at the beginning. I think it was somewhere in Act 2 where things finally made me go, holy shit, this is getting good!

    I loved Merrill too and was looking forward to making her my BFF…but then things sort of turned south when I didn’t agree with some of her views. Aveline was a huge surprise though…I didn’t really like her at the beginning (her husband was talking about taking my sister!) but in Act 2 her companion quest really endeared me to her.

    • For me most bioware games are a bit meh in the beginning, i think DA2 just emphasized it a bit more.

      So much of their games revolve around their companions now.

      I have so much to say about the randomness of trying to keep your companions happy. its like there is no pattern to follow or you can only keep one companion happy, if you know what they’re about, for the whole game.

  3. “Am I a jedi? No, but I want to be one.”

    nice reference

    • thank you sir or madam.

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