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I was going to write a post criticizing people for being so negative all the time, but I’ve done that in the past. While it helped me vent, it only served to make me feel like a hypocrite, since in reality I’m kind of a negative person myself. Not to mention it only proved my fanboy qualities.

This is not a post for people who don’t follow Guild Wars 2 closely by the way.

Then I was going to write a post that took into account specific instances of peoples negativity and mock them. “You say you played the demo and since you saw one person unable to defeat a boss while by themselves, the game doesn’t scale properly and therefore sucks? That sounds reasonable!”

That isn’t fair though. Maybe you should be able to defeat a boss by yourself. Even during your first play session, within the first half hour. Maybe.

In any case I thought a more reasoned response to some of the more negative topics lately might help bring perspective.

With a little mocking. Just a little.

Going back to norn week, a lot of people had problems with the norn voices. We’ve since learned that the voices will be processed to sound more norn like, so that problem is a non-issue. I never had a problem with it, it’s not like Arenanet can set up a casting call in the Shiverpeaks to recruit better norn voice actors. Surprisingly, all voice work in Guild Wars 2 will be done by human beings.

I’d also point out that these are examples of background voice work. NPCs that you aren’t even supposed to interact with. They activate as you run by, to bring life and sound to the setting you’re in. These weren’t story NPCs, event NPCs, or otherwise. Just random citizens.

I’m not sure why there was just so much negativity directed at this.

Then there were the leaks, GameTrailers releasing the thief early (perhaps on purpose) and the Embark Beach leaks. It’s fair to be disappointed in this situation I suppose. Ryan more than others.

Arenanet received a lot of the criticism for the leaks however, and I think it’s a bit unfair. They have no mind control powers over the staff at GT or other sites. I even saw multiple suggestions that Arenanet change the way they do their publicity. Kind of a farcical suggestion.

“Guild Wars 2 is upwards of a 50 million dollar game, but I think we should focus on less people buying it, not more. In fact, lets avoid the same publicity methods that every studio in the industry uses. Is there a way we can do this with insanely inefficient methods?”

These sites, whether or not they’ve leaked things on purpose, are not evil masterminds. They are not sitting in their secret lair, wringing their hands together malevolently. They’re just people who make mistakes.

We would have known all about the thief, all about Embark Beach, within days. Kind of a bummer, I’ll give you that, but I’m not going to dwell on it.

Then you have people pointing out that human women look like norn women and vice versa. On the outside I can agree with that, to a point. I mean the decision on what norn look like was made before Guild Wars 2 began production. However I was watching the 10 minute video from PC Gamer and saw this. The video starts a few minutes in and shows a human and norn standing beside one another.

I feel like in the context of the game, it’s not going to be an issue. That norn woman’s hips are as wide as they can get Tasha/Tigerfeet.

I wish I were done at this point.

There is the name. Thief. People seem to be unhappy with it. I think with time and the more people learn about the stealing mechanic, the less negativity we’ll see about it. Unfortunately you get one very well read blogger saying the name doesn’t make any sense and suddenly everybody thinks thief as a name sucks. Shouting “The name thief sucks!” on an mmorpg blog is like shouting “fire!” in a crowded theater.

Some people have an issue with the crafting. Hell, even I kind of wish recipes were a drop, instead of the announced discovery system. I read a couple blog posts by a prominent blogger (I read a lot of blogs and none of the mentioned bloggers are the same) recently and it just made me want to stop reading him. The snide tone, the arrogant suggestions, the shallow research.

What bothered me most was that apparently he’s never played Minecraft. Every resource, every recipe, everything is available to everyone. You can guess at the simple recipes in your crafting menu, or just simply use the wiki. A lot of people will tell you it’s one of the best crafting systems they’ve ever used.

I like the idea of drops because it gives me one more rare things to have in my possession. I can brag about it, or sell it on the auction house.

Will discovery work for Guild Wars 2? I don’t know. I guess I just don’t have the pompous self assurance and years of high readership to declare something works or doesn’t work before I’ve ever tried it.

In the end, yes, I’m a fanboy defending my game, but I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. I don’t think the negativity directed at Arenanet and Guild Wars 2 is necessarily on the fair side of things. Most of all I don’t think we should judge a game before its out.



  1. There’s so much positive negativity in this post.

    • i thought it was negative positivity personally

  2. Dont worry Hunter, they said they’re going to make a game better than GW. Those negatives are still going to buy the game, watch em looking on from the sides saving their money for when it comes out early next year. Looking and talking about GW2, almost as if they cared, sort of like they’re going to play it.

    • Yes, the only unfortunate part is i will have long forgotten some of the more irritating gripes by the time they start backpedaling.

  3. You know, it’s funny because last weekend at PAX I was seeing so much negativity directed at SWTOR with all the critics and trolls coming out of the woodwork. I figure, eh, that’s what happens with all upcoming games.

    But then I was like, hey, seems like ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2 have been making out pretty well in this department, I mostly see positivity when I look around for discussions of GW2. Reading this post, I suppose I was wrong, or just looking in the wrong places. Sigh…I guess it’s something no one can escape.

    • there is always an inevitable backlash. its unfortunate. i think you not finding negative stuff just means you’re smarter about who you read.

  4. So ArenaNet agrees with those of us wanting a bit more vocal difference between the Norn and Humans? 😉

    Next complaint to work on, why the male (I think they’re male) Asurans all seem to have rockabilly hairstyles!

    • I don’t know if they agree or not. the npc vocals from the blog post didn’t sound all that different from the vocals in the demo if you ask me.

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