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Guild Wars 2 Guru, the main forums that Arenanet pays attention to and sends their goons (:P) to intimidate, is kind of a mixed bag at times. You really have to sift through the place to find the threads that are gems.

One of those threads for quite some time now has been the GW2 art update thread. Dedicated contributors, monitoring various concept art websites, updating the thread whenever they come across Guild Wars 2 art.

And then I post about it.

Of course I haven’t since January I think, but now is a good time since there is quite a few new images.

For instance check out this pair of sylvari.

Originally two seperate images, I've combined them.

Very elegant, and the robes are suggestive of feathers. My first thought was mesmers, but perhaps, as someone suggested in the thread, they are Nightmare Court? Richard Anderson.

Daniel Dociu is one of the most well known concept artists in the business. Here’s one of his latest.

Yes, that is a ship in front of it.

What were Jade Armours if not golems? I wonder if we'll see any.

It would be hard to choose amongst Richard Anderson’s art. He has many stunning pieces. Some people prefer the golems above, but I prefer the downpour of arrows below. Tons of relatively new stuff at his website as well.

What was that one Chinese movie with Jet Li and tons of arrows?

And then there is Levi Hopkins who I’ve also posted a lot of art from. The below image is titled Abandoned Ogre Again. Perhaps they weren’t satisfied with his first version, or perhaps he did more than one. In any case it seems to be a reference to the Jotun perhaps? We did hear that they had a civilization that has slowly died and made them more tribal.

Just the sort of thing I want to find in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, 3 great artists that work for Arenanet. Be sure to check out their sites for more eye candy.


  1. The hail of arrows is from Hero.

    Also, I’m all for the mesmer idea…I like the idea of them using swords.

    • Yeah I hope mesmers get to melee, i really want them to break the rules.

  2. Id say its time for more art videos with music in the background though that last one was already in a previoud video.

    • I’m pretty sure we’re in deep with demo footage. probably won’t be getting more concept art videos when we can look at the real thing.

  3. Oo… and, Richard Anderson and Kekai Kotaki won big in this year’s Spectrum Awards…

    • yeah i posted this a few hours before the anet blog post, but they win every year or something.

  4. The art work is breathtaking. The more I see the images the more I think I will give Guild wars2 a shot.

    • Just check out the demo footage, you’ll either be really impressed with the look or not. should decide for you.

      for me i think it looks a lot different than most MMOs.

  5. Kekai Kotaki’s “Riven Earth” really impressed me. I hope something like it actually makes it into the game, with lots of mist and thundering waterfalls. That would be something!

    • there were a lot of really impressive pieces, they aren’t just showing off when they say they have one of the best concept artist teams in the business.

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