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The thief was leaked early, so a few interviews about it came out last week. There’s still plenty to read on the subject in the pages of Kotaku, Guild Wars 2 Guru, Mondes Persistant, Twitter feeds, blogs, gablah, I’m just starting already.

We know each monster has it’s own list of possible items to steal, in Kotaku, we get an idea of more of those items.

Stealing a branch from a Treant gives him a giant club that can be swung hard to great effect. Stealing a seed from a plant may allow the Thief to grant his team a temporary buff.

We could see in the Steal skill video the thief taking a branch from the Oakheart, and walloping an ettin. These stolen skills are generally not to be underestimated.

A trivial note about their iteration process pops up in the same interview.

Peters tells me that Initiative was initially designed for the game’s heavily armored Guardian class, but once it was created the team realized it was perfect for the Thief class.

Pretty interesting to me to think about how the guardian would have worked had Initiative been developed for it instead of the thief.

So about those seeds you stole.

The helpful group buffs obtained by stole items slides him into the support role

Are stolen buffs going to be that powerful or only a slight help? Wish I could play and find out.

The next professions will be hard to pin down.

“We’ve gone from the most basic professions and gone into the stranger ones; the ones that break our rules,” says Eric Flannum. “We’ve got two more unannounced, and those are quite different in the way that they play.”

I can easily see how the mesmer might break the rules, as in Guild Wars it was the antithesis of a classic spellcaster. I can’t wait to see the implementation of it in Guild Wars 2. The 8th profession is still quite mysterious at this point. Interesting to see it grouped in here.

Games On Net also had a few things of note. It’s been a while since we heard about sylvari racial skills.

norn can call upon the spirit of Wurm which will give them a temporary stationary ranged pet. Other races bring other things to the table such as the sylvari who might hamper the movement of enemies, causing plants to twine around the legs of their opponents.

Now that we know a lot more about Guild Wars 2 I can more easily picture the roots binding the legs of opponents. For instance, the Oakheart roots that trap people. I haven’t seen the norn racial at work either, but I can imagine a similarity with the guardian spirit weapons.

Infinitesimally small PvP detail.

While what the thief steals in PvE is determined by the type of monster, in PvP it is determined by profession.

Steal almost seems like something you wouldn’t be able to use in PvP but by changing its mechanic to work by profession I imagine it will be easier to balance and pretty interesting.

An admission about difficulty level.

it is very true that the thief requires a somewhat higher degree of skill to play than some of the other professions. We did design certain professions to be easier to play than others although we never want this gap to be too significant. In particular the warrior, ranger and elementalist tend to be more straightforward to play than the other professions although even the “simple” professions have a lot of depth and nuance to them.

I suppose this is true in most games, but is it a mistake? What if someone is drawn to the harder classes but is turned off by the difficulty level? Wouldn’t an even playing field be a bit more inviting to new players? Just curious.

I really think one of the more undervalued (so far) features of Guild Wars 2 will be the trait system. The more I think about it the more I want to play around with it.

Yes, there are traits that will cause certain skills to cost less initiative.

Here is an example of some crafting.

as a weaponsmith I automatically know the recipes for turning copper and tin ore into bronze ingots and for taking green wood logs and turning them into soft wood planks. If I place copper ingots in the crafting window while at an anvil I can make a copper axehead and similarly if I take the green wood planks to a workbench I can make an axe haft. I don’t actually have a recipe for an axe but if I combine those two items then I will create a basic axe and the recipe will be stored in my recipe list. With further experimentation and by adding other ingredients I might be able to make a statistically better or different looking axe.

Sounds simple and basic enough, and as there is supposedly no grind, I don’t doubt swift progress can be made. I just hope there are no progress bars. Screw that nonsense.

As for the controversy surrounding the likelihood that most people will just look up recipes online, something that I myself have voiced.

We understand that this system of discovery can be circumvented by looking at the wiki but we treat this as we do any other spoiler information. For example the fact that a player could at anytime go spoil the end of their personal story by looking it up does not keep us from trying to create an exciting story that may have some twists in it.

It’s a good point but I’m not sure it convinces me. I think I’d honestly rather have recipes drop from monsters. It creates an economy around them and with the Auction House Marketplace, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get your hands on recipes if someone were worried about grinding for them. More loot is good loot right?

Mondes Persistant has more on the possible support role of the thief.

He could support his allies by using smoke screens, poison clouds and smoke powder, or he can dish out damage in melee with daggers, or at range with his pistols.

Plenty of support options appear to be popping up. Can’t wait to see a smoke screen. I wonder how much that hampers allies as well as enemies.

One thing I haven’t really touched on yet, as there has been little attention paid to it, is the ability of thieves to use traps.

While a ranger might have a spike trap that bleeds and cripples a thief has a shadow trap which cloaks him and teleports him to the traps location to ambush the victim.

This would be pretty surprising in PvP, but I doubt it’s usefulness in PvE. AI I’m sure would recover quickly.

Apparently the thief normally takes advantage of other peoples cross profession combos, but there are a few skills he can offer others.

However, he does have some skills like smoke screen and choking gas that other players can take advantage of by shooting projectiles through them.

Not sure how shooting through smoke would help. Is the thief going to give enemies smoke inhalation?

Here’s a bunch of skills like omg.

The two main hand thief skills are Body Shot, which applies the Vulnerability condition, and Leg Shot which applies the cripple condition. In his off-hand he has retreating shot which is an evasive shot that moves him away from enemies, and head shot which will daze his target. Additionally his slot 3 skill with pistol is determined by a combination of main hand and off-hand weapon. Two pistols create a rapid firing unload attack. A main hand dagger with pistol off-hand gives him a shadow shot which teleports him to and enemy and Blinds that enemy. A main hand pistol and off-hand dagger give him a skill called shadow strike which teleports him away from enemies before shooting them.

Lots of conditions to apply here, daze, vulnerability, cripple. Interesting that there is only really one massive damage ability explicitly outlined here, Unload, while the others seems to center around condtions or movement.

Along with interviews, both GuildMag and GWInsider had live tweet sessions going. I’ll try to embed their most interesting tweets.

Wow I hate the format of twitter. 140 characters, really? I want to know what they mean by rapid shooting.

I think that is actually a retext of something Ravious said, but I’m too lazy to go find it.

There is actually a screen shot in this post over at GW2Guru showing nothing much more than the exact words “aquatic weapon”.

Players drop loot. That’s interesting. Can’t wait to see it.

“They are young amd vital for many years” is how that would have ended. I hate tweetdecks ability to do that for people. I don’t want to go to another page to read half a sentence. Uhm… yeah. Something for the lore fans.

That sounds pretty decent. Voice acting is crazy expensive in extensively voiced games.

First we’ve heard of a sport activity I think. Although it may have been mentioned way back in relation to norn activities.

Haven’t seen the terms bronze, silver and gold participation used before. Is that juse the phrasing or is this an actual distinction?

This makes it sound as though they continue to increase in difficulty. Previously they’d said that after you’re done with the story, a harder dungeon version of an instance would be available.

Guild Wars 2 Guru had a community Q & A in which a few things were mentioned of note. Someone wondered whether personal storylines take you out of yoru racial areas much.

Your personal storyline takes you all over the game world and depending on what choices you make, it branches and goes through completely different paths in the world. So a charr’s storyline may take it into a norn area as part of its’ story. An example of one that goes the other way: in the norn personal story, along your biography you get a choice where you can say that you lost a duel to your rival as one of your options. And if you pick that storyline, later on in the game you find out that there is a great norn fighting tournament and all the races in the world have been invited. You find out that your rival is going to be at this tournament and you want to get in and get matched up against him so that you can defeat him in front of everyone. So you’ve got a qualifying tournament – you’ve got to fight your way into it – and one of the qualifying rounds is over in charr territory. You get to actually fight in the big charr fighting pit with charr all cheering on and watching the whole thing. So, we try to really mix it up. The asura and sylvari overlap a lot early in the game, the charr and the norn overlap a lot early in the game. The humans tend to be more solitary because they’re trapped by centaurs on all sides and bandits in their territories so they won’t get out to the other races as much. As the storyline progresses all of five of the races start to come together and they start to crisscross between each others’ territory a lot in the personal storyline.

So there are some pretty cool details about one part of the personal storyline for the charr. We hadn’t heard much about personal storylines outside of examples from humans until this point. Interesting to have the norn fighting tournaments still going on and charr participating in it along with other races.

Here’s what they have to say about what is in store for explorers.

You could jump up the side of a waterfall and go through the back of the waterfall and you might find something there that no other player has seen in two months of the game being out. And going in there, you might discover something that makes a dynamic event kick off and that moves off and starts to affect the world.

He goes on to outline that events mean that going back to the same area mean you end up seeing new things all the time.

Most of the interviews were linked from Guru2 of course, as well as some private blog posts. CVV Gamer has a post up which has a couple interesting comments in it like the following.

Their design was drawn up by Katy Hargrove, who based the design off many different sources including sharks (the teeth) and Stewie Griffin.

I’ve actually been wondering lately about that. And this.

Some more tidbits include how the immensely popular reaction to the Kodan blog post has lead to more blog posts being constructed about other races; I believe the Grawl are the next one to be posted.

Sort of called that, but it was my belief they had this planned all along.

This dude over at GW2Guru went into extreme nerd mode, bullet pointing a bunch of details on the game and adding tons of screen shots. Ares take note.

# Any incline above 60 degrees cannot be climbed.
# Underwater caves are great shortcuts to other places rather than walking there.
# There is a high-level (50’s) Volcano area.
# There is no breath/oxygen meter. You can stay underwater forever.
# Durmand Priory is Beacon’s Perch.
# The developers stated that if there were mounts in the game that they would be Dragons.
# The demo at PAX East was approximately 9.8GB in size.

The screenshots are extensive, and for the most part well done. Lots of map shots. Fair bit of norn areas and some Kryta. I love that they have apparently ditched the consumable for underwater. My friends interpret the above mount comment to mean that there will be no mounts, and I admit it suggests they aren’t working on mounts. It would be cool to ride around on tame dragon creatures like Drakes, Icebrood dragon spawn of some sort, or other types of dragons.

I guess I will have more tomorrow since there are about a half dozen videos that look like they have promise. Not to mention all the information that hasn’t been posted yet, or buried in some forum somewhere.



  1. Personally I read the part about mounts as being a little tongue-in-cheek.

    • Well yes. but i refuse to give up hope!

  2. I finally finished wading through the PAX thread over on Guru2. I’m frankly tired of seeing thief and guardian content. Yes, they’re the new professions, but there was a lot of new stuff from the other 4 professions available that I haven’t heard much about. I saw a video of a warrior using a greatsword, which was decent. I also saw a decently played ranger who, for some reason decided he didn’t need a pet.

    What I haven’t seen is a decent ele or necro video showing off air attunement and staff skills respectively. Hopefully some of that will surface this week and we will see the wiki updated once people return home.

    One really cool thing about the videos was finally getting to put faces to names. We’ve seen Saber Wolf of course, but it was nice to see Ravious, Malchior, and Izari. I’m almost inspired to post my ugly mug on my blog. Almost.

    • yeah there was a lot of photos from pax, not just gw2 related.

      Haven’t looked through all the videos yet. a bit overwhelming.

  3. I’ve seen videos of events with the different gold and silver rewards when they finish. They pop up along the top right of the screen.

    Will be interesting to see what kind of economy GW2 ends up having. I make quite a bit of money from recipes/designs that drop off mobs in Aion (after keeping one of each for my characters), but that won’t be an option. Will people that discover really good ones in GW2 keep them to themselves?

    One thing I’ve learned from both RoM and Aion is that people aren’t too smart when it comes to an AH. I make large amounts of money by not only buying and reselling things for a profit, but also market manipulation of crafting & daily quest materials. If gathering mats and crafting are too easy, there will be no market at all for such things.

    Exploring (my favorite activity) should be great fun in GW2! Not needing a consumable for underwater exploration is nice to hear.

    • i make quite a lot of money in rift as well, just selling everything i come into contact with. no matter how easy it is to get.

  4. […] and stuffing myself on all of the new knowledge  from PAX, I must say, I’m exhausted. While Hunter and Nicholas and others continue to analyze the information from PAX, I am content to wait for […]

  5. After looking at the maps I started thinking, have they already reserved/blocked some spots for futur content.(I think so)

    • I’m not sure what specifically you’re talking about. mostly all i saw was fogged over maps, and areas that clearly had stuff in them.

      • I mean its just so big, I was just thinking about the far-flong futur where the elder dragons are defeated and asked myself ‘what to do now’, it just seems like even when the game is released there will already be doing work on expansions and what-not.(NOTE: this is theory)

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