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I try not to think of myself as someone who just reposts whatever Arenanet puts on their blog, but hey, that’s pretty much their main source of information as it stands. There are interviews of course and actual main Guild Wars 2 page updates but the only 2 regular sources of brand new information seems to be the blog and the Guild Wars 2 Guru Forums.

In any case, here are some character models of various thief and race combinations that Arenanet just posted on their blog.

If dredge are moles what are asura exactly?

Asuran hair I think is always going to bother me, but it is getting better. The level of detail in these models is so mind boggling, I wonder how close it’ll come once I can get the game on to my own PC and stare at it for hours.

The earrings on the asura are kind of hilarious, but I love the look of the armour. All seems to fit quite nicely with scale.

This reminds me of Zorro just a little bit.

Guild Wars had a system that dropped dyes, and some were more rare than others. To this day black is an expensive undertaking. That being not so in Guild Wars 2, I can’t imagine how many people will dye their thief armour black. These images are not helping.

The colour also makes it difficult to make out much detail in the armour but I have little to say anyway. Suffice it to say that most of the traditions of the assassin armour are gone, but you can still see touches of it here and there. It’s very leathery and very 2000-2010 Hollywood idea of superhero costumes, if you know what I mean. All shiny leather and black.

Strange to see so many white haired folk in games, while popular culture shuns the old.

As I’ve noted before the animation for Leaping Death Blossom is pretty fantastic, and this choice in screen shot is well done. I’m not much one for fashion but those pants are awesome, the tube top less so.

Anyway thanks for the images Arenanet, can’t wait to see more of the thief.



  1. It looks like armor in GW2 is going to pose a much larger problem for me than it did in GW1. In the first game I could pick out one set of armor that I really liked and just leave it at that (my oldest char still has his elite druid armor from 5 years ago). Very simple and straightforward.

    But it’s looking like I won’t be able to do that in the sequel…too many awesome armor sets/pieces. Not to mention all the shades and colors available to make the same pieces look totally different. I’m going to need a full on wardrobe in my characters home instance. No bag or zunlai chest yet made will be able to hold all the cloths I want.

    • Yeah its definitely seeming like the variety will be out of control. Can’t wait to start messing with my dyes on a regular basis.

      i’ve said before that i like the fact that even the seemingly low level armour looks good.

  2. I know this is a complaint that people are sooo tired off, but why does all the GW2 ladies (norn and human) have typical silicone breasts?
    They don’t have that in GW1. Well, not to the same extent anyways.

    And by silicone, what do I mean? Well, when a woman puts in implants that are too big, you get sort of a basketball under a plastic wrapper effect where you can clearly see where the plastic is lifted from the surface.
    And you get that weird shadow/light effect at the base of the breast, as is seen on the last picture here.

    So, in conclusion, I have nothing against big breasts, far from it, by why do they have to look so fake? They’re not even real to begin with…

    • I would be happy if they just didn’t showcase them as much.

      • These images are eye candy, they’re doing exactly what they’re meant to do, grab the eye of the passerby. Anet’s audience here is mostly male. I don’t worry one bit about in game being this revealing. I assure you my thief won’t be running around half nekkid.

        • admit it, you just want to look at big boobs and half naked pixels.

          • Yeah you caught me. :/

  3. I think asura are frog based…perhaps some sort of cave amphibian or lizard

    • that is an entirely different interpretation from me. oh well.

      • what do you think they are? mole related perhaps?

      • I thought they were related to bats.

        • i really have no idea at this point.

  4. You want to see more of the thief? IS there anything more to see?

    On a serious note, though, that Charr looks absolutely sick, and I wanted to play an Asura thief even before that first image came up. As for the Norn one, well, I’m pretty sure that would actually make sense for a thief to do in real life anyway. Their whole thing is about not getting hit, so trading in protection for agility and getting some distraction value in there seems totally in character.

    Also, Spirit Hime is totally right… There’s a lot of talk on the forums right now assuming all armor is going to be as revealing as the images their putting up to catch people’s attention, and I really doubt that’s the case.

    • pretty sure the last one is human female. in all honesty ‘distraction value’ doesn’t work for me. you’re in a fight to the death, boobs don’t matter. especially when you’re fighting drakes.

      I doubt it as well, but still. its a tube top.

      • I’ve owned tube tops, and that my friends, is not a tube top. It looks pretty secure and more structured like a corset, just less of it. I’m all about suspending disbelief for the sake of fashion. It just looks cool.

        Honestly, I expected people to complain less about how revealing it was and more about how modern it looks.

        • for comedy’s sake, i’ve termed it a tube top, but you’re right its more of a corset. and while i think it may be fashionable, it’s also pretty trashy a shiney leather corset barely containing boobs. way to get those 14 year olds to buy the game guys.

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