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I like an authorial voice. A strong narrative that sets a tone. I blabber on and on about it when it comes to Star Wars: The Old Republic. They’ve got narrative up the wazoo.

The majority of other MMOs have no story to speak of.

Every single class video that has come out has defined just what that class is. The Bounty Hunter video is no different. He is a mercenary for hire who doesn’t care about justice or laws. The only thing he wants is to collect that bounty. The writing sets it up, the voice work sells it.

The point I’m trying to get at is, I think everyone is underestimating how innovative it is to have a strong story in an MMO. I think Rift doesn’t really even have a narrative, not in the way I’m thinking. There is a story, but, it is meandering and boring, told through quests and text. All while Rift is supposed to be some form of 3.0 MMO. Well not from where I’m standing. It’s still 2.0 if you ask me.

I probably won’t play a Bounty Hunter, at least not at first, but its interesting to note, because it is one of the cooler classes. As I’ve said before, Bioware is making a Star Wars game where the force using classes are some of the least interesting.

I was surprised to see that the BH ship, the D5 Mantis, didn’t really resemble Slave 1 at all. A lot of the previous ships had some form of similarity to ships we’ve seen before, but the shape and size of the D5 reminds me more of the Normandy than the Slave 1 and really, it resembles neither.

Not the sexiest ship I've ever seen.

I was also pleased to see references to the expanded universe. Kuat Drive Yards may never have been mentioned in the movies but it is a well known shipyard in the lore. I like they’re paying attention to those tiny details. I would love a little industrial espionage story involving Kuat and some other ship builder like SoroSuub Corporation or Rendili Hyperworks.



  1. Never thought of Rift as a 3.0 MMO, even as I was playing beta and enjoyed it. 2.1 or even a 2.7 or…you know what I mean. They took what worked and improved it, and so far it’s been a fun and enjoyable ride.

    SWTOR on the other hand, is going to be different in its narrative, absolutely. In Rift, you have a story, but it’s not really your story. There’s not really a choice and no consequences to speak of, not the way SWTOR is intended to be. I’m not dumping on Rift in any way, they’re just mean to be two different types of MMOs entirely.

    And maybe it’s the color of the ship, but the Mantis reminded me of Slave 1. Especially in how it sat at rest in the video, it looks like a more angular version of Boba Fett’s ship flying horizontally instead of vertically. And LOL I mentioned KDY in my post too, and had a thought to myself that they must have done pretty well for themselves, to be in existence even more than three thousand years later!

    • I think i was reading syncaine(?), and he said something along the lines of rift is 3.0! and i was just like, no, no it’s not.

      if swtor turns out to be anything like other bioware games, it will be more story than mmo and in this case I think thats a good thing.

      can’t disagree more about the mantis resembling slavi 1.

  2. I was thinking that if both the bounty hunter and smuggler have enough activities that are class specific to enjoy, many people might play the game just for them, regardless if they are a Star Wars fan or not. The way some people play EQ2 just to craft. If you can ‘live’ as the class, as opposed to them just being a variation of other classes with different stories but not having different enough things to do from other classes when all is said and done.

    I haven’t paid very close attention to the specifics so don’t know if there will be an ongoing bounty system or if you could spend your time smuggling goods all over the place and such? But that would be neat if so.

    • specific storylines for specific classes might be asking too much but i’m thinking at the very least people will be playing the opposite faction more often than in other mmos because the story is bound to be compelling.

      i wouldn’t bother in rift if i didn’t have so many different people to keep in contact with.

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