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So I was actually playing video games, silly me, when this PCGamer video showing off the music and combat of Guild Wars 2 came out. The battles rage with skill effects going off constantly, a barrage of colours and movement.

I’ll probably have more to say about it tomorrow, but for now check out this video. It’s about 10 minutes, and shows off one difficult to kill charr boss in white towards the end.

So many videos being released it’s hard to keep up. Gamespot released a pair of videos, one slightly mis-titled. It’s called shape-Shifting Thief Gameplay Movie, but the anthropomorphic norn forms that take on the shape of half norn half snow leopard, bear, raven and wolf are not present. What we see is an early dynamic event that the shrine of the snow leopard gives out, magically turning you into a snow leopard. Anyway you can check those out at gamespot since they won’t embed.

IGN also had some videos with some information that I’ll probably put in tomorrows short form QFT post. Here are some youtube versions of their stuff. Essentially each video concentrates on what weapon their using. Guns, then daggers

And yeah. I’m sure I’ll have something to say about all these videos. Even though I’m kind of busy. So much to write about.



  1. Looks awesome….but i don’t really like the charr boss battle (don’t get me wrong i like log boss battles but this one just stands there and takes the blows for 8 minutes, he doesn’t even look cool). Well i did notice that people keep dying but it still looks pretty boring. Actually all the enemies have a lot of hp and it takes a lot of blows to kill them. And finally i hate how the bigger monsters turn around, they just turn in a flash, looks awful (although it’s still pre-alpha and they’ll probably fix that…I hope).

    But hey! What am I complaining about, It’s ANet, I trust them, I’m still buying it and it still looks awesome.

    • i admit the boss just stands there but i’m sure it will be more complicated than that and I think he looks cool, personally.

  2. Wow 10 minutes of gameplay. Most of that looked kinda mini-raid-ish against that white charr who I think they spawned and killed multiple times.

    Only a couple things that bothered me. I didn’t like watching people draw arrows from an empty back. I assume they’ll be a quiver there as the game progresses.

    Despite the presence of warriors, guardians and thieves almost no part of that charr fight had any melee combat at all. I don’t know if this is because it draws aggro or because of some ability he had but I am very strongly against fight mechanics that disallow a major combat method entirely.

    Was that sort of gameplay common in guild wars 1? Do you think they’d actually institute something like that here? I strongly disapprove if so.

    Finally, watching people get downed so frequently and then just rezzed up to continue to fight seems almost like game-sanctioned zergging. That’s not so bad for PUG dynamic events so I’m not super worried about it… but if that is how raiding and more coordinated later group play works I’d be upset.

    • As to the shorter videos. The sword video was quite boring, not a fun creature to watch being fought but I’m sure swords are fine.

      Aside from that I liked the dagger video, very fun to watch. The bow looked like a ton of fun to play with, I loved the ability that allowed the charr to shoot himself to a different location. Some sort of shadow step I think.

      The guns video was semi-disappointing. Looked like the entirely play-style revolves around kiting. I had a druid in Everquest back in ’99, I’ve done kiting.

    • I doubt we’ll see quivers actually, but we’ll see.

      That form of gameplay, barring melee from a fight did happen on occasion. Usually its centered on one person because they have a hex on them that does damage whenever they do physical damage. It’s called empathy and only requires hex removal or waiting until the hex is up.

      I’m sure dungeons will be balanced so that the res ability is fun to have with you, and not otherwise.

  3. the 10 mins combat video put me to sleep.
    it’s not like the combat is boring or uninteresting. Maybe the no SFX just got to me. Or maybe it’s the asuran cameraman angle. or maybe both :P.

    for the thief Demos are okay tho not many cool moves. At least it’s good to see those skills at work. 🙂

    • a lot of people would say they love the music of guild wars 2 as i heard a few times last night.

  4. One thing to keep in mind with many of these videos is the players are not familiar with the professions and skills, forget they can dodge and run around as well as self-heal, and have little to no GW2 play experience, especially with mid-level areas. It is almost funny to watch someone run up to the battle and clearly stop to figure out what to do next, then get pummeled by a mob. The video from with Shawn Schuster getting totally dominated by the monsters springs to mind, and BTW, is how I shall always think of him from now on when listening to their podcast. 🙂

    I do agree that the monsters flipping around in place looked poor. Now I’m going to have to check in all the games I play to see if they all do that and I never noticed. I think we tend to nitpick stuff more in videos because we aren’t actually playing.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing minutes ago, watching some gamespot videos i haven’t linked yet from

      these are people who have literally only been playing for minutess in some cases.

  5. […] pieced together as fans act like archaeologists piecing together what was once whole from fragments offered by GDC ’11 videos. The thief seems pretty well understood being a very mobile, very dangerous, and very squishy class […]

  6. Ouch, how underwhelming.
    I’m glad the spike meta of GW1 seems to be a thing of the past. But needing dozens of shots (w/o needing to reload your gun! Future technology ftw!) to kill an enemy is … bad.
    And ANet is so proud of the interactions you can have with the world. And then there is a fight going on next to two deer – and they don’t care, don’t run, don’t nothing. O.o

    • I’m sorry if you’re looking for one shot kills, i don’t know any MMOs that allow that. Or any game at all where the local wildlife reacts to something going on close by.

      Seems like small quibbles compared to what we’re being offered.

      • One hit kills? My goodness, that would be worse than the spike meta in GW1. I’m *happy* that there is no such thing. But GW2 looks like the other extreme at the moment.
        Some RTS have the local wildlife as potential food supply. And ANet boasts with interactions with the environment.

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