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That's me on Faeblight. I also have characters on Byriel and Shatterbone.

The first thing I would have done in Rift is get you into… well, a rift. Forget Kill Ten Rats quests, I would have used a rift to get people used to the combat and mechanics of the game. If your whole game is built on the infrastructure of rifts, then there isn’t any reason to hold back.

Balls out, don’t hold back.

Instead I’m doing some mundane kill ten rats quest that remind me of my time in Warhammer. It’s an okay way to indoctrinate new players into playing the game but there are certainly no chances taken.

I thought the art and lore surrounding the beginning areas was well done. Certainly the defiant apocalyptic experience is different. Its great to see anything that isn’t a standard stereotypical fantasy trope.

I’ve played through that starter area twice now, and I have to say, that’s going to get really old really fast. I don’t want to do it again any time soon.

I see exactly what everyone was talking about now. That guy from Massively is not crazy, he was dead on the mark about how mind-numbing the early questing can be. The first few hours are boring, but wait until you get to the rifts.

It can be pretty exciting. A rift spontaneously opened over me while I was doing some lame quest. I had to abandon it and run for my life. A few seconds later a group of about a half dozen mobs poured out and ran out in the same direction I was going. I looked ahead to see an even bigger mob, but it turns out it was a few groups of players about to take the zones rifts down. I joined up and got some rewards. Fairly simple.

The problem was after I had raided with that group for a while, I left, and went back to the same spot to finish up the quest. And a rift opened. Above my head. Again. I find it frustrating when I can’t even complete one lame quest.

All in all, I don’t have any fantastically new opinions about Rift. It’s everything I heard it was. Fun enough but not a life long love affair. For me the experience was similar to Warhammer but better. But Warhammer didn’t get my juices flowing at all, so it’s not really saying much.



  1. I really wish there was a way to skip the tutorial, like after you have at least one character past it or something. Because you’re right, the first 6 levels before you get into the big wide world are mind numbing and even more so if you have to do it multiple times.

    • I guess it’s inevitable that games will have content that you have to repeat, but why when you have built your games on rifts, you would make people do KTR quests instead… I just don’t know.

  2. You’ll have to keep us updated on your adventures. Everyone else is so positive but after I started the Beta events and was bored to tears with the starting areas i never gave the game a second look. Now i’m really interested in why everyone seems to love this game.

    • Well the rifts I have noticed can be pretty fun. They’re so far a little too random for my tastes, and they don’t often come in any form other than waves of enemies, but i’m only level 10 on my most experienced character, so yeah. i’ll keep up the posts.

  3. Fun enough but not a life long love affair. That sums my 1-16/18 experience pretty well and was why I was really only in the game in order to play with people. Somewhere around 16+ though it clicked for me.

    • well we’ll see. So far it is straight up just another game with rifts. even the soul system does not impress me.

  4. It’s a tough one to really comment on, which is why I haven’t blogged about it recently. I keep saying I’m having fun – and I am – but then bits of GW2 news comes out and I remember this is really only a placeholder. It just can’t compete in my mind.

    • I’m having more fun watching videos of the thief than actually playing rift. So yeah.

  5. you sound much more eager for GW2 (which is good, b/c i like your entries), what server are you on for Rift?

    • i’m on shatterbone, byriel and faeblight. splitting my time, so it means i have 3 low level chars.

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