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There is a lot of information coming out about Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 lately. Guild Wars just had a big update and while it doesn’t necessarily have actual new content, there are new rewards for old content, pressuring me into doing things I previously was uninterested in.

Guild Wars 2 had GameTrailers jump the gun and release some demo videos early, and in fairness Arenanet allowed other sites to start revealing what they have.

All that while I’m trying to play rift, and Dragon Age 2 comes out on the 8th I think.

To put all this information about the Thief into a more structured and less overwhelming format, I figured I’d just go with some bullet points.  I’ll just try to cover the Massively videos and the GameTrailer videos in this post.   It’s hard to say where to start so I’m just going with what comes to mind.

A city made from the washed ashore wrecks of massive ships. Lion's Arch.

  • To start with, Massively has two demo videos, but the 2nd shows some outside vistas of Lion’s Arch. It looks huge, wonderful, and I’m aching to see more of it. The scale looks tremendous.
  • Shawn from Massively getting his butt kicked in the first Massively video is kind of hilarious.
  • Each time they demonstrate shadowstep they move up to the target, then teleport.  Kind of defeats the purpose no?
  • Unload, Roll For Initiative, and Leaping Death Blossom are all pretty cool skills.  I like how Arenanet is putting so much effort into making skills more than just standing there and striking in the same way each time.  I could hit 3 different skills in Rift and get the same animation, but that doesn’t appear to be the case so far in Guild Wars 2.
  • Further, Unload is just so action movie badass.  And backflipping over your opponent and damaging them in the process is just so unlike most MMOs that I’m truly impressed.
  • The amount of movement necessary is crazy.  Rolling, flipping, dodging.  I admit it will be a challenging adjustment.
  • It seems you may have to jump to attack flying animals in some situations.  Cool.
  • I fully am impressed by the difference in tone between human and norn starting areas.  Most games mimic their opposing starting area, and there isn’t much difference in tone.  Rift has the defiants hate the guardians, and everything rests on you saving the past.  The guardians hate the defiants and everything rests on you in the future.  In Guild Wars 2 it’s more like they’re trying to set up base cultural differences.
  • Not to keep comparing to Rift, but I’m going to, but their cinematic is maybe a minute or so long.  It’s a well done CGI affair, nothing terrible about it although it hardly sets up the story.  Bare bones really.  The norn cinematic is something like 2 and a half minutes, something Arenanet can afford because they went with their more concept art approach.
  • Great weather effects.  A mist hovering over the forest floor?  Love it.  Day and night effects? Cool.
  • It seems in each starter area we are paired up with a hero from Destiny’s Edge.  Logan in the human area and now Eir in the norn.  Not difficult to see the others making appearances of course.
  • The wurm at the first norn dynamic event spews frost from its maw and it frosts up your camera.  I love that added touch.
  • The wurm has some pretty cool attacks, I love unique attacks on bosses.
  • Plenty of loading screens but I’ve never been annoyed by them.  In my opinion people complain about completely unimportant details too much.
  • I’m wondering if Ares has already updated his map site with new maps from the videos.
  • I hope the login screen is as clean and simple as what they’ve got for the demo.
  • As they say in the demo, stealth has a predator like look to it.  I wonder if thats what you see as an enemy in PvP.  They also say its not unlimited like other games.  Good to hear.
  • Wasn’t able to get a good screen shot of the thief actually stealing stuff.  Still not quite sure which buttons to push.  It is awesome though, and the amount of detail that the example they gave suggests is incredible.  Pulling feathers off a moa and throwing it back in the moas face as a blind/stun is just dumbfounding.  They you can steal from virtually any enemy, including players.
  • Moas don’t just have melee attacks, they have some form of breath attack that you can dodge out of.  I like that they aren’t just some simple, static, melee fighter.
  • Ascalon Settlement descendants still think its a temporary settlement?  That’s a lot of denial.
  • I’m not saying there aren’t progress bars in Guild Wars 2, but the differences with Rift to me are striking.  In Rift if i want to put out a fire, I get an item in my inventory, walk up to a fire, select the fire, select the item, wait for progress bar to finish.  In Guild Wars 2 I pick up a bucket, my skill set changes to a ‘use bucket of water’ skill, i use that skill on a fire.  MMO 2.0 vs MMO 3.0 if you ask me.
  • List of thief weapons is actually not all that long.  Sword, dagger, and pistol for main hand.  Dagger and pistol for off-hand.  Shortbow for both hands.
  • Love seeing the various villages.  They’re not just small camp quest hubs that you run into in virtually every game, they have buildings and people and roadways and it seems like they’re there for a living breathing reason.
  • The thief has a much shorter list of weapons than most professions.  It’s unclear whether you can dual wield swords too.  Not sure why they aren’t capable of wielding longbows or rifles, the assassin certainly would have been able.  Doesn’t really fit a thief though

Okay that’s all the randomness I can comment on for today.  Might start work on the latest QFT, which will focus on the gamespot and IGN articles.



  1. It was a real shame the Norn/Thief stuff was released early and on the same day as the GW1 huge update.

    I was expecting the Norn starting area to be snow… lots and lots of snow. I’m really tired of snow. Both because of EoTN and playing an Asmodian in Aion (lots of snow and blizzard type weather). Instead we get a cold northern style forest that isn’t just a normal area covered in snow. Maybe the trees all grew back after the dwarves left. Definitely will be rolling a Norn alt at some point, maybe a Guardian or Ranger.

    • Now that I think on it, last time I played LotRO was, yes, in the snow, with my dwarf. Too much snow in these games. 🙂

    • i too expected a lot more snow. i’m sure we’ll see a mix of things in any case. and it appears hoelbrak is in some foothills.

  2. “The Thief can equip any combination of guns, daggers, swords or a bow”

    Quoted from IGN, seems thief can use sword mainhand and offhand. Or at least, possibly.

    • yeah i saw that but for me it just confuses the issue until we see more. another site disputes it.

  3. “In Rift if i want to put out a fire, I get an item in my inventory, walk up to a fire, select the fire, select the item, wait for progress bar to finish. In Guild Wars 2 I pick up a bucket, my skill set changes to a ‘use bucket of water’ skill, i use that skill on a fire. MMO 2.0 vs MMO 3.0”

    This pretty much sums up my problem with RIFT.
    Played in the beta, was a very well put together game, but the whole time I’m thinking ‘I wish I was playing GW2’

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