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GameTrailers made a mistake. One wonders how in this day and age of constant press embargoes and NDAs that they made such an egregious error (every single video, interview, or reveal has a specified release date these days) but let us not dwell on it.

Our benevolent overlords Arenanet have generously decided to drop the press embargo against the thief. All hail our gracious masters!

I managed to find the original GameTrailer videos on youtube.

The first video is essentially norn character creation. We’ve seen a lot of character creation previously and aside from the racial differences there isn’t anything new. It’s cool to see what you can choose as norn, but what is more interesting is how those choices play out in your introductory cinematic. The voice acting is solid, if somewhat more calm than what I expect from a norn. The art, as usual, is impressive and wonderful to stare at. I really like the Guild Wars 2 intro scenes.

The second video is about the norn starting area. You appear within sight of the amazing mountaintop carvings that I’ve shown off a few times in other posts. Where the human area plunks you down in the middle of an attack though, the norn area sends you off on an adventure. A very interesting tonal difference.

Since they choose to start off as guardian, you get a quick rundown of the class. Theres information about combat, dynamic events, and other information not related to the thief.

The third video is our introduction to the thief. It runs through the unique mechanic, various abilities, skills, and feel of the character. This is the one everybody wants to see. There is some pretty clever game design going on here.

The fourth video focuses on a dynamic event, cross profession combos, downed state, and basic gameplay. They’re really trying to cover a lot of ground in these 4 videos.

I’ll have more to say about the thief tonight or probably tomorrow. This will have to do for now.



  1. thanks for posting them

  2. i think its just THAT specific norn video that is so calm, they did choose cunning and snow leopard for that character’s personal story, i wonder if its different per choice. and now that i think about it, perhaps it still should have been more fierce since they chose ferocity as the initial personality. But speculation means nothing in the end i think. lol

    • its possible the norn are more fierce with their words, but typically i didn’t see that in other cut scenes either.

  3. Is it just me or did anyone get motion sick watching the Theif? The more visceral combat needs to come without making me motion sick, or having to jump about all the time. Imagine PVP! Sure you can jump now, but don’t make me jump around while spinning and moving my camera around – spew!
    There are already a lot of people worried about this combat stuff, the rolling around was bad enough.
    I am a little worried about this bit of it, everything else is going to be cool, lets hope there can be more calm and viable longer range groupings possible (NOTE: not characters but groups). I cant watch a theif for very long…

    • honestly i’m not worried about it all, i’m looking forward to jumping and rolling around.

  4. I liked pretty much everything I saw, though the gameplay for the thief didn’t look as interesting as that of the elementalist, neither of which classes I plan to play.

    That said, I thought the demo staff did really a poor job. The speaker spent more time tripping over his words than saying them, they obviously had the wurm fight scaled incorrectly and the person playing the thief character was just terrible at it. Either that or they had her fighting over-challenging opponents.

    I just thought the effort that went into the video presentation was very poor and I hope that doesn’t translate into aspects of the game. This wouldn’t worry me overmuch but it’s the first video I’ve seen from the Guild Wars 2 team that I felt was poorly done, kind of a letdown.

    • To be fair to the person actually playing, I think she was waiting for cues from the speaker a good portion of the time, to demonstrate what he wanted.

    • Yeah, pretty much what Yarr said before me. Also, check out the Massively demo, it was a bit better than this one. Dude didn’t have to explain as much, and the giant wurm fight actually lasted longer than 10 seconds.

    • it was probably one of their first run throughs of the demo, lets not jump all over someone just because they didn’t necessarily do a great job one time.

      The important part is i think they covered a lot of ground in the thief demo and we saw a lot of new stuff.

      • I didn’t realize they ran multiple demos, I thought it was just one officially recorded one. If that was just one of many it makes me feel much better… when I was thinking it was a production demo I wasn’t very pleased at all.

  5. Welp, looks like I found my alt. So much for the ele, although I’ll probably still make one.

    • i still haven’t decided on a profession. not sure what i’m going to do.

  6. as someone who plans to play a norn guardian (however it will be male) I was a little disappointed to not see as much of the different aspects of the guardian gameplay, particularly wards and spirit weapons. I know its due to 2 reasons: 1) Limited time and trying to cover the norn intro at the same time and 2) they were in a low level area with limited skills available.

    So i understand, but in the meanwhile ill have to wait til PAX East to go by for gameplay videos of the norn to pop up on youtube, hopefully in higher level areas where more is available to the player to get a true feel of the profession.

    • Yeah theres not much they can do about starting at level 1 and there is something to be said for not showing your entire hand before the game is launched.

  7. How about literaly rolling some d-6’s and d-8’s, after my Human/Guardian I’m pretty-much set on writing all the choices on paper and add some numbers and start rolling.=D

    • hey d&d does have its strong points. perhaps rolling dice isn’t one of them but i like it.

      • I did not mean it in a bad way, its just like you said, ‘So many choices’ and we don’t even have the whole game yet, it just gives me this energy of ‘I can’t wait’.=)

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