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Oh I can't wait to join the thieves guild.

In defiance of an embargo until next week GameTrailers released some Thief videos, the 6th class of Guild Wars 2. As of right now those videos have been taken down but for the most part the cat is out of the bag. Plenty of details were revealed in the videos.

I’ll refrain from talking about it until the actual release date, but there are things I can talk about.

In a recent post I suggested something big was coming at PAX East. I’m glad that my ‘incredibly obvious to everyone’ prediction came true. Yay. The hint in the Eurogamer interview from January also means we can put more faith in those little comments they seem to make at times.

One thing that surprised me is the switch from assassin to thief. I was never convinced a name change was inevitable, although I admitted it was possible. Thief is certainly more classic fantasy and therefore falls into some of the other changes Guild Wars 2 is making. No secondaries, a more classic attribute system, and now thief.

Very little else I can get into without talking about next weeks details, but I felt that at the very least there was no point in just ignoring the whole affair.

Edit: Looks like the NDA/Embargo is coming down, so I’ll have more to say later.



  1. I feel robbed. It would have been so epic to be at PAX and have them release the the thief while I was there.

    I hate the name thief too but I never saw the vids and I’ve heard it works better with the mechanics so.
    I’ll see next week. 😀

    • Well otherwise putting in a skill that specifically takes enemy weapons wouldnt make as much sense. Im excited to see what kinds of things different enemies/bosses have that you can use.

      • that mechanic alone makes the gw2 thief so much more interesting.

        • yeah and seriously makes me question my previous (and perhaps WAY too early) dedication to the guardian class, as i like both helping people, dealing damage and wearing heavy armor (which the guardian does the first and last the best in my opinion). im curious what kind of ace-in-the-hole this class will be

    • that’s a good point, from what i’ve seen so far thief does seem to fit the profession better. i’ll wait until i see more to reserve judgment.

  2. I agree, although I’m not sure how a GDC reveal could end up being a leak… seems like its more like a haphazard teaser reveal…seems like they should have figured it would happen..anyway, I think they changed the name to Tyria-ize a very canthan profession. Also, im glad they made a class that specifically took advantage of the dodge mechanic that anyone can use, although it wasnt a secret exactly.

    • from what i hear GT signed some form of NDA to not reveal that information. but i’m not exactly the primary source on that info.

  3. Well this basically confirms the mesmer (not that it wasn’t already obvious), given that there still is a new profession and a returning profession. The only other possibilities would be the dervish or ritualist, which I don’t think are plausible options. That 3rd adventurer is still a mystery!

    • Yeah, since before GoA where its specifically mentioned i’ve been convinced it would be there. that concept art piece with the mesmer like colors and armour pretty much sealed it for me.

    • im predicting a very rifle-wielding, gadget-using adventurer for the 3rd adventurer. It seems like in some things (such as Ghosts of Ascalon) they were going for a typical machine-builder, creator of all things gadget-y with the asura and the new idea of charr axe-rifles and (from what ive seen/heard) handheld cannons. now this in no way means they will have rocket launchers or bazooka-like things (especially since they would have mentioned it by now) but it doesnt mean they cant have special interactions with environment-placed objects of the type, such as the ones in the shatterer boss fight demo.

      • yeah i think the general concensus is leaning towards some form of ‘engineer’ type class.

  4. I really want to know how thief beat out rogue. The whole point of rogue, I thought was that in our culture/language, a thief is not a hero, whereas a rogue encompasses the robin hood type people. Oh well… not a huge deal.

    • i admit rogue would have immediate recognition to players, but at the same time its like, why does LOTRO call it a burglar? I’ve never played burglar, but isn’t it a rogue? Actually i shouldn’t speak without researching that more.

      In any case, thief does seem to steal environmental weapons and stuff.

    • I think also because like you said, they could encompass a robin hood type. As far as my understanding of the personal story/racial story, a “rogue” wouldn’t make sense. In none of the racial environments, does the personal story allow you to “pick sides,” such as being a “Son of Svanir” with the norn, or being a member of the “Nightmare Court.” So with this in mind, there doesn’t seem to be anything to “go rogue” against since you’re taking the main side in all racial circumstances.

      • Also, it doesnt really seem to make sense in other games like WoW for instance for this same reason. You dont go against your faction or race at all. Only in CoX does it really apply, and it isnt actually a class or profession.

  5. I haven’t read anything about the class (I’ll wait until the official reveal), but I like that ArenaNet is using such a classic name for the class. Everyone else has turned them into rogues so that they can cover a broader range of possibilities. My hope is that a thief focuses on a more archetypical interpretation.

    • well apparently they’re dropping their embargo so people are starting to post stuff, massively for instance.

      as for thief, i’d say its broader than most rogues. all the usual stuff like stealth, with teleporting, stealing environmental weapons from opponents, their unique mechanic ‘initiative’ and hopefully more.

  6. I don’t think it was a malicious and deliberate leak I think it was just a miscomunication, hopefully this just means that the reveal will be this friday or early next week.

    • looks like the official full release is still next week but they’re allowing people to post videos of the demo etc. Not sure whats going to happen.

  7. I’m really glad to see the Thief will be different than Assassin. With the new Ranger absorbing some of the Assassin features, I was worried we’d end up with something too similar to others, or at best a weak version of the Warrior. But as the Monk morphed into the Guardian, it looks like they’ve done the same thing with Thief; a bit like Assassin, but much more. Dual pistols, yay!

    The videos showing the Norn areas were pretty impressive!

    *kicks Game Trailers in a sensitive area for releasing too early and ruining the surprise*

    • yeah i’m really glad its just not all guild wars professions. and christians say evolution doesn’t exist.

  8. Comeon now Hunter, get the videos and whatever else posted so I can watch em. If all the PAX excitement is going to be ruined I guess I might as well watch now.

    • hehe, can’t find copies to embed, you can go over to massively and watch theirs, and i’m looking for the gametrailer videos but they don’t appear to be anywhere.

      • i think they deleted they deleted them permanently after they took them down. not sure tho

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