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I’ve had a few discussions over the past few months revolving around one simple thought of mine. I’m not going to play Guild Wars ever again once Guild Wars 2 comes out.

I have played Guild Wars a lot, and have enjoyed my time immensely, meeting so many different people. Unfortunately, if I have to play this game one second longer than I really have to, I am going to gouge my eyes out.

A lot of people seem to think I’m crazy. Tigerfeet, for one, has voiced her opinion that she will be playing Guild Wars consistently after Guild Wars 2 is released. I’m not sure whether that is motivated by the Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments Calculator or by her true love for the game, but I have no sympathy.

I feel slightly sad for John Stumme and the Live Crew, for it is their livelihood. Yet, I have no sympathy for those who won’t be able to upgrade their systems right away, those who can’t get their hands on the game at launch, or those who have nostalgia for old times. Nor will I be helping out anyone with their titles, their armours, or their minis.

When I am done with Guild Wars, I am done.

‘Why?’ you may ask. Well, the ridiculous number of hours in game is one solid reason. It’s embarrassing. We were comparing /age in our alliance chat, with quite a few people participating, and I was only beaten out by one person. I have to play something different. Thousands of hours is just too much.

Another reason might be a lack of new content. I’ve literally done everything. The War In Kryta was the first new real content in years, and it only kept me busy for a couple months. It really did surprise me that even though Arenanet set out to make Guild Wars 2, they left Guild Wars to rot. Their prerogative, but it definitely left me bored.

Another reason, though I’m loathe to say it, is jumping. It’s 2011 and I want to jump and fall, and twirl like a ballerina! The lack of a z-axis is getting really ancient. It just feels old. I can’t fathom picking up an MMO today that has no jumping. I hate to be that guy, and I’ll defend Guild Wars for having no jumping when it came out in 2005, but the transition between going back and forth to Guild Wars 2 will be too harsh.

If people want to go back to Guild Wars, that’s fine. I’m not saying that you can’t or don’t. I’m saying I’m not going back. I once mentioned a similar sentiment. It got picked up in a thread on Guild Wars 2 Guru, where I was subsequently trash talked by some fanboys. I was accused of hating Guild Wars, but they just didn’t get it. I loved Guild Wars. Past tense.

Isn’t there a time where you just have to say enough? It’s time to walk away from this relationship, it doesn’t work anymore. It’s time to put the arthritic dog down, it’s in too much pain.

When Guild Wars 2 comes out, it’ll be time to walk away from Guild Wars. It’s just not that fun anymore.



  1. Really the only reason I’ll be playing Guild Wars after GW2 launch is to accrue goodies in my HoM. I don’t think I’ll ever completely abandon it though, I might poke at it a bit. But, like you, I’ll definitely be spending the vast majority of my time in Guild Wars 2.

    You know? If I’m in a situation where I can’t participate in launch I think I just might end up playing Minecraft that night out of jealousy and spite xD

    • I consider it abandoned already except for the fact i still play. If you play minecraft on gw2’s launch, well that will just be insulting.

  2. I played EQ 20+ hours a week for over 5 years, WoW at least as much for 4. Now I don’t play anything while I await GW2.

    There is nothing wrong with setting down something you’ve had your fun with. I don’t stay away from those titles out of principal, I’m just finished with them. I had more excellent times in both of those games than I can count but they’re over for me now.

    At this point I haven’t played WoW in a long while and I’m really hankering for a new MMO… the way I look at it is that my appetite will be absolutely ravenous for GW2 and I’ll be playing it like a madman. Can’t wait!

    • yeah the only reason i’m continuing to play gw is to hang out with friends. since most of them will be playing gw2, forget gw. i’m finished with gw

  3. Heck, I can’t even log in much *now* and I haven’t done everything. Of course the dungeons I haven’t done are more a result of time and coordination issues, but I simply haven’t the stomach to repeat content more than a couple of times.

    I’m not sure I could return after GW2 either, especially since my husband will finally be joining me there, and my guild, which doesn’t play other MMOs, will be, too. I’ve nothing to keep me back.

    • Guild Wars has given me plenty of things to do, but lets be honest, a lot of it is repeating those things on different characters.


  4. As much as I love GW, I have to agree. I don’t have much time to play anymore after getting a promotion, so I may just be stuck at 27 points in my HoM for a while. But after GW2 comes out…well, goodbye, GW. I just won’t have the time with a shiny new version that I haven’t played for three thousand hours.

    • I wish I’d only played 3k hours. 27 points is respectable though, i didn’t mean to go much higher than 30, but its looking like i’ll have the full 50 before gw2 comes out.

  5. When GW2 comes out, I will spend no second in any other game. I will set up my pvp guild and… aaaah don’t think about it jet, it hurts too much waiting for an other year (or two, or three…)
    Two things you said: a) jumping. I started playing Aion because I got bored in GW. In PvP you really see that the game is not as crowded as it was some time ago, so I had to go and play another one. If you enjoyed jumping one time, you more or less can’t go back, it will disturb you all the time. GW is still a great game for all the inovative stuff that was unique, but not for the lack of jumping.
    b) no more new content: I think, it’s because GW2 is not there, where they once planed to be. Yeah, I know when it’s ready blah blah, but for GW content management they planned a earlier release of GW2. If it would have been released earlier, nobody would mind that there in no new content or campains for GW1.

    • I don’t know about your point about content. I noticed pretty early on after eotn that nothing new was really being added, and didn’t play the game for a year in there somewhere. It wasn’t the lack of gw2 for me.

  6. I know how you feel, I’ll probably be turning my back on GW when GW2 launches as well.
    I don’t think I’ll ever forget how much I enjoyed the first game though ^^

    • nobody ever forgets the game that hooked them. You’ll be talking about gw for years.

  7. I agree. I am done with GW1 as well. I hope I will like GW2 about as much as I love(d) GW.

    War in Kryta made me play GW again for a while, it is still a great game, after all.

    But I also played it for far too many hours and there is nothing new coming. 7 Heroes might be fun for a while and I wonder how Embark Beach will turn out, but I am at 50/50 (still not God though – just can’t stand drinking, partying and sweets (at least in GW )) and wonder that some of my friends that are also at 50/50 are still playing GW.

    I stopped reading and participating in the forums. I prefer blogs by now. I often can’t stand the tone and the attitude and unfortunately often adapt to it. As GW1 does not really matter anymore to me, I also stopped the regular mewling about patch changes or design decisions. I somehow also no longer have the idea that participating in forum discussions can at least a little help to make the game better. And for interesting thoughts and discussions I will rather read your blog than sift through forum flames and bullshit. Maybe I will still have to read the forums when GW2 is released, they are the best source of information for what happens in a live game one is playing actively, after all.

    MY problem is something different. I believe GW2 looks very promising. I think highly of the creative people at ArenaNet. But will GW2 rock my socks? It is a very different game than GW1. They changed a lot more than say Doom 2 compared to Doom 1.

    So yeah, I hope GW2 will rock. 🙂 I need something new. Guess this is also why Rift did not really tickle my fancy for long.

    • i’m not really looking forward to embark beach, just seems like yet another outpost, but, 7 heroes could be really useful.

      one of the reasons i started reading blogs, and later writing one, was that forums have great information, but you often have to sift through giant piles of crazy, uninformed, repetitive, and lazy opinions to find the good people.

  8. Hah, nobody said it yet so: Can I have your stuff if you’re leaving? 😉 JK

    I can certainly understand why those of you that have been playing GW1 a long time may not play any more after GW2’s release. I’m a relatively new player in comparison and still enjoying the heck out of the game, although I do play other MMO games as well. Whenever I get tired, bored, or annoyed at GW1 (getting caught on the edges of stuff, no AH, having to do a mission I don’t like, farming stuff), I take a break in Aion, LotRO, FR, etc.

    Jumping. I used to be in the ‘who cares you can’t jump’ group. Then I played other games and found how useful it was. Much easier to jump over a rock or fence instead of running around it or getting stuck. Now my problem is flying in Aion. I’m so used to ‘jump & glide’ or ‘spread wings and fly’, that I miss it when playing other games.

    • yeah breaks are fine, but they don’t work for people who’ve played as much as me.

      i don’t think jumping is integral, but i do think its important. theres little more to say on the subject after all these years.

  9. Yeah I expect that I will hardly go back. Even now I spend more time sitting around in town than actually playing the game. It’s starting to hurt a bit since I keep giving away my gold without earning any. I’ll do an end game area with some friends but when I’m alone I mostly sit around and drink as I work on the 2,000 minutes I need for GWAMM.

    I’m sure that I’ll go back at some time after GW2 comes out. Even if it is just to open up some Birthday Presents and take a glance at my friends list every couple months. A significant update or some type of new content could take me back there to look around depending on what is going on in GW2 at the time.

    • 2,000 minutes or did you mean 10,000 minutes? just to clarify.

      i don’t think even significant updates will bring me back.

      • I needed 2,000 more since I was mostly done. With the Embark Beach update I now need less than 500 and am just waiting for a party to max it out at.

        • oh i see what you meant now. thanks for the clarification.

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