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The Korean press took a lot of photos when they were at Arenanet recently. I couldn’t get google translate to work on the page at all, but there’s some cool photos worth taking note of.

Here’s the site.

My favourite images below.

What do you think? Charr or asura?

Cool art

Shout out to Angel McCoy (via @thatshortguy) the Arenanet writer for the headsup. I would be remiss to not mention her new book.

If a translation turns up, I’ll look through it and update y’all.



  1. first pic, i think is asura; when i think of charr areas, i think dark and foreboding

    • true, it does seem bright and perhaps tropical. but it is more industrial and doesn’t seem pyramid-like.

  2. More about this information:

    • hey thanks for the link man

  3. Google translate gave me this for the paragraph under those pictures.

    “Graphics teams working through the process of monitoring the implementation of this work was to determine the background. Background ‘I see where a picture’, and ‘in the form of attributes can be clarified as work is in progress. For example, when the Tsar of the race sand color, reminiscent of the steam punk culture, was introduced to the background of gray tones, silbari race, color and configuration of the natural feeling had to follow.”

    • yeah, lol, that clears up nothing definitively for me. 😛

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