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I got to thinking about the upcoming PAX East convention and what Arenanet might have on tap for it. They’ve said the demo will be updated with the guardian and the norn starting area, but I’ve also been quite curious as to what else they might just have up their sleeves.

They’ve been hinting at things again.

On Friday, March 11, join us from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. as we take over the Alienware booth with 20 stations running the new Guild Wars 2 demo. But that’s not all! We have a very cool surprise planned at 10:30 a.m., so be sure to stop by the Alienware booth first thing on Friday morning!

Seeing as how the announcement seems to be at the Alienware booth, it’s hard to tell if it’s a significant announcement or just some contest or giveaway.

The word is though that Arenanet has been doing a lot of interviews. Koreans, Europeans, and others. A lot of interviews would suggest an announcement. An announcement so close to PAX East will probably mean it will happen at PAX East. I guess the question is, what are they going to release?

The obvious first instinct is to say the assassin. They’ve certainly hinted that it will be the next class released.

Flannum and Peters teased that a profession for people who play sneaky rogues or assassins is on the cards, but the pair were elusive as to the others.

So if a profession is released I’d say it will likely be that. The guardian was released at the end of January, PAX East is on the 8th. A lot of the other professions typically had a month and a half between releases, so the time frame isn’t too far off, but not necessarily on target either.

Could they be releasing something else?

It’s possible. I’ve been thinking that when they release PvP information it will likely be at a convention. My thoughts are that it will likely be released at gamescom in the fall. The game is looking like a late year release so far, so that would be perfect timing.

There are a few other possibilities. Last year at GDC (which is today I think) I don’t think Arenanet even made note of their presence, but we did get some beautiful videos involving the concept art. It was PAX Easts first year, so they weren’t there. E3 doesn’t cater to fans, and therefore doesn’t cater to Arenanet. They had a panel at ComicCon, and book signings, but they released the ranger a full week before the convention. Then again, the necromancer was debuted in the demo and then officially a week after gamescom. Sort of throws a wrench into the theory of some kind of release.

Whatever the case, I’m pretty sure something big is coming up. Fair warning. Whether it happens at PAX East or not is just details.



  1. From Mark Kerstein “I know this will break some hearts – but we will not show PvP at PAX East.”

    So that narrows that down slightly. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a class reveal. I suppose it could be another system like crafting or some such but I doubt it.

    If I had my wish, it’d be a release date!

    • hahaha, yeah i don’t know, a release date would be too easy.

  2. I’m thinking a profession reveal. ANet’s all about the fans and fans really enjoyed the necro reveal during demos.

    Another option might be the character creation screen or another secondary system like crafting. That’s my opinion at least.

    I’m holding out for Assassin 2.0.

    • Seconded. I would be thrilled to see any of the three remaining profs, they’re the ones I’ll most likely play. But the Assassin 2.0 takes priority. 😛

      Has anything been mentioned about underwater combat lately? Mayhaps we get a taste of that?

      • Ooh! That’s a strong possibility as well, though it feels a little less likely given the Shiverpeaks as a destination.

        I’ll make a character for each profession. I’m intrigued by the mysterious 8th profession. I think my main will be an ele though, unless this new profession is really cool.

      • nada, hard to say when they’ll release that info. I suppose it could be about underwater combat, but as we’ve seen nearly nil of anything underwater, i suspect we’ll see a lot of underwater stuff, and then at a later date underwater combat. or maybe both at the same time. not sure.

    • crafting is one thing that had crossed my mind, but it could be just about anything. tricksy anet.

  3. perhaps just some GW2 specific hardware, given that it’s associated with the Alienware booth. Assassin would be fun though.

    • True, it could just be a contest or giveaway they’re talking about at PAX East. But with the interview talk i’ve been hearing it seems like something big is coming along

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