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I really like this header actually

Norn Week ends with a heavy emphasis on lore and the shamanistic culture of their people. As with Human Week we get a closer look at some of the inner workings and politics of the norn from some fictional prose.

There isn’t much to learn of course, but there is plenty to take note of and speculate on. For instance it’s interesting to me that the norn shamans have speakers. These are powerful shaman who speak for their totem spirits. This is not unlike the kodan‘s Voices that spiritually guide their people. We keep seeing hints of similarities between the two groups, so it’ll be interesting to see that thread unwind.

Another thing they make clear is that the spirits don’t necessarily get along with one another. This could set up some interesting quests and make interesting differences amongst players.

The article also makes note of the Havrouns which apparently have the ability to travel to the Mists at will. As we haven’t heard much about traveling to the Mists where PvP has been said to take place in Guild Wars 2, this could be important. It does mention that to take others with them they have to perform a ritual or open a portal. Is this some window into a game mechanic or likely just some hint of an explanation in lore form?

In an interview yesterday at Massively, they took special note to get in a mention of a summoning of wurm allies.

Eric Flannum explained that Norn players can use that affinity to call upon the wurm spirit and summon a temporary wurm pet to assist in battle.

I like how the world doesn’t necessarily revolve around the 4 main spirits. It definitely makes the world feel larger if you include things outside your main focus. I hope to see more of the other spirits.

Check out the raven styled armour below. Well done if you ask me. I can’t help but note the similar style to the dervish. The image is titled ‘ravenshaman2’ as well. The heavily shaman influenced norn are a more likely source for the name than a profession, just to cut off that thought at the pass.

Anyway, doubtless we won’t see much more until PAX East where there will likely be many interviews, the demo footage, some brand new revelations, hell maybe even a profession reveal if we’re lucky? Probably not.

Norn out.

I love this armour



  1. Gotta say, I’m thinking there might be a prof reveal. ANet said there is a “special surprise” on Friday of PAX, and the fact that Snow Leopard and the story they gave sounds very assassin-like…

    …Still holding out for a mesmer reveal, though. I like that they are letting players get their hands on the guardian (that and ele are tied for what I’m playing first), and I like the fact that the Norn starting area is in the demo. Anyway, my five cents.

    • well if they do release a profession its got to be assassin right? they did leave a pretty strong hint a while back.

      was really surprised they bothered putting the norn starting area in. guess they want to make as much out of pax east as possible.

      • Yeah, they did say something about having a sneaky prof or something along those lines after the guardian reveal. And yeah, I’m surprised it’s there, too, but I gotta say I would bored to tears watching another five hours of the human starting area again. Everyone will want to try out the norn (assuming there’s even the option of doing human things in the new demo), and that will at least give variety.

  2. My first thought on seeing that armor was that the GW1 dervish armor designers had been put in charge of Norn armor. Which is just fine with me, as I like what I’m seeing.

    • I had the exact same thought. I was showing my girlfriend, also a player, and I was just like “And here’s a norn dervish, that isn’t actually a dervish.”

    • I love how they mixed up the dervish armour with a shaman-like feeling. it really works in this case.

  3. That armor reminds me of the Zealot armor from Warhammer!

    • yeah i did a quick search and it is pretty similar, good call.

    • Well they did worship the raven god =)

      I like the idea of armour dedicated to the spirits, and this is my favourite so far.

  4. i wonder how strong raven armor is tho 😉

    • it does appear to be cloth armour, something i hadn’t thought of. so people probably wont’ get to collect each set.

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