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I want a norn racial skill called Beserk.

Today during Norn Week they updated the norn race page with history, lore, and what I’ve most been waiting for (even during Human Week) the norn video covering their starting area.

We’ve seen the human area in the demo, and it was fascinating to see old areas redesigned with the new engine. For instance, we’ve all seen the Temple of the Ages in Guild Wars, and seeing it sunken beneath the swamp in Guild Wars 2 was excellent.

The norn have been driven south into old dwarven areas by Jormag, the elder dragon. It will be fascinating to see those areas again in Guild Wars 2. By the sounds of it we’ll get to see much of the norn starting area in the PAX East demo, where we’ll get to play as guardian and in the norn starting area.

Anyway here’s the video.

Hard to say what we can learn from the video but there are things of note. Not sure off the top of my head if we’ve seen weather effects before, but falling snow is on display here. We see a nice range of climate, and forests. We get a nice close up of the spirit statues I keep noting in my posts. Is it wrong to want to go to the norn starting areas just to see those?

There are also some good examples of norn, some armour we’ve seen before, an idle animation, and are those statues of Jora? Impossible to tell for sure. I’m sure someone on Guru2 has already figured out its not impossible to tell for sure.

We do get a much better sense of Hoelbrak as a city, and a sense of the size of the place. It doesn’t appear that it will be anything on the scale of Divinity’s Reach, but then again we’ve yet to see much inside those lodges.

There isn’t much new lore-wise, a few things that have been said before, are now said in different ways. There was one thing that caught my eye.

The mountaintops are home to another fallen race, the jotun. These giants were once wise and powerful, and their fall has been long and hard. Now little more than savages surviving in the wreckage of their ancestors’ citadels, they challenge the norn for domination.

Jotun are around in Eye of the North but you never get much of a sense of them. They are trash mobs and don’t play much of a role other than being something you need to go kill. Typical Guild Wars.

Sounds good though, I can’t wait to see an ancient Jotun Citadel. I can’t wait to see more videos from the demo as well. People are bound to concentrate more on the guardian and norn areas so there will be tons of things to look through in a couple weeks.



  1. These guys can change into bears, wolves and even snow leopards. Given my history of always seeming to choose shapeshifters as a class choice, I should be loving these guys…is it weird that I favor the Asura instead?

    • haha, that is kind of interesting. I think as far as asura and charr go, arenanet is offering up some unique choices in race.

      • It’s your banner’s fault. I think they’re sooooo cute!

  2. Again the landscapes are absolutely stunning… much more robust than I’ve ever seen in a game. At least an MMO.

    The video didn’t show Hoelbrak as well as the humans with Divinity’s Reach… it almost looked like a square platform surrounded by 4 great lodges which seems very unimpressive comparatively. I’m hoping that there is more to it that just wasn’t shown.

    • I also notice how some of the faces look very realistic and some more video-gamey. I wonder why that is.

      The norn male at 00:56 looks cartoonish and without much detail whereas most of the others look excellent.

    • the lodges appear to be quite lodge so i’m thinking there will be plenty inside. the face you speak of did not bother me too much.

  3. Music, as usual, is excellent! I’m looking forward to the reports from PAX East on the Norn area. I just hope ArenaNet wises up this time and has some quality demo footage ready to release, so we don’t have to wait a day or two. Camera phone videos, bleh.

    • I’d be thrilled if we had high quality video, but it won’t happen. they need to give game sites some form of exclusive so we’ll have to wait on them.

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