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Today Arenanet posted on their blog a series of audio clips, much in the same manner as during Human Week, that showed examples of their norn NPC banter.

I thought there was less to listen to, and less insight offered by the conversations, but they were well acted and interesting.

The main theme that seems to run through the audio clips and the blog post is that the norn are boisterous, independent, glory-hounds. Something we’ve seen often in the original Guild Wars and lore in the run-up to Guild Wars 2. One thing that seems new is just how open-minded they’ve become, and accepting of help from others.

The idea of an army, although still foreign to them, seems to be more acceptable. They are also far more accepting of the Sons of Svanir which I had assumed would be an active enemy. It appears they will be more of an internal threat, much like the nobles and Ministry Guard in Kryta, or the Nightmare Court for the sylvari, and the Flame Legion for the charr.

I suppose being driven from the far north has had a humbling effect on the norn. Though not much.

Much of what makes up the norn comes from what seems to be Norse, Greek, and Native American mythology. There’s a strong viking warrior element, the gusto and bravado seems to come from there, along with the names, beasts, styles etc. The quest for fame seems to come from ancient Greece, where fame was sometimes thought of as the only thing that would live on after your death. The spirits the norn follow seem quite similar to the embodiment of nature in spirit form that often is found in their beliefs.

All human inspired, and therefore not really what I’m looking for in a race, but hey, vikings are cool.

That is a weird looking skale.

I’m sure people are thrilled to see a beard on a norn character. The raven is small but appears to be his pet. It’s magnificent scenery, giving off a sense of large scale. Check out the large torch in the distance. The finned back of the skale indicates some type we’ve not seen before.

The audio clips themselves are okay. We hear our first sylvari, that we know of. We hear a Son of Svanir trying to start a fight. And we hear constant mentions of getting drunk, killing stuff, and ambient bar chatter through-out.

All in all, Norn Week is going good so far.



  1. Actually, I wasn’t very impressed with the audio clips at all. The Norn sound just like humans, rather puny humans at that. A big massive Norn shouldn’t sound like a human, IMO. In EoTN the Norn voice actors, Jora and several others, had some depth to their voice.

    Also, I think they should really have gone with voice actors that have an accent (real, not phony), perhaps hire a bunch of Nordic voice actors that speak English, or perhaps some with good Eastern European/Baltic type accents. A missed opportunity to make the Norm a bit more than just shape-changing super-sized humans. 😦

    • I am looking forward to the Norn lore and the video of their starting area! The above post was a bit more negative than I intended.

    • hard to find good actors with appropriate accents in the seattle area, (or perhaps vancouver?) besides, the majority of the audience is english/american, i don’t have much faith in americans to understand accents.

      Not to mention any voice actor you get, for charr, norn, asura, or sylvari, are going to turn out to be human in reality. you can’t get away from that.

    • Realistically, lore nerds will be the only ones that care about the voice acting. Point A to Point B gamers will simply mute/skip/blaze through the story to get to whatever “Endgame” there is in GW2.

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