Norn Have No Need Of Weeks!

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Walk softly and carry a big gun.

Norn Week begins on the Arenanet blog. Hopefully this week will prove to show that norn are more than just big humans, as they say in the post. Certainly much of what we’ve seen of the norn over the years has been culturally different, but you really have to turn perspectives on their side to show two races that look alike, are in fact quite different.

I hope that feeling changes after this week. A difference in culture has been clear from the beginning, with norn taking much from viking culture, with perhaps a touch of the Greek emphasis on fame being the only real thing one can take to the after-life. However little else seems to distinguish them. At times one could presume they were simply tall humans who lived in the cold north.

This is the main stumbling block for someone such as me considering playing a norn in Guild Wars 2. Sylvari, asura, and charr are much more exotic and different. I’m hoping this week will make those worries fall away to the side. The highlight of this week, judging from the post, may do just that.

As you’ll see this week when we take a closer look at the Wayfarer Foothills area, a norn player in Guild Wars 2 will have a completely different experience than a human player. “The norn starting experience is tonally very different from the human one,” Bobby Stein says. “The happenings in Wayfarer Foothills, while dangerous, are more about hunting and celebration rather than outright war.”

I’ve been bugging out anticipating seeing other starting areas aside from Kryta.

For the lore junkies, a new spirit of the norn is mentioned.

“If you can thank the spirit of Griffin even as you kill one to feed your family; if you instinctively know the difference between a playful brawl and a deadly battle; if you’d climb a dangerous mountain just because someone said it couldn’t be done—then you might want to play a norn.”

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got Arenanet.



  1. You know, I read that quote about the spirits and looking at Griffin in context with Raven, Snow Leopard, Bear, and Wolf never occurred to me. I was thinking of the Native American practice of thanking the individual spirit of a creature or plant as you take its life for nourishment.

    Your interpretation makes much more sense. 🙂

    • i had the same thought, but for the purposes of the post just rolled with what I wrote.

  2. This. Is. Mah. BOOMSTICK!

    • i am pretty surprised by the size of the gun.

  3. Btw Hunter did you notice in the picture of the Norn chick how there are super tiny people on the ground on either side of her? Obviously Norns cannot be that much larger than humans… what do you think is the deal with that?

    Did they just enlarge her model for the picture do you think?

    • i don’t know what to make of that part of the image actually. i figured it was just a perspective thing.

    • It was stated by the folks over in Anet that the background if you check the bigger version is actually a multi level indoor city. She’s just standing by one of the balcony.

      • yeah, saw that. a perspective thing!

        • Wow you sound excited, for the first time.

  4. Hummm… I don’t agree with the lore quote. I’d say there is only real merit in thanking the spirit of the Griffin as one of them kills your family to feed itself!

    • I’m sure Spirit of Griffin would approve.

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